Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

625 E Platte Ave Unit A, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-0809

Recent Reviews

michael jackson

They had my order ready on time! Thanks to the whole team!Food: 5/5

Pamela Grandy

Every Tues we go!! Usually it is greatNot this week dough was gross hardly any toppings. Certainly not what was exspected

Beth Sherrill

Easy quick take and bake pizza. EBT accepted

Barbara Hibbs

Very good pizza and I like I can make it went I want to eat it very good and you can see everything on your ?... Mmmmmm good

gnocchi condito

Purchased the Crustless Pizzas on Wednesday 1-5-22. I got three kinds (the Cowboy, the Vegetable Delux & the Favorite Combination). They were terrific!I had occasion to speak with the manager and he was very friendly and helpful.The service was super fast and my order was accurate.I will definitely purchase this again for my mom who is on Keto and for my husband and me who are not practicing Keto.

James Ingersoll

Great place to get pizza and cook it at home Great service.

Leephether Mikovitz

Great pizzas to bake at home

Barb Zishka

Those are the best pizzas to bring home & bake. Good job guys.

Lyndon Kroll

Fav is a cowboy with bacon instead of sausage.

Annette Soucy

Love the design your own take and bake pizzas

Jennifer B

They need to make a 100 ? percent vegan pizza . Would be nice to have it! Like blackbird pizza in nyc!Just a suggestion! But for the vegan people in Morgan county YES there actually is some vegan people who live here that would actually LOVE to have your papa Murphy’s pizza have vegan options.Please consider a vegan cheese and meat recipe!So disappointing seeing your menu not have certified vegan options!

Fred Lopez

Great Pizza , Good Prices !!!

Michael J

Every time I have been to this location, after I hand the employee my cash they go to the sink skip washing there hands and jump straight to put gloves on and making my pizza.This young employee wipe his nose before he put his gloves on then he fixed his hair, PLEASE papa Murphy's teach your employees proper hygiene !

M Kelley

I had my heart set on the taco pizza

Tina Molina

As always our pizzas were made exactly right and were amazing!!!!

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