Santiago's Mexican Restaurant

901 W Platte Ave, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-2214

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Get Smart

They have amazing everything the breakfast burritos are great different meat choice everydayFood: 5/5


Dried up taco salad with cheese, meat, lettuce. No dressing and charged extra for some. Server slow and did not answer questions, did not refill water, food was worse than poor! Staff even worse.

Paul D.

I eat here very frequently this is a great place for breakfast weather the Togo burrito or table service is your thing they got you either way the food is very consistently superb quality

Brianna Benson

Food tastes ok not the best.. however service was horrible I asked for a beef enchilada instead of a chicken and they made my quesadilla beef instead I told them about it so they tried charging me for there messup almost 7 bucks extra! On top of it all they brought me the wrong enchilada back 3 times before they could make what I ordered and didn't even bother to make my quesadilla right.

High Cosmonaut

The Santiagos in Sterling is much better than the Fort Morgan one. I've never had more bland burritos in my life. They also made every single one of my ½&½ wrong, avoid this place for breakfast at least. I definitely won't be going back.

Julius Tauberg

Food was just ok.Portion was good for the price.It would be nice to know the Salsa that was offered was not free.

Isaac Blue

The service was absolutely the worst I've ever had in the history of my dining experiences. If you've got a group of more than four, avoid this place at all costs. 45 minutes and still no food, meanwhile, 6 tables who arrived after us were served and done eating by the time we had enough of the service that was dealt to us. The food here is actually well prepared, and my issue remains solely with how I was treated with a larger group. I've faithfully ate at this location for almost 5 years, and I will not return, not even for a take out order or a breakfast burrito. I'm just one guy, they'll be fine, right? Please try to do better for your future customers, they deserve far more than what I was given. Deplorable.

Pete Jend

For the second time, my carry out internet order was short. The 1st time, even a mailed letter (after a phone call) received no response. This time, besides being short, the servings were much smaller. This is the only location I've had problems, so next time I'll wait until I'm near another location.

Mark Lansville

Fast service, always great food! Glad that Santiago's spicy chile is actually spicy. Hard to find in Ft Morgan at restaurants. 2 Thumbs Up!

Rachel P.

Awful cold blinding lighted place and I got food poising from there and the staff was loud and talking loudly amongst themselves. Terrible horrible experience. Never again.

James Ingersoll

This is a amazing place to get your food to go or dine in. The staff was Neff he was a great help. Thank you so much for the great food.we will be back again.

SDGM 316

Sooo delicious. I had the cheese enchilada plate smothered in 1/2 & 1/2 green chili. So good. Perfectly hot and quick. The young man who waited on us was very polite.

Nicole Harmon

I can always depend on this place for some good food.

Erica Christianson

Amazing food and friendly staff. Some of the best salsa I've ever had.

gnocchi condito

Excellent authentic Mexican food! Love the green Chile.

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