1030 Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 867-0690

Recent Reviews

John Schnegelberger

Nothing really stood out. Food was alright but getting pricey for what was on there. Service didn't really happen it was just a routine.Food: 2/5

James Ingersoll

Subway is one of my favorites I always get good service and great food at a affordable price. And yummy cookies.Food: 5/5

Sarah Cook

Waiting 15 and was 3rd person in line. The 3 gals working where more worried about online orders ans talking then helping the 10 people waiting in line.

DJ Hochnadel

Good food, but the service was really slow. Seems as though they need more employees, one person was definitely not enough to handle the in-store responsibilities and the on-line stuff. Good tasting sandwich none the less.Food: 4/5

Ashley Danover

It was the worst experience I have ever had at a subway, especially traveling wise. Horrible service, cold sub, bread burnt, worried about Togo orders when there were 15 people standing in line.

Tyler Hicks

Horrible service and cold subs because of Togo orders

Lisa Marie Langley

Clean, fast, and friendly. Ordering online and being able to pick it up within a few minutes ( i dont know about delivery except maybe doordash) is very time saving. I always tip because they deseeve it.

Daniel B.

My daughter works at this store. Get this. The manager decided to hire her boyfriend to work at the same store and the same hours. He felt so privileged. He felt it's ok the call my daughter a "STUPID F-IN BEANER" .

Mikayla Vogt

Customer service was a huge disappointment and forced us to pay double! Tired of big corporations which no longer value their customers. Puts a bad taste in the mouth before even eating.

Josh Silence

I love this subway!! Ive eaten here a lot and I can't think of one time I've been dissatisfied with my order.

Ashley Nieto

Seems like the product was fresher than in Denver so, this Subway is a winner!

Brad Labarry

Great experience, fast service and made the correct way.

Patrick L.

Passing through Fort Morgan on my way to Nebraska. Good and friendly service, clean facilities, and very kind and personable staff.

Trisha Basehar

Ordered a steak sandwich foot long and when I opened it all you could see was the veggies and only enough meat for a 6 inch the app was no help with issues and when you call they tell you that you are wrong that there was the required amount of meat on the sandwich I won't be going back there anytime soon

Luke Rael

Harmony was just amazingly nice and polite friendly and would go back to this location as this is the kind is service that should be given to a paying costumer after a long day at work snaps for subway and there awesome staff

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