Taco Bell

1305 Main St, Fort Morgan
(970) 542-0320

Recent Reviews

Omar flores

The workers are a little ditzy they forget to complete the order one day. Another day don’t put the hot sauce in the bag after clear instructions…

Christopher Stute

Can't believe I paid $1 for less than half a cup of cheese. Ridiculous.


First time we ate there it was amazing ?so we decided to take the family back at the end of the week idk what happened the food was horrible. We couldn't even eat the Mexican pizza and the dog didn't want it eitherFood: 1/5

Audrey Hernandez

Theres no taco bell where we live so we always stop here for food. The drive thru is always busy with cars however the service is super fast. The food always comes out good. The staff is super friendly.Food: 5/5

Gene Hasty

Great, quick and clean. Everything you want for fast food.

Shauna Blankenfeld

Slowest taco bell I have EVER been toTaco shells were REALLY stale. Food was NOT great.


Well they did get my order wrong but told me to go ahead and keep the incorrect order plus I made a fresh one at no chargeFood: 4/5

Ryan Neumann

Our order was wrong and what we did receive was of poor quality. Burnt crunch wrap, taco shells broken, no hot sauce even after they asked and forgot our cinnamon twists.


Check your food. Ordered 2 breakfast burritos, one with sausage, one with steak. Opened them to see which was which. There was no meat in either of them. Feels good to be ripped off.

Chris Lutz

I waited 25 minutes for my meal orderd on the screen.. five orders went out after I put my order in. Mng was rude when I asked about it. When I did get order tacos had barley anything in them. Very disappointed.

Annette Soucy

The food tasted good but upset my digestive system later. I don't know if I'll go back.

Ryan Raye

Having been to this location several times almost every time if not every time my order is either missing or incorrect. Ive spent at least $100 on food made wrong or not even in the bag! The people that work the window seem very nice but it’s ridiculous when my order is wrong literally every time. I used to work for Taco Bell. It isn’t rocket science. And I do not appreciate people taking my order and then just giving me whatever they want to anyway. And also this place randomly will be closed and doesn’t even have a phone number listed to directly relay my issues! The only reason this place is still open is because of the Taco Bell brand name. I wish someone from Taco Bell corporate would do a thorough inspection of this place.

Bennett Boothe II

Guy at the window was super nice. Made my family laugh and was above and beyond friendly/personable. I should have asked his name. His nails were painted black if that helps get him credit for this review. Our order was complicated but he nailed it. Thanks!

Erica M.

The gentlemen who helped us today was SO nice. I didn't get a name but he had shaved eyebrows so I hope that helps. If you go in while he's working you're lucky! Great attitude, so polite, kept the lobby area super clean, and was cracking jokes with other customers. Food was fast and good.

Cameron Cummings

Clean restaurant and clean bathrooms. Easy order entry via touchscreen. Appears to be a new construction. The two bean burritos I ordered were within the expectations of Taco Bell, although the tortillas were a little more tasty than typical. Overall, this is an above average Taco Bell location.

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