Taco John's

120 W Riverview Ave, Fort Morgan
(970) 747-4021

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Monte & Tausha Montgomery

The restaurant is clean food is good and the customer service is getting better every day. New manager is definitely making a huge improvement!

Theresa Fox

Food was decent but they got our order wrong by shorting us an item and not leaving off the thing we asked on a couple of items. The people behind us in line also got shorted some items.

Jordon Rapp

My grilled chicken burrito had 1 piece of chicken and no sauce. The Oles were bland and the cheese tasted like the plastic it’s warmed up in. Possibly the worst dining experience of my life. I’m giving 2 stars because there was only 3 people working and I feel bad for them.

Elyse W

Stopped for carry-out on a Sunday early evening. We ordered hard shell bean tacos, potato oles, and chips with nacho cheese.They made the tacos first using watered-down beans that literally dripped out the end of the shell. These tacos waited in wrappers while they worked on the rest of our food, watery beans soaking into those shells so that tacos were flat and soggy by the time the order was ready. We waited several minutes while the staff tried to figure out whether they had tortilla chips. What they found was not fresh.I felt for the manager, who was clearly trying to work with staff who weren't happy or motivated. That's a bummer.Too many shortcuts on quality here. Not likely to come back.

Deven D.

Upset paid $2 a churro and order 4 of them so i paid $8 for them and they didn't give them to us sooooo disappointed and heart broken we were really looking forward to eating g them! We live in Wiggins and it's too far to go back.


Always a 5 star before. But thus time not so much. They looked short staffed and no adult on duty. Will still go back, because it was always 5 star service and taste

Robert B.

So...many....many issues to address...staff wasn't in slow motion....they were STOPPED!!...2 groups of ppl before me..asked for their money back...they never received their food..After 20 minutes...teller took my order..with gloves on...took my cash..gave me SOME change...I then corrected him...he then went back with same gloves on and attempted to make food...All 3 ppl working behind counter had no clue what to do...finally received my COLD food 20 minutes later.... fountain soda machine in dining area,,,inoperable...cross contamination of foods in prep area highly visible...was a total... worthless place to dine

Meredith Parker

Wow - we waited 30 minutes in the drive-thru line for cold, watery bean burritos that looked like they were rolled by toddlers. Normally, we love TJs, but this Fort Morgan location is a HUGE exception. Even the churros were gross, and I don't know how that's even possible.

Rome Montgomery

This place was filthy the crew did not seem to know what they were doing, the lead guy was the slowest, the cashier came out put his hands in someone's burrito! This was by far my worst fast food experience and I'm 41 years old! I've been working in the restaurant industry for a long time and I've never seen anywhere so filthy! Would give zero Stars if I could the health wise it's in your best interest not to eat here!

Craig Sigmon

Well we decided to go to Taco John's because we really like the super potato Ole. We tried to order and the young lady couldn't understand us and when she did she was telling us that they only had small Ole s . Well we said ok we'll take 4 small Ole s. She couldn't figure it out, so another gentleman took over the order. We asked him for super hot hot sauce and mild. We got our order from the window and drove down the street. Turning onto the busy street we noticed no forks, no napkins and no sauce. If we weren't going so far away I would have went back and get what we asked for. Not too happy with the crew there tonight.


Usually mom and I come here in on our way to my grandparents. Usually it's good and fast but not right now. Been here for like 20 minutes. With my cat in the car. Waiting, already paid so im not leaving. Hearing them inside saying, God I don't want to be here is annoying. I get not wanting to go to work or wanting to go home but you have to still do your things. 3 cars have left the line behind us. They don't communicate with us. We got one more hour left. Still mad lots of food going to waste. There was constant yelling in the store idk what about but usually in these cases that's why it's bad. The cook was doing every order at once instead of one by one.Our order was 2 chicken burritos. One was a combo with chips.Update later. Didn't get correct food. Don't have time cause we needed to get back on the road.

Mac T

I got a bean burrito here that was almost only tortilla... The smallest flattest burrito I have ever seen and I had to pay $3 for it. Insanity. Do not come here. Taco Johns portions are very tiny and their prices are very high. I am not sure if this is a corporate decision or the owner in Morgan but either way I will never be back. Essentially stealing from me.

Haley Most

Horrible experience. The food was cold, it was messy on the inside and outside of the wrapper. The burritos were smaller than they should have been and mostly just cheese sauce. Do not go here.

Rachel P.

Horrible tasting. What more can I say. The workers taco I ever tried to eat. I threw it away it was so awful. All tasted like it came out of a can.

Doug Harvey

Ordered a boss burrito, the drive through attendant gave me my total. I then sat in the drive through for 11 minutes for them to serve the two cars in front of me. I get to the window and that's when the employee decided to let me know they don't actually have half the ingredients for the burrito. I'm not sure why they didn't just let me know when I ordered it, it was an overall waste of everyone's time and resources. Unfortunate.

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