The Flame Steakhouse

14424 US-34, Fort Morgan
(970) 370-2696

Recent Reviews

Vanessa Alejandro

Amazing experience! Loved the food and the wine was delicious everything was perfect. Waitress was so nice thank you!!

Sean O'Dea

I am soo glad I came here!! The food is amazing, the place is cute, relaxing, and fun and the staff is absolutely amazing! Super friendly and very attentive. Everyone checks on you, talks andit really feels like they are super happy to have you eating there. I was very happily surprised at how amazing their food is! Wow. So if you are looking for a place to relax with great people and great food, don't hesitate!

Jeremy W

The Flame Steakhouse in Fort Morgan, CO is just off the highway I-76, I believe exit 75. When I walked inside the ambience of the place is strikingly appealing. I sat in a nice large comfortable booth, with low lighting and smooth piano music playing….Warm bread and butter and ice water came there after. I ordered a frozen mango margarita and put in my order for the ribeye/loaded baker. The staff is welcoming and makes you feel at home! Then, chilled wedge salad/ranch dressing and I ordered the jalapeño poppers! I am flat out amazed by this steak when arrives, Seasoned and cooked to perfection, & seemed like an inch and a half thick and half the plate! Don’t forget to add sautéed mushrooms and onions! Heaven, just off the highway… I’ll be back soon!

Andrea Stump

Definitely looks like a hole in the wall from the outside but you step inside and it’s a completely different story! Very classy and clean. The food was delicious and the wait staff was very friendly. It’s hard to find good customer service these days but they knocked it out of the park! Our one suggestion is that they make a different salad option since we aren’t big fans of the wedge salad but this is just a minor personal preference! Will definitely be returning at some point.


Great steakhouse! Went there based on several recommendations on a Thursday night. The parking lot was full! Know that this steakhouse is attached to a gas station! Our waitress, Hope, was amazing. Very attentive and helpful. We had the T-bone steaks. Perfectly cooked to medium rare with a great flame kissed sear. Too big! Had to take half home. The menu is limited…..

2000 Red Dragon

Ordered a sirloin medium rare and it took about 45 minutes to come out and after cutting into my steak I saw that they must have utilizing that time to overcook my steak as it was charcoal on the outside and dark Grey all the way through. I let them know I asked for medum rare and asked for.a medium rare steak and sent back the carbon dated one. Finally the second sirloin came out and was cooked the exact.same way. I cut the center and showed them immediately that it was well done again and was told next time I should order rare and was left with a steak only edible because I had been waiting hungry while they entirely murdered two steaks.

Sevy Girl

This place is awesome. The service was great, are waitress was very attentive and great with not leaving us at the table too long questioning where are food is, like other places I've been to where the waitress disappears. The food all taste excellent. The salad was really fresh and the steak was on point with taste and size. The bake potato that came with my steak was very large too and had the right amount of toppings, that i couldn't stop eating it. Warning: Have a empty stomach coming here because everything is in large portion size. Even the dessert was large. Very delicious and unique flavor on the chocolate cake, totally recommend it. The coke was so good it was nice and crisp, it completed my dinner very well. Definitely coming back for more. Oh yes and it was the first time ever not using steak sauce on my steak.


Friendly greeting, Ashley (server) attentive and helpful. Hand-cut meat at restaurant...Split the T bone w/son - both of us had salads and potatoes. Beer really cold! We had just enough to eat. Like others, we did not see the Flame sign so re-checked the address. (It's adjacent to a gas station). GREAT FIND - would happily go again. Thank you for the generous hospitality and food.

Frances Bragg

The Flame Steakhouse is hands down the best steakhouse around. I have been to several and not a one has compared to the amazing food and staff. The staff is so personable and fun! The food is phenomenal. The steak melts in your mouth and the salad so fresh and crisp! Best staff and best food! Thank you to the staff there that continue to make every experience enjoyable!

Diana Owen

Looks like a hole in the wall, but the food is outstanding and huge portions. Very simple place and menu, there are only a few things to choose from, but if you like steak it's amazing. Great quality, quantity and you definitely get your money's worth and leave very full. It's worth the drive from Denver. We went 2 times in 2 weeks. My husband went there by chance while doing some Buisiness in Fort Morgan. Then he took me, and I liked it so much, had to take my son, he loves steak and he even said that it is worth the drive. Very yummy will definitely be going back!

Jim Goyette

Found this gem of a steakhouse on the edge of Fort Morgan as we were passing through CO on I-76. Don't let the exterior or next door Shell station disuade you, the interior is very pleasantly appointed for a comfortable and classy atmosphere for dining. The owners and staff were very friendly and provided absolutely excellent customer service. We both had the buffalo (bison) steak and it was outstanding plus a great size for the price! We were very pleased with the wedge salad as well as the baked potato and the added onions/mushrooms. Overall, we highly recommend this top notch steak house!


My girlfriends have come here a couples of years for my birthday dinner. The outside is deceiving very classy restaurant. The service is great, they always make you feel like a local. The food is excellent and thank you for a great evening!!! See you next year!!! ?

Teresa H.

Amazing steak, great service, an amazing find. All of the good reviews are right! This is a must try. High quality food, cooked perfectly. Small menu, brilliant.

William C.

This is what you would call a hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere. The menu is short but the steaks and service were top notch. The food would rivel anything you would get in the big city at a bargain price. The servers were attentive and very helpful. If happen to be in the area and need dinner don't hesitate to try this place.

Anthony Jensen (The Panda)

So this was a hard one to figure out with the star rating.First do not judge a place by the outside. I would never have thought the inside was the way it was. Inside was very nice. The employees very nice, and the own amazingThe food ways good, and filling. Big portions. I order the Buffalo steak with loaded potato. Both of them were amazingly wonderful. Now the one set back with the dinner. I ordered onions and mushrooms with my steak. The mushrooms not right. You do not serve any wonderful steak with a side of can mushrooms. No can mushrooms. If they would have been fresh the plate would have been hands down great. The steak was moist, juice and so tender. Well done. Just please change your mushrooms.Now for dessert. Had the bread pudding. I am a fan of bread pudding. This was good. It was most, not dry and had a good taste to it. Yet the power sugar was way to heavy. Needs to be a light dusting and the pudding edges were hard a crunchy.All in all I give the place 5 stars. The service was wonderful and delightful. The food was good. The price for them amount of food is well set. Again would not of thought this kind of atmosphere inside, with the way the outside looks.

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