Taco Bell

6905 Mesa Ridge Pkwy, Fountain
(719) 382-4700

Recent Reviews

Grace Arambula

This place was great! Food was good and came out fast even though the place was busy!! 100% recommend this location.

Zachary Ray

Apparently this Taco Bell decides to stop working over an hour before their listed closing time. Ordered 3 Tacos, they ran out of beef so they could only make 2. If you can't even make 3 tacos at a TACO BELL, then there is something extremely wrong going on. Couldn't order buffalo chicken fries, no chicken. Couldn't order any other items because they were "out." Absolutely 100% lazy employees and trash management to allow such a thing.

Master Chef Jeremiah Garcia

Last time I ate here I was sick and I'm not to thrilled about it. Plus I asked for no tomatoes on my taco salad and they still put them on it and realised it and then tried to remove most of them but didnt. I'm allergic.

steven ward

Cheap food and it taste like it if it doesn't fall apart before you get it to your mouth.

Mignon Amii HerzLevesque

We killed it ....AMAZING!

Carla Steininger-Morris

I have had bad experiences here before with food preparation. The quesadillas are always folded so all the cheese is exposed and it's basically a flat tortilla with the corner folded over and partly melted cheese. Its constant at this location. Last night I got a spicy potato soft taco and it had maybe a few shreds of wilted lettuce, the cheese was not even on the taco, it was melted into the wrapper, and the potatoes were stale. I dont know if they just dont care about food presentation or what but I've never had worse consecutive experiences at any place.

Jeni Jordan

Um...HAIR IN FOOD! First trip, hair (long, black, disgusting hair) wrapped up in the burrito...also food was wrong, and missing a Mexican pizza. My husband went back, to exchange the HAIRrito, and my son started to eat it....HAIR AGAIN!! This time it was inside and a light color! Absolutely DISGUSTING!

auralite moon

literally every time my boyfriend & i come here, they mess up our orders, completely. the receipt is correct yet our order is not?? we called the manager to complain and she said “just come back & i’ll make it myself” with hella attitude. why can’t y’all make it right the first time? there’s a screen right in front of the employees?

Jacob Soriano

Literally every single time I come here they mess my order up. It’s not that hard to read a screen!!!! It’s annoying spending $18 on food and it’s all wrong and the stuff on it I’m allergic to and can’t even eat.

Chris Moore

Taco Bell in general is always good. Price is always right. I'm one of the lucky ones that gets the Taco Bell on "The Mesa" in Fountain. Best Taco Bell consistently.

Hadaza Cardenas

Honestly always gonna love tacobell you can never go wrong. The staff is friendly and helpful and the area is clean, a fast and quick order and you also have the sekf help machines right by the seats which is helpful as well.

Andrew M.

Had no big issues like many of the other reviews. The wait time was extremely short, however, the amount of meat was ridiculous. Smaller than the size of my pinky finger. While they also replaced my beefy 5-layer burrito with a bean burrito...

Jacob Holder

Yep it's taco Bell really consistent Tex Mex drive through

Alexandra S.

Apparently it's ok the put candy Nerds in people's drinks? It's a choking hazard for kids. Disgusting. I got it in the drive thru at night so I didn't notice until I got home. Waste of money.

John Miser

This is the cleanest taco bell in town. The kids working here are friendly, polite, and work hard. The foods above standards of others too.

Michael Lakey

Great food. The spicy shredded chicken wrap is the best and their only one dollar.

Eric R.

no complaints here, i ordered what was on the menu and i got what was shown on the menu. Its taco bell, but according to demolition man they will be the ones that wins the franchise wars so every restaurant will be called taco bell.. :D ... well the place was clean, tables were clean. The food was put to order and i got food in minutes. The food was good for being taco bell, employees did not mess up my order. Other than that, good customer service, clean place to eat, and friendly environment. Would i go there again, only if i end up having a few drinks of grandpas medicine i might hit them up late at night for a taco, maybe even two tacos.. :D

Gerard Brennan

We like Taco Bell, it's a clean and well maintained. I only gave it 4 stars because of the amount of time in the drive through and I would say that I had issues with accuracy of my order 30% of the time.

Beautiful Colors

Good food and friendly service. There is a big menu with lots of food to choose from. It is pretty busy, though.

Chase Harris

Drive through is always long but my order is always correct and staff friendly.

Elke Drayton

Nice clean friendly Place. This is one of our favorite Place we go to.

Jonathon Carlson

Pretty good burgers. The place is well kept. The service is decent. Worth checking out.

Irene Valencia

Service was very good. Food...it's Taco Bell! Still great

Abigail Cleo Aguilar

Good food but there is always something missing in my order.

Antonio Rodriguez

Not the best Mexican food but same as all there fast food restaurants.

Casandra Howard

Very disappointed. The shells were stale and the management continued to try and justify the situation by placing the blame on the manufacturer or distributor instead of taking ownership. However, she did apologize, but that was not enough. As I said to her, this is information that should have been mentioned at the beginning of the order and not just for me, but for the line of customers before and after me. Chances are, I will not go to that establishment anytime soon.

Billie Carpenter

Need more ways to be keto friendly. If they did I would have given 5stars. Very polite staff and clean restaurant.

Weston G

6/20/19 Just ordered at this taco bell and the service was excellent. Fast and adequate staffing. There are new self order machines which was new and interesting. However, the self order machines are missing some items on them like pintos and cheese and other small items. Otherwise very decent and the staff was actually very nice and seemed to be enjoying their jobs.

Jerily Robinson

The food tasted old, like it had been sitting around for awhile, and the tortilla was hard. The sauce was minimal, as was the cheese. I love Taco Bell, but I won't be coming back to this particular location.

Ji-Ho Song

Nice and clean little environment going on. I did go in around 2 though. The good was really great, finally a restaurant that got my big order right. Even in the back looks nice and clean. (Extra nosy while waiting.) They even spelled my name right. Definitely tops the Taco Bells I've been to in Colorado Springs

Judy Medina

Everything was great until I couldnt get my empanada because you discontinued it. But other than that it was good.

Kelley Duncan

Food was good the people are servers did magnificent job. Service is fast and friendly


Greasy, typical fast food tacos. Nothing special. THe staff is nice though, most of them. I go there for the sauce in packets, my husband likes the sauce! lol Gives me gut aches! All the food gives me gut aches! ANd well, yeah you dont want to know what else it does to me!

Emily H.

We waited in a short line for over 15 minutes just for them to forget our cinnamon twists and also not put meat in the crunch wrap. Super disappointing, especially since it's so late and we don't have time to go back.

Rich St. Louis

There were only two cars in front of me and drive and took a long time to get through the drive through which sucks because I was in a hurry because I had to get to work too. Also I ordered a taco supreme and got it with a soft taco, which I didn't want because I like the hard shell tacos. That may have been my fault though. I guess I just need to specify next time. The people however were friendly and the food was good.👍

Nathan Wofford

When made correct by the company recipe book. Taco Bell's products are a good value when they are made by the recipe and with care. If you are like me and don't like to be disappointed by a much less than even decent effort you may want to ask them before preparing your food to do so with care. I mean this as a positive suggestion because I know they can do better.

Laura Manterfield

I work for a delivery service and I have had too many good experiences to recount in this review. Suffice it to say, the staff here is not only the hardest working group of people I've ever encountered in fast food, but also the friendliest. This applies to all shifts, as well!

Timothy DeRousse

So far so good. I've eaten two tacos in the last 5 minutes and I haven't gotten diarrhea yet. Drive thru line was a little slow due to some large orders in front of me. Employees apologized for the wait (maybe 5 min tops, it wasn't bad) friendly service and again no diarrhea. Would eat there again.


Although a was caught in a line at the drive through, took me only about 8 minutes for me to order and get my food. Pretty quick service and I got a crunchwrap. Doritos loco tacos, standard stuff

Manic TM

It was fast but the service is a little dull. The food is warmish but still tasty. Depending on what you order. Cleanish lobby.