Thai Kun

3501 Wazee St #100, Denver
(720) 862-0008

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Bernadette McClair

So this was my first time at Zeppelin Station - it’s a very cool place for date night, social event or just a place for you and the family to eat and it’s kid friendly. But I walked around to see what I wanted to eat and the smell of Thai food just grabbed my nose and I decided to order Soy Pinoy: which is fried crab Rice with cucumbers!!! Delicious and plenty of crab to eat in it! Hot and fresh!

Jeffrey R

Food beer and drinks

Jeffrey R

Loads of great food options inside along with beer and drink specials at the bar .. there is ice cream in here also.


Honestly, this place has a couple items that are incredibly good. The waterfall pork is one of the best dishes I’ve had in denver.That said, the prices are outrageous for the portion sizes and it’s incredibly inconsistent, sometimes they load you up but more often than not you’re paying $18 for 2-3oz of pork. It is usually consistent in flavor but sometimes it wildly off.Also, they also have a crazy attitude. The chick who works the front cash register is incredibly rude.

Brett Hoese

The “pad thai” served here is the blandest, most flavorless dish I’ve ever tasted in my life. Zero spice, zero heat, really was nothing more than a plate of wet noodles. Waste of money, now I have to buy another dinner somewhere else.

Rawknee D.

Awful. Just awful. And slow. Unfortunately I've come to expect this of denver, but Jesus Christ was this bad. Shoulda guessed based on the crunchy vanilla dude working the cash register.

Vera Sizintseva

Literally don’t understand how hard it is for the workers here to acknowledge customers... everytime I go here, I stand for multiple minutes getting completely ignored by the staff and I can’t order until I have to say something to them to take my order. It happens every time and it’s ridiculous

Cody Saypack

Worst pad Thai I've ever had, made me nauseas af.

Jeff R.

I realize it was a busy night, but the placard in front of the restaurant tells you to order online and then wait for a text. I did just that, but never received a text. When I went to inquire about my food, I was told they gave it away because I didn't come when they called my name. Get your instructions straight.

Jen T.

Yikes- suuuuper disappointed in the black noodles. They tasted like noodles drenched in vinegar. The sauce didn't stick to the noodles and there were weird veggies like celery and then also just random toppings it didn't taste like Phad Thai but it also didn't taste like any Chinese noodles. I would suggest you save your money and pass. portions are small and the taste was horrible, definitely do not recommend it

Bynum Vincent

It looks like a neat place. Unfortunately they were out of the things I wanted such as pad thai and others. It looks like it could be a neat place withe food court environment. Lots of Phillipino cuisine. Certainly not a mall type food. Ha

Lauren Kramer

This is just not good. It’s my second time at Thai Kun. The first, both our meals had so much fish sauce and intense peppers that I couldn’t take a second bite and my hubs was on the toilet for 3 days after attempting to eat his. The second, so bland I had to tell myself there are people in the world who don’t have enough food in order to get it down. We eat Thai very frequently and can handle spice. This food just has no love in it, and you can taste it.

Joey Sanders

This place is awful. Food is mediocre if you prefer your dish to be 90% rice. Order taker was rude and they double charged me and my buddy got triple charged and now we have to dispute it with the bank because when you call, no one answers.

Heidi Cha

Overpriced, tasteless Thai food. Paid close to $20 with tip for worst pad see ew I’ve had. Only a few pieces of beef. Burnt eggs. Noodles not even coated with sauce. Flavorless. Go elsewhere in zeppelin station. Any chain Thai restaurant is better than this place.

Heidi C.

Paid close to $20 for pad see ew with tip. Worst Thai food ever. Only a few pieces of beef. Burnt eggs. Flavorless. Noodles that didn't have any sauce on it. Subpar service. Go elsewhere in zeppelin station for food

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