Budget Tackle

255 E Agate Ave, Granby
(970) 887-9344

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Lee M.

I dropped in Budget Tackle to get a CO fishing license and browse the fly fishing gear - which they DO have in limited supply. Their strength is clearly in their really nice assortment of traditional fishing supplies and gear. In a time of the worst global pandemic in +100 years, these owners were not only NOT wearing masks - including the elderly woman behind the register. Once she saw my driver's license, the FIRST question she asked me was 'Is the City of Austin really defunding the police?' - and did so in a very condescending tone BTW. While she was inputting my information, she then felt compelled to give me grief about me wearing a mask by stating 'Masks are just the latest fashion statement'. I proceeded to explain to her that 'I am actually ONLY wearing this uncomfortable piece of cloth TO PROTECT HER (since my son was recently exposed) - and I am unsure of my own status'. Before the transaction was done, she proceeded to tell me all of her conspiracy theories of how 1.) 'masks are BAD', 2.) 'the virus death rate is not as bad as reported - or 'there would be bodies lining the streets'', 3.) 'COVID-19 is a government conspiracy and government over reach', and 4.) 'the Governor of S. Dakota is the Best Governor in the U.S.The TV blaring Fox News propaganda in the next room explained it all = the whole experience was very off-putting.If you can withstand getting a right-wing extremist-conspiracy-laden sermon from the owner, then you might be OK shopping here. If not, avoid this place - since they can't seem to stick to talking about fishing and leave their politics out of it.

Matt Guyver

Cannot help but laugh at the reviews from the snowflakes who don't realize they're no longer in Denver. This store should remind people that freedom requires personal responsibility and that freedom simply may not be for everyone.

Jocelyn Galicia

The owners of this shop were rude to my father unnecessarily. He is a quiet and shy person. They were also not wearing masks (obvious disregard for their customer’s health). Not a pleasant experience at all. I recommend going to a different bait shop nearby for a better customer experience and to support other bait shop owners who deserve your business.

Adam Galicia

Overpriced... And poor customer service. Anywhere would have been a better choice.

Megan Trentman

Very helpful, friendly staff

Brad Whitfield

Great local knowledge.

jaramy stock

Very friendly and knowledgeable people.

Ronnie Romero

Love the locally owned shops. Met them while getting my hat for the 3 Lakes Ice Fishing Contest. Very helpful!

David Mott

They are my go to for bait


Good people full of knowledge

Nate Holman

Extremely helpful in getting us our elk permits!

Stephen Bridgewater

They told me what I should buy & taught me how to fish. Great experience!!

Craig Ciancio

Used to be my go to when passing through....good fly selection....

Wilbert Talmadge

Margaret is the Best. Thank you

Alex Allison

Great local place! Owner is very helpful!

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