Fat Cat Cafe

185 E Agate Ave, Granby
(970) 887-8987

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Darcie F.

Whoo-hoo Fat Cat moved to Granby! We have missed the fabulous homemade food. Scotch Egg is a must!. The Huevos Rancheros has the perfect blend of green chili and fixen's. French Toast was made with French Bread (go figure) serving was huge and delicious. Oh just wait till they can get their buffet back (thanks Covid19), it's loaded with homemade desserts, fruits, fruit salads, the best thick bacon. I can go on and on. Sally and Gary the owners are hands on chef and baker. This is not a new fly-by-night restaurant they've been doing this for years. The chef knows his stuff and perfection is the norm. While driving we noticed the new Fat Cat sign on the Nothside of the main drag in Granby, my Honey flipped a U-turn (in front of a Cop) in shock of elation seeing the sign. Of course we had to press our faces upto the window to confirm it was the one-and-only Fat Cat Cafe. After proofreading my review it reads like it's a "set-up" review. Nope. Just expressing the passion we have for this restaurant.

Tina MCan

We just visited Fat Cat Cafe at it's new location. The food is amazing, the decor is lovely, and the owner is delightful! I love that they serve breakfast all day! We came for lunch, but some of us were still in the mood for breakfast food. The thick, crispy bacon was a highlight! I look forward to trying the breakfast buffet once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. We took home some pastries and a pie. The chocolate orange pie is seriously the most delicious pie I have ever tasted!

Lee Harris

I personally love the buffet but I have never been disappointed when ordering from the menu. The Owners go out of the way to make you feel at home. I never go to the area without eating here at least once. Thank you Gary and Sally.

Julia Floren

Best breakfast ever Great service

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