Never Summer Brewing

62 E Agate Ave, Granby
(970) 887-0333

Recent Reviews


Great beer and prices. Also sells homemade soap and it smelled so good my whole family bought some. Will definitely come back here.

Frederic R.

Great little brewery in Granby. Nice selection of beers and welcoming tasting room with comfortable seating. It has re open, just wear a mask.

Kai Segrud

Small menu but does each one right. Simple inside with a relaxed atmosphere.

Creighton Schoening

Awesome stop in Granby. Good selection of beers. It was exactly what we were looking for. Very reasonable prices.

Deborah Pierson

We had a flight and every beer we sampled was brewed "to style". Incredibly good!

tim myers

Great place to have a beer and hang out with good people on Wednesday night potluck dinners.

ruthvik rao

The best brewer in town.... authentic and bold

Gina Thollot

Great tasting beer! friendly atmosphere

Steve H.

Great beer! Very friendly and welcoming they were very accommodating to our family! We will definitely be stopping here frequently!

Chris Stephenson

Before you even think about going into the Rocky Mountain National Park, stop by Never Summer. A sweet little brew room that fronts a really small brewery where the owner is brewing and pulling pours all at the same time. Small number of brews - but did not disappoint - Jackstraw oatmeal stout is yummo and Rake the Forest IPA is very much a satisfying hoppy beverage. The Wiley Rye Oatey Pale is excellent (and earned a "ohyesindeedyyummytotheyummyum" in my Untappd review. Have them all on a wee flight!

Dylan Underwood

Small scale brewery with great beer. Little place great big flavor!

Brett Lear

Beer was good. Couldn't tell if the owner was wearing his Polo shirt on backwards ironically or purposefully, however.

Debby Moran

Tried some good beers, and friendly bartender


Very unwelcoming, unchill place. It's in a very run down, raggedy building. Guy behind bar (if you can call it that) didn't say much to us at all, almost seemed annoyed we were there, hard to tell though. Beer ok, but not a place I would want to hang out in. Won't be back. Very cool spots with much better beer in WP.

Christina H.

Everyone was super nice here. The beer selection was small but definitely varied enough that everyone will be able to have a taste of something they like. We stayed up the hill near Granby Ranch so this was super convenient to our location for vacay. If you like piney and refreshing beers, hooray! I went there twice and both times were super welcoming. I brought homemade cookies and the bartender and patrons were happy to join me with snacking and good conversation! It's a very casual place but a great spot in the middle of a somewhat rural mountain town. If you're staying in Granby or driving by as a rest stop for a's a convenient location right off the main road. No, it's not filled with trendy's made to be a local spot to grab a locally brewed beer. We were happy to visit this place a few times on our trip since everyone was so nice. Quality beer, friendly people, and very comfortable couch to sit on and read the local paper if you want. Overall, a wonderful gem!

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