522 Bogart Ln, Grand Junction
(970) 241-0352

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Reginal Kpz

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Alison Douglas

Tonight I went tonight for dinner. At 6:30pm I order my food my food was cold. So I called the manger told her. All she told me over the phone she said she can give me a cookie or brownie. All I wanted is hot food. Just very dispassionate about the service. They food should been hot. I should of said something but I was hungry. Never coming back. They need better service. Should know if the food is cold. They put together in the back.Parking: The parking was excellent!

Sharon Drawe

The drive up line was long but moved quickly. Food was delivered to my car before I got to the window. Food was good, a straw is a must when ordering a drink but it was missing, otherwise it was a good meal and great, friendly service!

Mark R. Greenwood

Consistently high quality food and service regardless of which Chick-fil-A. I really wish this company would go public. Would love to own even just a little Stock. ?Food: 5/5

Siphow Siphow Hlongwane

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Mark Greenwood

Consistently high quality food and service regardless of which Chick-fil-A. I really wish this company would go public. Would love to own even just a little Stock. ?Food: 5/5

Spencer J.

This review goes out to an employee named Emily. Not only did she not follow company policies but she was incredibly rude for absolutely no reason. Big fan of the company but I will leave if I see this employee working while I am there. I hope she finds her true calling that has nothing to do with helping people. Not sure how she slipped through the cracks, but Chick-fil-A do better.

Libo M. Makhwetshube

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Eli Boomer

Person who took our order was in training and did an excellent job. The manager was the best and was always helping customers, very great serviceFood: 5/5

Ashley Gray

Great Chick-fil-A, but since is the only one in town it gets tremendously full. Needs a bigger lot for both dine-in and drive-thru.The only thing is thru the drive thru nobody is controlling which cars goes first after you order. And people seem to go by one car from one lane then another when it should be who finished placing order first to avoid the tremendous traffic and wait times this practice does.. In ocala, FL they have this down packed on who goes first and cars and orders come out on time and nobody is skipped.

Oakley Sin

Dashers beware: Door dash orders are bottom priority. Staff usually sets orders on a counter in back and you get stuck waiting in line or interrupting a staff member to check on the status of your order. The store Director is extremely dismissive of Dashers and when asking her the procedure for DoorDash pickups she simply stated it varies and said to be on my way - very dismissive and rude. Surprisingly the rest of the staff is always polite... But the store Director ought to work in the back and not interact with customers given her temperament

Laura B.

This is literally the best chick fil a I've ever been to. The service is A++ and the dining area is massive. While I don't normally like to support chick fil a due to their discriminatory beliefs, sometimes you just want a chicken sandwich. I feel a little less guilty for visiting this location because of how nice everyone is and I'm glad that this establishment is providing quite a few local jobs.

Good Moab

This is the first time that I have tasted Chick-fil-A. I've always wondered why with the long long lines if it was really worth it? Well, it is! I ordered my food on the app and when I got to the restaurant it takes about 20 minutes. The customer service is extremely awesome! One of the girls was on training and I think it was probably the manager owner that was out there helping her and teaching her. I asked him how many employees there were on a shift. 30 employees for that place. The chicken and the waffle fries are absolutely delicious! I will definitely make the time to go again. ?

Serah Bera

Even during lunch rush we got in and out in less than 10 minutes. Chris, who was working the drive-thru orders was especially kind and efficient at his job. Thank you guys!Food: 5/5

April Dilldine

This is one of the worst business in this town! They will steal your $$$$. They give NO refunds after THEY screw up. They are so money hungry they won’t give sauces when asked. They put ALL your stuff in ONE bag! For being a holy GOD company it’s not here!! I will no longer support such garbage from here. I have had enough. It’s not that good for some fries and a signature sauce. Thieves are what this place is all about!

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