Chipotle Mexican Grill

2504 Highway 6 And 50, Ste 300, Grand Junction
(970) 257-1966

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The food and service were appropriate.However, the bottom of the tray leaked so rapidly in the bag that it broke open when picked up. The juices dropped on my seat/ sweater/ pants and shoe When I got to work I had to change clothes. The bag also leaked onto the desk top.RECOMMEND: double tray and double bag.

Halle B.

The girls that work at this location are as bad as it gets. Every burrito I've gotten is soggy because they refuse to actually wrap it, and when you get to the salsa portion of the counter- without fail they will ask "That's it right?" in a degrading tone as if it's their burrito they're making. To top it all off, if you order more than one item, they'll be sure to give you half portions for every topping. I do feel for service workers and am not one to complain, but these girls are awful every single time I've gone in.

Alexie Rusk

Unbelievable you can’t call the establishment and talk to a real person. Like many others, our online order was delivered to the wrong address. No answer from Chipolte, no way to correct it or get refunded. Absurd!!

Britton Powers

Half the time it's online orders only, then the other half they give you super small portions. Maybe half a cup chicken MAX and after eating we have left unsatisfied so many times. I don't think we will come anymore which is a shame because we love Chipotle ?

Christina Russell

The food is always fresh. My favorite is the white rice I do miss the loaded tortilla soup- also used to be known as Mexican gumbo.. please bring it back

Maegan Ralston

Long time chipotle lover. There is an inconsistency of portion sizes each time I come. It seems like there are new employees who haven’t been appropriately trained. The quality of service and food has gone down hill.

Layan r

If I could give zero stars I WOULD. I originally came into this Chipotle to order some food since I was hungry. After getting my food I sat in my car and ate the food. While I was eating my food I see a hair strand inside the bowl. I was seriously disgusted. This was atrocious. I also got a bag of chips and these chips were very VERY salty. Any other chipotle does not have this much salt on the chips. Also, these chips were VERY sour. I don’t mind the sourness but it was TOO much for chips. I’m from California where chipotle is so much better.I hope next time I don’t see any disgusting stuff like this… and thank you ? I couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Patrice AFlauneHamilton

I ordered a salad which hardly had any lettuce in, it was more like a bowl than a salad. Also, they somehow fail to tell you that if they suggest something to add such as queso, it is an add on which costs more. Very misleading and then you get your total to pay which is much more than you expected.

Cooper S.

Very under dosed scoops of food and it was 18 for one average sized burrito with a spoon sized scoop of guacamole. costa vida is half the price and double the quality go there instead.

v111pilot V

One of the few fast food places that still has great FAST food! In and out quickly with great service too.

Kay M.

Pickup time was30 minutes ago. Still not ready. Grub hub and others waiting also that makes 6 waiting for web orders

Cassy Martinez

Was great until I had an order placed to the wrong address. There is no way to call and cancel an order when placing online. The app deletes receipts. Apparently there is no way to contact a restaurant and talk to an actual human anymore. The customer service is a robot named “Pepper” and the customer service is less than useless at helping to solve the problem. They get back to you weeks later and aren’t helpful. No longer worth eating here.

Nevaeh S

Terrible. Bad staff service very disrespectful, bathroom line was so long and when I got in there it was trashed. Food was cold and bland unlike any other chipotle I’ve ever had no staff was keeping up on orders or giving costumers respect. I had to wait 30 mins for my burrito after ordering and my food was cold. Never had anything like that for that price.. absolutely ridiculous, will never go back again. Do better!

Real Name Logan

They are feeling the food shortage and cutting back on serving sizes and lacking certain items. All part of the plan... Nothing to do with Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab etc as they love humanity... our 190 IQ president is full of vigor and has it under control. It's all Putin's fault.


I came here to pick up food for a customer today and I had to wait 20 mins I had two orders and both orders were late when the lady finally came out with the food she had 10 bags of food. I do not understand this at all we should not be waiting 20 mins while you prepare 10 orders while I’m sure the first orders are getting cold and every driver who was waiting that long is getting bad reviews that are not are fault.

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