Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

2440 Highway 6 And 50, Grand Junction
(970) 245-8227

Recent Reviews

Laura Ramm

Although the food here is good, the place is so poorly managed that you're lucky if when or after you order you don't get told it's out. Last time I was there I told the waiter I wanted a baked potato but was waiting for my party to order. Then, when I ordered not 5 minutes later was told they were out. I had to hastily pick something else which I did with my consolation being their fantastic signature corn bread muffins. When our food came out not one of us had the muffins that were supposed to come with our meal because they "ran out". Imagine if Red Lobster ran out of cheddar bay biscuits shm. They didn't comp us after they didn't deliver part of the meal we were supposed to receive. I doubt I will be back

Derrick Flint

It was nice, good Q for sure. I'll visit again!

David Jones

Great food, we ordered the combination platter and had plenty left for take home. This was our first time at Famous Dave's and wont be our last. The staff was very friendly as well. You won't be disappointed here

Luke Himmerite

Definitely left this place thinking about how bad the experience was.. both from the food and the service.. then I looked online and can see all of these recent terrible reviews from the past 3 weeks. Obviously not a coincidence, I feel terrible for whoever is running this business because it’s looking like it’s going to be ran into the ground if they can’t turn things around.

Elizabeth Treharne

Fast service. The staff was helpful and friendly. Did a take out order and waited only 15 mins.

Allison Forrester

Normally, Famous Dave's is outstanding-its our go-to when we want good BBQ.Today good BBQ wasn't even in the realm of possibilities. We ordered 2 3-met combos, with brisket, rib tips, chopped pork on one and spare ribs on the other.The brisket is normally melt In your mouth, with a smoke ring to talk about later. Today, it was grey, gummy, and looked like it had been boiledl/microwaved. The spareribs had no meat on them, the pork was dry and no flavor. This is so out of the ordinary for the amazing restaurant and hopefully it can be resolved soon.

Gladina Hadley-Yanito

Delicious comfort food, home away from home. Cooked to our liking and will return for more. Our drive was 4 hrs to get to some Famous Dave’s!

Michael S. Allen

Employee # 3193 was courteous but when questioned about the bill he told a bold faced lie about why we were charged extra for food and drinks. There were only two of us and were charged for three drinks even though we were not the ones to order refills on the tea, he just brought more tea. And we were charged extra for Brisket on one salad even though it is supposed to be one of the salad options without extra cost per the menu. We will not be going back.

Pam Wilson

When the couple in front of us got tired of waiting for anyone to recognize they were there, we should have followed then out. We stayed, waited 10 more minutes, finally asked two employees at the bar who have done nothing but ignore us if we could be seated, waited another 5 minutes. Finally got seated, ordered, Anna comes back and says they do not have any grilled chicken and I need to order something else. She brings the menu but never came back. I waited another 20 minutes before we just got up and left. I will not be back, at this rate with the kind of help they have they will close in the near future.

Amelia Garrison-Smith

Usually like this place, however this time it was beyond terrible. The brisket I ordered was gummy with holes all over it and did not eat like meat. It was more like a meat product and ended up making me sick just over an hr later. Definitely won't be back anytime soon.

Lance Cattarello

The place was slow only a few table had people. While set to be an abundance of staff chilling in the kitchen And the service was super slow our drink didn’t get refilled waitstaff kept forgetting. They changed the menu but also the food was very bland. Will not be returning.

Patrick Egan

Going down hill fast. Was out of ribs when I went in for lunch. Seriously ?

Ganesha Gladkoff

Good BBQ. Mac n cheese was okay (it has corn in it, not much flavor). The corn. Read was yummy. Friendly service.

Connie Newberry

Loved the food. The service was great happy friendly staff.

Scott Peirce

Nothing negative to say about this location, but they menu has been cut to shreds. No more baby back. No more dry rub. And a bunch of other stuff nixed for no apparent reason. Used to love this place, but probably won't be back.

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