Sonic Drive-In

2523 HIGHWAY 6 &, #50, Grand Junction
(970) 241-9929

Recent Reviews

Kirsten Clemetson

Order taker short and rude.Instead of saying is that it it over and over your employees should be taught to be more welcoming and say what else can I get for you? So that the customer can tell you that's all thank you. Better training maybeyI manage a staff of 10 plus been in customer service for over 15 years.

paige phelps

We ordered two shakes and both tasted absolutely disgusting we had to throw them out. Tasted like gasoline.

Ken Platou

We’ve always enjoyed sonic for a special treat. We’re worried about changes however. The jr deluxe cheeseburger, which isn’t even on the menu anymore, is hardly worth bothering with. But big problem was they changed the fry sauce!!!!! Sacreligious. Loved it before with tots. This new stuff is pushing me back to ketchup.

Trent Lawson

Burger patties on my double cheeseburger were old, and stale, they were actually so hard all the way around the edge I could not eat that part.My onion rings were old, and stale as well, at least half of them were.Terrible!

Edward Pierce

All in all it was ok. The order was mostly right but when I used the app and everything is printed out exactly how it is wanted. You should be able to make it right. The worst part is putting extra ice in my tea when I asked for easy ice. I swear it was filled almost to the lid with ice. Not cool.

Cher Imer

This was absolutely horrible. We have now been waiting for our food for 40 minutes..After it took 20 minutes for them to take our order. I will be calling corporate. This was a very bad experience. Would not recommend.

Sabrina Gloodt

If you want Sonic go to the one on North. Everytime that I come to the Sonic at Rimrock they always mess up my order and not just one thing on the order but the whole order. So go to the one on North. Also North has the brown bag special to where 2 people can eat for about $11 total.

Daphne Rotolo

Aren't there supposed to be lime wedges in the limeade? Even if the sugar-free limeade is ordered? So bummed that mine didn't have any.

Bailey Danielson

Slow and couldn't even get a 2 item order right. Burger King thats been in the dumpster is better than this.

Lauro Chavez-Munoz

Make up your own drink. Well worth it, just to see if they listen.Tip them well if they followed instructions.

Rocklyn Little

We went here and it took 40 minutes witch isn’t that bAd but the we come home and we got the wrong burger then we didn’t get any sauce and they forgot a lot of our order


My son and I love to stop for drinks on hot days and occasionally chili dogs we love it quick fast and always friendly

Tyler Powers

It's gone a little downhill in my personal opinion. Felt like I was an inconvenience to the employees for putting in an order. I'll go out of my way to go to north Ave or Clifton to avoid the bad attitude.

mike ike

This place is trash always long waits, and when your food finally comes out it's soggy and incorrect. Last time I come to this location. Horrible customer service do not recommend at all.

Tanya Elder

I go to all three Sonic's throughout Grand Jct. I always order the same thing... grilled chicken wrap and onion rings. Here's my summary of each Sonic:The Sonic off of Rimrock near Hobby Lobby is TERRIBLE! Very little chicken in my wrap and onion rings are often overcooked and hard as a rock....and cold .The Sonic on North Ave. Is mediocre. Food is usually decent but they are VERY SLOW and often rude.The Clifton Sonic is by far the best.... food has been hot, fresh, and generous portions. There's rarely a wait and staff is friendly. Sometimes I'll drive out of my way just to eat at that particular Sonic.

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