Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar

1601 Mayberry Dr, Highlands Ranch
(303) 991-1994

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What a fun place to meet a couple friends. Great food. Fast service. Good value.


It was brunch after Church. We love the ambiance and the waitress was very kind and helpful.


Good as usual


$11 for a glass of Trouble Maker Red Blend was a bit steep for happy hour, but $19 for a second glass after happy hour ended was absurd for what is a $14 bottle of wine!! I have never paid $19 for a glass of wine anywhere, even at a fine dining restaraunt. Yes, our economy and inflation are out of control, but still can't justify this price for Trouble Maker.

OpenTable Diner

We came with houseguests from out of town and had a delightful time. Our out of town visitor (with 3 sons) remarked to us at dinner how much he liked *not* having any background music and that it wasn’t an issue because there was enough ambient noise in the restaurant that you couldn’t hear conversations at other tables. That said, there was a man dining alone at the table immediately behind where I was sitting — he had some TV or other show playing on his mobile device and for some reason, he wasn’t using headphones / AirPods, so that was annoying to me but I decided not to ask him to use headphones. I don’t think it would have been right for your staff to ask him to use headphones or turn off the sound — the only other idea I had was for you to keep a few pairs of cheap (airline-style) wired headphones or earbuds that your staff could have offered to that guest so he could use them while there (or he might have gotten the hint not to have something playing loudly on his device like that!). Obviously, this is a “first world problem” that tells you I had a great time otherwise!!! Campbell was our waitress, but when our out-of-town visitor asked her about having a more substantive tuna appetizer, Shannon came to our table and kindly offered to bring the entrée version of the tuna as an appetizer and that was PERFECT — thanks!!! Thanks for a great evening!


New Years Eve celebration dinner. We ordered the special menu, prix fixe, and they were out of many of the options on all courses. The service however was good, and the food we had was also very good, so still a good experience. Just would have expected better planning for New Years Eve when reservations required and a set menu.


We had NYE dinner at Indulge with great friends. Our food was cooked to perfection and our server Sophia was outstanding.


I like this restaurant a lot. Food is reliably good every time, service is great and generally, the ambiance is nice. Unfortunately, on this night, we were seated next to a young child who was very noisy and not well supervised by a parent. This is not the restaurant’s fault. The other thing that was disappointing was that the NYE menu stated asparagus but we were both served green beans instead. Although they were good, the staff should have let patrons know they were subbing. Overall, nice meal and we’ll go back for sure.


Will the exception of dessert, the food was awful. The wait staff were great.


Our first time eating at this restaurant. Went for an early New Year's Eve dinner with another couple. Service was great, food was very good and well-prepared. Prices seem reasonable for a bistro type restaurant. Atmosphere was good and not too loud. The evening we were there was more formal. Not sure if that is the norm there or not having never been there any other time.


Food was tasty and well prepared, Eric and team provided excellent service. Great happy hour value!


Food was fantastic. Service was really good but a bit slow due to staff shortage. The servers still made it greatly


One of my favorite Wine Bistro's. Wine list is full of delightfully surprising selections. Food was delicious and delivered just as requested. If you never been GO! If it's been a while GO!


Good variety on menu - our table enjoyed salmon, linguine with shrimp, and steak. All were tasty and good portions.


Service is generally excellent but was a little disjointed this time. New server…

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