Casa Bonita

6715 W Colfax Ave, Lakewood
(303) 232-5115

Recent Reviews

Alex Weinberg

Fantastic service and tour! Sad we'll miss the grand reopening for dining but we'll come back eventually! Great staff!

Lauren R.

MATT TREY!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Thank you. You realize the potential of this place for sure. Also, Colorado native Chef here with amazing Green chili recipe. I WANT TO BE IN THE KITCHEN. Casa Bonita serving *DELICIOUS* Mexican cuisine? Mememmememe!!!!

Macky M.

Please reopen soon! We miss you! Thank you for the wonderful free tour! We loved the hillbilly brother and sister and the sheriff!

William Knall

Went there years ago and wanted to go back for lunch. Unfortunately they weren't serving any food. They were doing tours of the facility and there was a line a folks waiting to get in. Hopefully they start serving food soon. Call before going and check it out.

Marcus Lawrence

Awesome place. Didn't get to see the Cartman table. Due to someone filming.


Currently closed for food but they are doing free tours all day in the hour.The tour was fun! The actors and divers give the tour. Saw them cliff dive and learned how much thought was out into the design of the resturaunt.

Eric Greenley

the absolute worst Mexican food ever....really you can't hire some actual Mexican should remain closed forever!!!!!!

Jeffrey H.

So even though Casa Bonita is only doing tours until September, you can still go and have a wonderful time on the tours they have hourly. There are so many more rooms than I had ever seen before on the tour. Totally worth the time. Great staff and the divers performing were awesome. I really miss their food but the tours bring a childhood favorite place back to memory in a world much larger than I had ever known! Even the mighty Covid virus could not tumble my families favorite place!

Anna Melville

Love Casa Bonita! Every year on our family ski trip we have to stop at least once. Great food and amazing architecture each room is themed differently! They also have amazing cliff divers and crazy fast service for our party of 12!!

Josh Rosema

Although they are not serving food, we decided to take a tour since we have never been. It was a surprising amount of fun! The tour guides are dressed up in old western costumes and get into character as they show you as much of this place as they can inside an hour or so. One of the divers even dove into the pool for our group! The size and buildup of this place is impressive. Take the free tour! (And bring cash to tip the guide)

Marisol M.

The restaurant is currently closed until September 2021. Guided tours are the only thing currently available

Daneen Marie

A Colorado classic! So many things to do from watching the cliff divers to walking through the 'scary' cave, having a caricature drawing of you and the kids, playing games in the arcade,shopping for fun items in the gift shop, enjoying the mariachi band, laughing at the puppet show or the magician. And best soppapillas ever!

Robin Trehaeven

They're not open yet, for food service and shows, that is. But there are regular (free) tours throughout the day. I found this very worthwhile. Our guide was knowledgeable and informative. Not having ever visited Casa Bonita as a child, not having visited with children, we saw a number of areas in the facility that I did not know existed. We were also given some insights into the performers' responsibilities. Really interesting. Note: although the tour is free tips are accepted afterwards.

Stephen Papen

Passed through Denver on a roadtrip and had to stop by. They're closed for food, but are doing free tours and the gift shop/arcade are open. The tour was pretty cool, our guide was very knowledgeable and even did a double flip off the cliff and into the pool for us. They said they are going to start doing food again sometime in September 2021. I hope to stop by again!

Carrie Brumbach

Happened upon Casa Bonita from an online suggestion. It is currently closed, but they're hoping to re-open by September 2021. They seem to be offering free tours pretty regularly, so we took advantage of that and spent about 45 minutes getting to see all of the unique spaces Casa Bonita has. What a creative place! Not sure we'll ever get a chance to eat here as we live out of town, but we were glad for the opportunity to see it, and hope that they're able to open again soon!

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