Taco Bell

165 S Sheridan Blvd, Lakewood
(303) 237-1791

Recent Reviews

Janell McBeth

This is the third time I have been down there recently and all three orders have not been correct

Jessica Gorham

Not open during listed hours and has a mess up every other order!!!

Amie Lang

I am not even sure what just happened. This place is a JOKE. We order, they get it wrong... like VERY WRONG... then tell us we have to go back through, reorder and REPAY. And this is exactly why I haven't been to tacobell in 2 years. Laughable.

Flor Lopez

Waited 25 minutes in the drive thru line. Couldn't get out because the line was so long I had no choice but to wait. Staff was rude and didn't seem to care about their times, service or quality of the food. What a shame. Taco bell if I were you I would call their attention immediately...


8th time here, keep hoping that the employees can read the screen and make the food right...nope they cant. They also gave me the cheese for my chips but didnt give me the chips...I can deal with stuff but when I went through the drive thru TWICE tonight and now I refuse to go through a 3rd time.....HAVE YOUR EMPLOYEES READ THE POS SCREEN AND HAVE SOMEONE CHECK THE BAG TO MAKE SURE FOOD IS THERE AN RIGHT.

Tony Orellana

I recently got $90 worth of Taco Bell gift cards and have been splurging at the this one multiple times as it's next to the place where I moved in. This place has been nice with the drive through. Quick through and food was great. I absolutely love Taco Bell.

Joclyn Tran

This Taco Bell was SO slow. We were in drive thru for 45 minutes. The workers were not wearing masks, and if they were, they were wearing them half down their nose. They were not being careful with handling the food and payment cards. Almost every fast food place I’ve been has either you enter your card on your own, or has one person handling the payment while one handles the food, but they did both. The worker who took my card, also touched the bag when they’re not supposed to.

Raymond Hamilton

We do not have a Taco Bell where we live so YAAY we hit this one. Food was good! Om nom nom

Miranda Wareham

Who's the new comedian guy hired? Pretty cool eh? Thanks taco bell?funny✌

Jess Cook

The little Hispanic lady who runs the drive thru is my main reason for eating here. She is so nice and does her job well!

Tony Castorino

Been eating at Taco Bell again after hyatious. Food seem to improve until lst night. Once again taco shells were hard and stale.

Armen Arsenian

Great place. Gave me and my friend hand sanitizer during the pandemic. I appreciate their concern in hygienic safety!

The Wilderness Awaits

When we pulled in there was 2 cars in the drive thru and 3 people eating. It took them about 30 minutes to make 3 tacos and cinnamon twists (which we never got) as I was waiting at the counter for my cinnamon twists you could see the workers working so slow. I counted in my head it took this one guy 45secs to wrap ONE burrito!! The cashier definitely needs a raise she was doing everyone's job basically. I bet she could take an order and make it faster than anyone there.10/10 would not recommend this taco bell

angelica Valdez

I love taco bell but I'm sad they took the spicy green burritos out. Those were my favorite.

Nal Hi

Does this look like a burrito from a $7 meal? We waited 40 minutes for this, there were like 6 guys in the kitchen and 4 of them were hanging out I paid $4 for a quesadilla that is missing half of the cheese , I really believe that all of the 5 star reviews are from their family members, and of course the lobby is always clean but that is because it's always closed, worst taco bell in the city, this guys deserve to be fired and please hire someone that really needs and appreciates having a job.

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