JP Nori Sushi & Asian Cuisine

5302 S Federal Cir, Littleton
(720) 283-1818

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Eric N

Customer service and the atmosphere of this place is great. The Mongolian beef was great as well. The sushi was decent but it was not the greatest for the price. Over all this place has a lot of variety to choose from and it was goodFood: 4/5

Irmak Erdem

Everything we had was so good! The rice is so light and soft. On point in refilling our waters. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. Very good service and food overall!

Dretsel Johnson

This place was magnificent. The courteousness of the staff and the professionalism of the chef not to mention that the price was right and the amount of food was definitely proper. My server Alina was nothing short of magnificent. She has restaurants experience and knows how to make the customer feel welcomed and appreciated. Alina is an exceptional server so if you go to the restaurant Monday through Thursday she will be there! You won't be disappointed ?

Nicholas C.

Sushi is ok. Chinese is kind of Terrible. Whatever you do don't order general tsao or sesame style chicken as it's difficult to find the chicken in its fried nest. Stick w the sushi imho.

Joseph T.

Consistently excellent lo Mein! We order take out regularly. Good portions! Highly recommend

Les K

I know things are tough for restaurants nowadays. I thought I'de give JP Nori a try since my normal Asian restaurant is showing signs of cutting costs by making portions smaller and cutting back on protein.I ordered delivery of two entrees. Delivery was fast. The food tasted great. To my disappointment though, there is less protein in both dishes of the same size than my regular restaurant and more expensive by $4 per entree and no fortune cookies. Pretty expensive veggie dishes. Perhaps they can cut back on the soup, house salad, utensils and chopsticks that come with order and provide a decent amount of meat.

Deidre R.

Ordered from them a few weeks ago for my husband & daughter and they were very impressed so we decided to try them again. This round I bought a ton of food for the whole family. Now I am not expecting greatness but at least descent and edible food, especially when I spent over $160 and gave generous tip. I was not able to eat one bite of my food. All Hard fried dough, no chicken at all and I mean not one piece of edible chicken & overly smothered in sauce. I felt sick & upset to my stomach when I seen my food & how I had to pick thru it to try and find any edible pieces. As far as the other food ordered it was just okay. My husband said his tasted totally different than the first time. Will not be returning.

Olivia W.

I love our delivery man. He knows us so well that we might invite him to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Tammy Harimon

My family and I visited on a Friday evening. Even as the restaurant filled with people, we were consistently attended to and had wonderful service. We had not been back since the pandemic and the food is still as delicious and plentiful. Our son ordered super yummy sushi for all of us to enjoy and we had tempura calamari and tempura shrimp along with sesame chicken and pad Thai. It was a delicious meal!

Mikayla Wilson

I’ve eaten here three times so far and it is becoming my go to sushi place. The food is always delicious and the people are always extremely kind. I have eaten in the restaurant once and done delivery twice. Now delivery does take awhile so please prepare for that as they are very busy but it always tastes fresh and delicious when you get it. It definitely is a little more on the pricey side but I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Andrea H.

Ordered takeout and was not disappointed, it arrived in less than an hour and was quality sushi!

Spencer Joel

JP Nori is my new go to sushi restaurant. It used to be Mizu Izakya and Izakaya Den but those got so overcrowded with transplants they became unenjoyable. JP Nori is a swanky lil joint with great decor and even better food. We the rainbow Naruto and a smattering of other rolls. Also, tried the chicken Katsu bento box. Everything here is fire. I highly recommend.

Savannah G.

Just moved into the area and decided to pop in. Don't be fooled by the outdoor appearance. I have been to a lot of sushi restaurants, and this one was amazing! Wonderful atmosphere and staff. The food was delicious. I had the pad-thai and my boyfriend had a selection of sushi. Fresh and delightful. Will be making this our local sushi spot!

Ryan Rossell

Really great experience and delicious sushi. Can't wait to come back! Service was good, ambiance was good, and the food was fresh and delicious.

Tony S.

Don't judge a place by its outside appearance. One of the best in Denver. Consistently well done. One of our favorites.

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