Pho Saigon Basil at Bowles-Littleton

8055 W Bowles Ave Suite 2A-1, Littleton
(720) 328-2183

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Steve McIntosh

Service was shockingly bad. We had to ask five times for water and only got it when we went to the counter to ask. The food was fine but I'd say uninspired. Good flavor but I've had much better and more interesting bowls of pho. So if youre looking for a simple meal it works.

Kelli M.

We came here a few nights ago and met up with some friends. The weather was rainy and cool so it was a perfect night for pho. This was our first time here and we were instantly greeted when we came in. The first thing you notice when you come in is the entire restaurant is clean and bright but also cozy in the evenings. We (my partner and I) started our order with a couple of beers and shared a plate of crab cheese wantons. Now, I've had my fair share of crab cheese wantons in the Denver/Littleton area, and sometimes it is hit or miss, but THIS PLACE fried them to perfection. They weren't burnt and they weren't soggy, they were literally one of the best wantons I've ever eaten and you could tell they were fresh and made to order. We then ordered two medium veggie and tofu pho with veggie broth and they were equally phenomenal. There was a nice variety of veggies and the hoisin added the perfect amount of sweetness and a little saltiness to the already great broth. The noodles were also a great consistency. The waiter that brought our food was also so kind and he had us laughing with a couple of jokes which is a nice touch, honestly. Both him and our waitress were very kind and they made us feel welcome the whole time we were there. We will be back and will be ordering out as well in the near future!


So I came today Saturday, June 18 to this restaurant it was me and my sister and her husband and my grandma. It was a total of 4 people the restaurant was empty they took our order i not only told one of the lady’s being the server but both of them and someone when all the food came out they forgot my food???? Like for the only table they had 4 customers and they forget someone’s food like really??? I’m not coming back to this place and neither should any one who wants to come and try it!!!

Casey Dunn

My wife and I absolutely love this place. Our favorite's are the noodle bowls and Boba's. Which I give 5 stars to both! The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is low key. Great for take out or dine in.

James Carden

I absolutely love this place! The food is delicious and the people are always super friendly. I've tried a handful of other places in the area, but this one is my favorite and has become my go-to.

Crystal L.

Food is always good here. The service is prompt and friendly and the restaurant is very clean. We usually get the soup. A small is generous portion.

Krystal Than

My family love that Pho Saigon Basil is in our neighborhood. They are definitely a go to for Vietnamese food nearby. Friendly staff with great dishes. I always take their spring roll wraps home and they do a great job packing everything neatly. It's amazing they opened during the pandemic and have successfully navigated keeping their doors open. Support your neighborhood small businesses.

Alyx M.

Flavorful broth, decent service, overall will return. $24 for rolls, medium pho, and a soda.

Jennifer Smith

Ya'll.....this place right here!! ?? Super clean....smells so good...and the FOOD .....AMAZING ?...walked in and sat where we wanted to...service was on point....pricing was average... check it out if you are in the area....

Leo Eidman

The food here is amazing. Everything my wife and I have tried has been delicious. I particularly love their spring rolls, especially the pork sausage. Last Saturday we had the combo noodle bowl. We enjoyed it so much, we went back the next day to try the grilled pork Ban Mi sandwich. It did not disappoint, a home run !! Service is friendly & fantastic

Jessica B.

We took our family of four here for a wonderful meal! We eat a lot of pho, but this is one of the best we have tried. Also, the staff was amazing and even held onto my sons's new cell phone when he lost it,

Kerry Kirschman

The prices on their website are incorrect. They told me they raised their prices 6 months ago but never bothered to update the website. You never know what you're going to end up paying when you pick up your order. Pho99 on County Line and Broadway is $3 less and they give you twice as much meat and noodles. Regardless, the service is friendly and the food is good.

Jessica M.

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Do not support this business and the scum of who the owner is. We ordered takeout for our first meals from this place and were looking forward to it. It traveled home sealed and unopened. When we opened our food, we saw a bug appear, and it definitely came from the food, not anywhere else, as it was sealed until that moment. So, we were disgusted and threw the food away. When we called about it to let them know, we wanted a replacement and they offered a refund. Under the impression we could get replacements, like a reasonable thing to do, we revisited the restaurant and they told us we are not getting replacements and never going to be served at this restaurant again, according to the owner. This is completely unacceptable customer service and poor business practice. We have never experienced this treatment in food service before and genuinely wanted to support the business despite the issue. We were not upset until we were refused service by the owner. The people who run this place need to own to their mistakes, learn how to treat the people that they serve right, and how to make things right. It's unbelievable that this even happened, but I guess when you own your own business, you can do whatever you want, right? Which means disappointing people who want to put money in your pocket, but being an asshole instead.

Remiceas M.

They took forever and no heater. Very disappointed. I recommend taking your time. Service bad food good.

J Ziegler

Needed to ask for more limes, otherwise I wouldn't change a thing. Great spring rolls, shrimp and pork. Great salty soda lemonade. Great taro boba. We will be back

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