Tacos Selene

5924 S Kipling Pkwy, Littleton
(303) 972-0905

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Patrick Poquette

Legit tacos, good price. Friendly staff. Large selection of tacos, burritos, a lot of different salsas to try. Will be back.

Shin M.

I got the beef burrito. It was a decent lunch portion for $7. I had to add their house green hot sauce (wasn't a fan of the red sauce) to every bite tho, wasn't enough flavor without it. My friend said his Tortas were ok, nothing special. The horchata ($2.75) was pretty good. Average burrito IMO. Fast causal- Small hole in the wall with tables and seats.

Sirena-Simone D.

I can not understand for the LIFE of me, with I just ate. It was horrible. How does this place have good ratings? I honestly think I just ate rat. it wasn't Carne , for sure. I was starving , so I eat it.. but I will never come here again. My stomach hurts already.

Douglas T.

Muy authentico! Mix and match street tacos in a strip mall. These are basic 2-3 bite tacos with a choice of meats and sauces. Probably not a first date place (if you're hoping for a second date), but if "wine, women and song" has become "beer, the old lady and the TV set," this is could be a good night out!

Samantha Lundquist

REALLY great food and quick service.


Had some tacos with steak and I have to say, not bad at all. Not very greasy either.

Jay R.

Tacos Selene has some of the best salsa around. I love their salsa selene, it's a unique flavor that pairs well with all their dishes. My favorite items here are the breakfast burritos and the tortas. The breakfast burritos do not have green chile if that's your thing, but have a great mixture of flavors. The bread for the tortas is soft and delicious. My only compliant is how easily it all falls apart, but I'll take that over bad bread any day. The al pastor is spiced well and has a good ratio of meat to pineapple. Their chips are a bit on the thick side, and I'm guessing the queso is just a can of the ball park kind you can get at a whole sale store, but I still love it. Their street tacos are dressed simply with cilantro, onion, but that's just how I like it.

Laura R.

Best Tacos we've found outside of SoCal yet. And it's been a search! Mexican food is for sure different in Colorado but this place has really good options when we are missing home

Christopher Smith

Staff is absolutely amazing! Delicious tacos, very affordable!! Great place to sit and have a quick delicious lunch or dinner

Britney B.

Love this taco shop!!! So glad I heard about it on word of mouth! Me and my husband go here at least once a week! There tacos used to be 1.50 and now they are $2. But they are so good! We are all about the chicken tacos!!!

DJ Loerzel

Great food, super nice staff. We've always had a great experience every time we come in.

Sarah P.

Fantastic flavor on the pork and beef! We tried a burrito, tacos, and a torta, and all were excellent!!

Erica G.

My family went to Tacos Selene last Sunday and it was an awesome place. The prices were very reasonable and, most importantly, the food was delicious. I had a beef torta and it was very large and delicious tasting, with just a kick of spice. I shared half with my son since half was plenty. Other family members ordered their tacos and tortas (one with pork and pineapple). Really tasty. I am not a hot sauce person myself, but my husband is and they make a homemade hot sauce (almost looked like a creamy mayo based sauce?) that he said was very good too. I can't wait to go back.

Doug K.

We were looking for a quick but good place for tacos. The menu was so much more than Tacos! I got a lengua taco and the Pupusa with chicharon and queso. My wife loved her quesadilla. In Non-covid times, they offered a salsa bar, now you request the salsas you want and they give them to you. The Pico de Gallo and avocado salsas were tasty, but they were both spicy. We loved it and look forward to another visit!

Missy Scavetta

Best place in Colorado for taco Tuesday! Staff is always so polite, prices are great, food is amazing, never a long wait. Love coming back every Tuesday!

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