1205 W Main St, Sterling
(970) 521-0945

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Heidi Mendlik

Fries burnt, slow service

Steve Freeman

Omg! Slow as a snail. Dirty sticky floor. Other wendy's are usually exceptional and professional. Wth!20 minutes so far waiting.....

Jerri M.

My husband and I like Wendy's breakfast's but in the last month we have had 3 bad experiences here. This store also needs to train the staff on how to use the Wendy's App ( use of rewards and offers). It is now time to share these as it is un excusable for the management to keep allowing these issues to continue. One early morning we pull up to the drive through to order the Honey Chicken Biscuits we get told that they are out of the chicken for them. Another day we Mobil ordered breakfast for a drive through pickup. When we arrived there was a hand written sign on the drive through order speaker not serving breakfast for the next 2 weeks. The sign has no date indicating when it was posted nor a re opening date. WT!. Today we pull into the drive through for a quick and yummy breakfast for the road just to be told " Sorry we are out of the seasoned potatoes." We ask if we could just get fries then. We were told "no, we do not substitute."We seriously believe that all restaurants need to be flexible and learn how to please their small town customers if they are wanting us to return. How many chances do you get to make things right?Shame on the management for letting these issues play out the way they did. If things do run out items can easy be substituted if explained to customers the right way most would not mind paying for the differences. Chicken upgrades or fries for potatoes. I know a little about working in restaurants and it's about pleasing the customers for return business. This business has some learning to do. Hoping for a better experience next time. But it could be a long while before we return.

boo Miller


Carbonaro Family

Couldn’t go inside and my kids Apple juices were missing from the kids meal.

Christopher Cullip

Food was hot and order correct, Great service.

Juan Lomeli

I did an online order and there was a line for drive thru into other buildings parking, I called in to let them know the order and if I should park outside front doors. They told me to get in drive thru line and when it was time to receive order, they made me park in front for another 20+ Minutes. Very disappointed


I love Wendy’s the most of all fast food restaurants!!!

ava hayes

ran out of ketchup, gave us the wrong drinks, and had very low patience for their costumers. extremely racism and made my family very uncomfortable.

john edwards

There is something about all these sterling fast food chains. But wendies today seems to just keep getting worse and worse. Last week, a friend of mine took a bite out of the sandwich and found the paper still on the cheese. Today I have found some old black lettuce on my chicken sandwich. It’s not hard guys, not hard at all to make a sandwich.

Kahylani Langridge

Their food is really good! I LOVE it ❤

Valarie Richardson

Food usually always comes out pretty quickly even if they are busy

Rodney Hergenreter

the people that run the cash register and take your order or always pleasant and fun it's always a pleasure to go to Wendy's you know exactly what you're going to get it's the same every time. Good people good food.

Nate Lauer

By far, my top choice for a fast food burger and chicken nuggets in Sterling.

Khifan 29

This place is average, but the Manager on duty here this night, 1/3/2020 is the most competent managing leader I have ever met at any fast food franchise in many years. She should be a regional Manager running several of them. Compassionate, humble, professional, resilient! Thank you Naomi Montano!

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