Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

9751 Grant St, Thornton
(303) 920-2288

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LaNesha Mitchell

Some of the food was great! But some of the food hadn't been changed and seemed as though it had been sitting there for a while. Like the rice it was hard and crunchy as well as the meat loaf was dry and not cooked all the way through. The waitress was nice but slow to come to our table to clear the plates. I would go again, but I hope they start replenishing the food in a timely manner!

cherice campbell

Food is ok. Staff is alright, but most of the seating areas have a funky smell to them like they need to be deep cleaned better. Decently priced , be careful of the chocolate fountain with so many unsupervised kids around it putting fingers in it

Street Shark Unltd.

Overall a top-notch experience

Rob Koch

Nice clean family atmosphere. Has something for everyone. Don't forget to get the "kids" cotton candy. A step up from cafeteria food. The staff works to keep the food fresh.

Kat p

Very clean. Food was really good. Not expensive. Service was good also. Refilled me and my boyfriend's drinks without having to ask.

Victoria Rojas

It was insanely busy (obviously not Golden Corral's fault) but not a great salad bar selection.. food was what I would expect but it could have been better. Good value for the price though.

Arthur Marquez

When you leave it up to others for your thanks giving feast you can't complain to much. The name is spot on. After they herded us in to our corral they gave us plates and wished us luck at the food troughs. The place was packed full of lazy people who didn't want to cook for Thanksgiving. I will never let these people chose how to spend my holiday again. The food wasn't horrible the table server was nice. But I never liked these kind of places personally. But when in Rome. Or in this case when in the corral. Do as the animals do.

Tae Miller

Such a large selection of actually great food! This is the best buffet I've had hands down! If you want some amazing home style cooking, it's worth every penny!

Melissa D.

Went the day before Thanksgiving after all the shopping was too drained to cook. Brisket was amazing. Elvira was awesome. She kept our drinks full and our dirty plates off the table. She was most definitely a 5 star. Great customer service. Thanks Elvira Happy holidays to all!

Jeremiah Wright

So So. My family and I went to eat here today for lunch. The place was kind of dead. The food was not very good. The hamburgers were old meat loaf. The gravy had a thick layer of coagulation on it. I would not recommend this place on a slow day. For the expensive price tag I would suggest going elsewhere. One positive though is the waiter Trevor was amazing. He did a great day.

Daisy Rogers

I went with my husband for veteran's day. The food was amazing, all free for vets and it was so full!!! It was good, clean. Service was fast even it was so crowded.

darlene tafoya

Food is plentiful with great variety. Hard to keep buffet food hot though. The foods I tried were pretty bland, but desserts were very good. Price is good for the quantity and variety. Service was very good.

Paula Troutman

I get to eat here a lot since I work right next to it. I have to say their service is always fantastic and they keep the spot neat all the time. Pricing is fair and they serve generous portions.

David Beaudoin

Fresh and hot food. Hundreds of choices to pick from. Just love this place. Staff is very friendly.

Jennifer Adams

It's Saturday night. It was VERY BUSY!! My sweetie LOVES Buffeys, I don't. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was really good, the staff was courteous. Thumbs up!

Felicia Ramirez

We had a great time! We were there for dinner with our family, and my niece had fun picking out her own treats for dessert. The staff was great!!! Our server was awesome, she made sure we had everything we needed and was super efficient at keeping up with all ten of us!We are all looking forward to coming back again for our next family dinner!

Juz MamaD

Had a great dinner. MANAGER LYNN AND WAITRESS MARIBEL ARE TWO HUGE ASSETS TO GC. Will go back due to a friendly professional manager and attentive waitress. Thank you both for REMEMBERING what customer service is all about!!

Sherry Marsh

I wish I knew the servers name, she was great. She never let our glasses empty more than half way, as soon as our plate was empty she was asking if she could take it away. She was definitely the best I've ever had. Will request her again. Food, service was great. Wasn't crowded so my mother-in-law in a wheelchair was able to see what she wanted and all the staff went out of there to help her. Loved it. Best time ever there.

Jeremy Turner

Delicious food. Quiet and calm atmosphere. Great place to relax and eat and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Top notch!!

Kathy Miszewski

Everything is really fresh and pretty tasty. So many choices. Great desserts and a chocolate fountain..... yummy

Carlette E. R.

This is a traditional buffet type restaurant. The food is very fresh. The ingredients were fresh. The food had obviously been rotated properly. I didn't notice anything dried out by heating lamps. My fried fish was perfect! The chocolate fountain had to be removed because some unattended child double dipped. It was done immediately. Our server, Georgia was very friendly and attentive. The families around us were very pleasant. The children in our area were well behaved. Which for me was icing on top. I realize that was happen stance, but greatly appreciated no less. This location is a definite recommend.

Leona Damron

Great food and amazing service! Went at lunch time before they got busy and there was plenty of seating! Food was limited to basically chicken. Our server (Trevor) gave us better service than some of the nicer places we been to lately!

Randi Viola

Was disappointed with the steak & ribs. Steak was tough & firstly though cooked like I requested as medium rare. The ribs were very fatty. The rest wad good. I do enjoy the veggies

Chad Burton

The food was terrible! Took my parents from out of state here and they said it was the worst meal they have had since visiting. My boot was more tender than the sirloin, the strawberry cake that was being highlighted tasted like cardboard, the Mac and cheese was worst than hospital food, the waitress brought us our drinks and confidently said which was which only to have everyone try their drinks and they were all wrong, and to top it off we all had upset stomachs later on that night after eating here... I could keep going but I think you get the point, save yourself some frustration and toilet paper and eat somewhere else.

Tania De La Torre

I love taking my kids here because they get to choose what they eat and they have plenty of options. The service you get here is amazing because the staff is always smiling and making sure you don't need anything. The only reason I gave it four stars was because that particular day we visited the ladies restroom had some stalls without toilet paper.

Amber LeeAnn Long

The staff did a great job of seating our large party of 12 quickly. The food was excellent as always. And a special shout out to our server Monique- you are awesome!

Sharon M.

There is a good selection of foods. The food is fresh. Golden Corral is the place to go if you want to have a "home" cooked meal.

D Christine

Live this place!! I have been going for years.. it’s so good for family get together’s and everyone can have any kind of style food they want. I get a little bit of everything! The employees are always super friendly and fast! The dessert bar is my favorite of course!! So many options to choose from!! (Try the chocolate fountain with all the goodies!) Oh and also, the bread rolls with the honey butter are AMAZING! Gotta have the honey butter! The only reason I don’t give it five stars is because it gets really crowded. All of the tables are very close you’re basically touching the person in the chair at the table next to you. And where the food is people don’t really line up so it gets super crowded there to. Also, if they had alcoholic beverages that would be a 5 star for me! Lol overall tho love this place!!

Calvin Speers

Your food is kind of tolerable but I wished you had servers at the Golden Corral at each station to put food on people's plates. It would still be a buffet blood cleaner. last week me we're sitting there watching these families with their children letting them get their own desserts and stirring the pies and making such a mess. And I wish you would check the dress code don't come to the Golden Corral in your pajamas we have seen it before..😡

Iris B.

It's so sad to say that I had a very bad experience at this amazing restaurant. The ambience was amazing and the waitress was so sweet so kind and funny. They had many options of delicacies including pizza meat and french fries and much more. Although the food was phenomenal my satisfaction was not complete when I hit the bathroom. The doors did not lock so I ended up walking in on somebody doing their business. There was toilet paper crumpled up in the corner of my stall. And the hand soap did not smell good it smelled like tacos. But other than that was very good there was even a member of the staff cleaning while we ate a.k.a. vacuuming. I very much like the food and the company of the people around me but I cannot stand the restrooms. One last thing they sing happy birthday to anybody who has a birthday so make sure to go to Golden corral on your birthday thank you God bless

James Erin

It was clean, friendly, who went pretty fast so we had a key stuck in it and they weren't so fast doing that but other than that this place was wonderful. I come to this Golden corral all the time. The people like I said are always nice, it's clean. Perfect location easy to get to right off the highway you can't miss it.. nice family fun place

Donny Hrubes

Nice to meet friends, they do groups very well and have a long selection to choose. I get a full salad first, then small plate of mostly vegetables with some baked fish. Then a little blue berry pie and ice cream!

Burton McLucas

Golden Corral has really stepped up its game! The food here was all good and the variety for lunch is excellent for the price. The server was nice and made sure our drinks were filled. I would definitely eat here again.

Denise Romero

Wasn't too impressed by their prices and food. Although it's an all you can eat buffet, I would rather the staff serve the food than everyone touching the utensils to serve. I used my own fork and spoon to serve my own. The place was clean & the staff friendly and accommodating.

Thomas Richards

The cook was new. He had the flame up to high. And couldn't get the stake done right. The man seating us put us at a table to small. Everything else was great.

Anthony Martinez

Great food and over the top, concierge level service. My five stars are solely attributed to the amazing waitress we had, Elvira. Many times I have been to this location, but never have I received such amazing service. Not only did she make constant visits to the table, but she was diligent with our drinks and super friendly. I hope I can always be lucky enough to be helped by her EVERY time.

Eddie Penston

I think that the food is good, but the service stands out way more. The staff takes very good care out their guest. Super friendly and efficient. Love coming here.

Michaela Two Hearts

My daughter loves the corn on the cob in this place. My husband always gets the steak and he likes the sweet potatoes. When I go they aren't typically packed so seating is fairly easy. The atmosphere over all was relaxing and our waiters are very nice. Friendly neighborhood buffet.


Fill up with steak and shrimp. Their clam chowder was very good could eat it every day. The steak was good also

Cindy West

Here currently, what a disgusting disgrace. It is filthy, floors, tables and food stations. Children trashing the dessert area and no one saying anything. The smell in here is indescribable. Here upon the request of an family elder. Golden Corral you should be ashamed! Staff blocking elderly people and then having attitude and staff arguing in front of customers. One staff at the dessert station LEANING on the station doing nothing. We arrived and seated by 3:20pm before dinner rush. Horrible. After paying $62 and change 4 people in our party went out to eat elsewhere after.

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

9751 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 920-2288