Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

9751 Grant St, Thornton
(303) 920-2288

Recent Reviews

Kathy Miszewski

Everything is really fresh and pretty tasty. So many choices. Great desserts and a chocolate fountain..... yummy

Leona Damron

Great food and amazing service! Went at lunch time before they got busy and there was plenty of seating! Food was limited to basically chicken. Our server (Trevor) gave us better service than some of the nicer places we been to lately!

Randi Viola

Was disappointed with the steak & ribs. Steak was tough & firstly though cooked like I requested as medium rare. The ribs were very fatty. The rest wad good. I do enjoy the veggies

Chad Burton

The food was terrible! Took my parents from out of state here and they said it was the worst meal they have had since visiting. My boot was more tender than the sirloin, the strawberry cake that was being highlighted tasted like cardboard, the Mac and cheese was worst than hospital food, the waitress brought us our drinks and confidently said which was which only to have everyone try their drinks and they were all wrong, and to top it off we all had upset stomachs later on that night after eating here... I could keep going but I think you get the point, save yourself some frustration and toilet paper and eat somewhere else.

Tania De La Torre

I love taking my kids here because they get to choose what they eat and they have plenty of options. The service you get here is amazing because the staff is always smiling and making sure you don't need anything. The only reason I gave it four stars was because that particular day we visited the ladies restroom had some stalls without toilet paper.

Amber LeeAnn Long

The staff did a great job of seating our large party of 12 quickly. The food was excellent as always. And a special shout out to our server Monique- you are awesome!

Sharon M.

There is a good selection of foods. The food is fresh. Golden Corral is the place to go if you want to have a "home" cooked meal.

D Christine

Live this place!! I have been going for years.. it’s so good for family get together’s and everyone can have any kind of style food they want. I get a little bit of everything! The employees are always super friendly and fast! The dessert bar is my favorite of course!! So many options to choose from!! (Try the chocolate fountain with all the goodies!) Oh and also, the bread rolls with the honey butter are AMAZING! Gotta have the honey butter! The only reason I don’t give it five stars is because it gets really crowded. All of the tables are very close you’re basically touching the person in the chair at the table next to you. And where the food is people don’t really line up so it gets super crowded there to. Also, if they had alcoholic beverages that would be a 5 star for me! Lol overall tho love this place!!

Calvin Speers

Your food is kind of tolerable but I wished you had servers at the Golden Corral at each station to put food on people's plates. It would still be a buffet blood cleaner. last week me we're sitting there watching these families with their children letting them get their own desserts and stirring the pies and making such a mess. And I wish you would check the dress code don't come to the Golden Corral in your pajamas we have seen it before..😡

James Erin

It was clean, friendly, who went pretty fast so we had a key stuck in it and they weren't so fast doing that but other than that this place was wonderful. I come to this Golden corral all the time. The people like I said are always nice, it's clean. Perfect location easy to get to right off the highway you can't miss it.. nice family fun place

Donny Hrubes

Nice to meet friends, they do groups very well and have a long selection to choose. I get a full salad first, then small plate of mostly vegetables with some baked fish. Then a little blue berry pie and ice cream!

Burton McLucas

Golden Corral has really stepped up its game! The food here was all good and the variety for lunch is excellent for the price. The server was nice and made sure our drinks were filled. I would definitely eat here again.

Denise Romero

Wasn't too impressed by their prices and food. Although it's an all you can eat buffet, I would rather the staff serve the food than everyone touching the utensils to serve. I used my own fork and spoon to serve my own. The place was clean & the staff friendly and accommodating.

Thomas Richards

The cook was new. He had the flame up to high. And couldn't get the stake done right. The man seating us put us at a table to small. Everything else was great.

Anthony Martinez

Great food and over the top, concierge level service. My five stars are solely attributed to the amazing waitress we had, Elvira. Many times I have been to this location, but never have I received such amazing service. Not only did she make constant visits to the table, but she was diligent with our drinks and super friendly. I hope I can always be lucky enough to be helped by her EVERY time.

Eddie Penston

I think that the food is good, but the service stands out way more. The staff takes very good care out their guest. Super friendly and efficient. Love coming here.

Michaela Two Hearts

My daughter loves the corn on the cob in this place. My husband always gets the steak and he likes the sweet potatoes. When I go they aren't typically packed so seating is fairly easy. The atmosphere over all was relaxing and our waiters are very nice. Friendly neighborhood buffet.


Fill up with steak and shrimp. Their clam chowder was very good could eat it every day. The steak was good also


If you want to do an 'All You Can Eat' buffet, this should be your top choice. Without a doubt the best quality. DO NOT go here for the ambiance.. LOL. It is a little like a crazy food court. The grilled steak alone was worth the price of the buffet and I would go back just to eat their fresh bread... Wow. The bread is a star. The dessert choices were not only plentiful.. They were very good. Better than some that I have had at fine restaurants. Overall for the price, better and more plentiful than most fast foods.

outBill Tinkle

Steak, chicken,ham, the salad bar are all great. Love the green beans, cauliflower n steamed broccoli. Famous for the hot rolls. Save room for dessert. Too many

Abraham Hernandez

Wanted to update my past review. So my wife and I showed up about 45 minutes to closing. The manager pointed it out only so that we would have enough time to enjoy our meal. The taste is Much Improved and even though it was close to closing the food was Fresh. I'm not big on pork ribs, but the short ribs they served were pretty good. So give'm a shot.

Steve Alford

I have no idea why I go to Golden Corral. In my mind, I'm imagining something different. After I loaded up my plate yesterday, I asked myself "Why do I keep coming here?". This time it was breakfast. The grease. The pre-made everything. The sausage burritos stuffed with shredded chicken. (Was it a last-minute substitution? Was the sausage not stage ready?). I just can't. I deserve to give myself a good talking to. Golden Corral is what Golden Corral is and that's just fine. It's simply that I forget that point over and over. It's really a me problem.

Jon Barton

We have been coming here periodically for years and up till now have always thought for a buffet style restaurant it was good, but after our recent experience on Saturday I will not be going back. Every thing I got tasted undercooked, old and cold. The restaurant was filthy and our small table not once had the dirty plates removed and no refills on our sodas were provided even after asking for refills.

Harriette Smith

Food was great. Brussels sprouts were over done but over all a nice experience out waitress even got a $5 and that's rare from me. But there were no clean tables and when I asked her to clean a specific one she did and made sure our glasses were full and was very attentive.

Dan Sorenson

If there was anyway to give this less of a star I would . The people here are horrible!!! All it took was a hat for them to show their true colors... My friends were thrown out because of a hat .. let me say this again a hat .. all of the instigating and issue was started by your employee and manager.. because of a hat.. my friends were cordial (I've never known them not to be) and only had expressed their opinions when asked questions by said employee.. and we're thrown out of this place.. never knew there was a dress code or blacklisted list of sayings you couldn't wear on your clothes @ golden corral?!?! If you think about stooping as low to even go to this place just don't... Too much narrow minded hate from the employees!!! Sould be fired immediately!!!

Kara Gonzales

Store was very clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. I usually dont like buffet but the lunch price was great and the food was delicious

Eztilo Valadez

Food is good, the service was on point, they just need more space to sit it was really crowded the lady behind me kept hitting me with her hair. Also every time they went to get more food they kept bumping into me, also it was kind of dirty. Everything else was good

frank roman

My wife loves this place. Usually right after church, we find ourselves eating many of our favorites. The food is of good quality and the service is great. Plus, the dessert bar is sure to please!

Quinn Sena

Best place has a chocolate fountain so basically it is awesome had all the kinds of food I like mac and cheese hash browns and ham. The staff was friendly and caring. Basically was a great time did my doodle things were great had almost too many foods to mention.

Susan P.

Worst Golden Corral we've ever been to. Cashier was very rude. Had to ask for tableware after getting food. So crowded and staff couldn't keep food stocked. Pretty expensive for what we got. Wish there was a no star option.

Patricia Powers

This is one of the very best Golden Corral's I've eaten at. Great wait service! Lots of options on the buffet! Food is fresh, hot and affordable! Great place to bring the family or a group of people, especially on the weekend. You pay a few dollars more, but they provide you with premium meat selections!


Went in, ate, got sick for 31/2 days called WENDYS OF CO, YEAH THEY OWN THIS G.C. THEY WERE SYMPATHETIC without advising a dr visit on day one..31/2 days later, asked for a doctors note and stool sample which was never suggested to get. Then told they woukdnt do anything because I didnt have a stool sample and there was no proof it was their food causing the food poisoning.spoke with Jody at WENDYS OF COLORADO, AND an adjuster with their insurance who both admitted that it happened but no sample, no proof, no claim for med bills, lost wages, etc. Thanks WENDYS OF COLORADO AND G.C. MAKES ME QUESTION THEIR FOOD HANDLING PRACTICES ACROSS THE BOARD AT ALL TESTAURANTS. YOU SHOULD TOO.

Dale F.

This used to be my favorite Buffet in town. I gave rave reviews until the last visit I had a couple of weeks ago. I dined there for lunch with g.f and while eating a piece of chicken, looked down to find that it was grossly undercooked, pointed it out to waitress so they could maybe take a look to avoid anyone else having the same experience and continued with other food that appeared properly cooked. After leaving and running a couple of quick errands, the misery started. Stomach cramps worse than I've ever experienced, and a serious bout of both end bathrooming for the next several hours. I was Ill for 31/2 days from this mess. Left a 2 star review on google and was asked to fill out an online form to provide more information which I did. The lady, Jodie at Wendy's of Colorado AKA GOLDEN CORRAL'S HOME OFFICE was very empathetic and agreed that it could've been a food issue and asked if there was anything they could do, I declined saying I was feeling a little better but would see how it progressed. When it hung on I asked her for them to compensate me for 2 of the 31/2 days I lost at work and was told that seemed fair but she had to escalate to a supervisor. I got a call and letter 3 days later from an insurance company who asked if I had a stool sample and answered that no one suggested one. He said no sample, they couldnt verify it was food poisoning so they accepted no liability. I advised him that I was never even asked about or directed to get a stool sample and he replied that without it he would have some gift cards sent out and hung up. It is my opinion that g.c deliberately failed to suggest this because they knew it would've opened them up to a lawsuit which regardless i wouldnt have filed because i understand that things can happen beyond anyone's control. My complaint is how i was misled and then cast aside once proof was let's say "GONE". And to this day, no giftcard or even an apology from g.c. if you like being deathly Ill, Golden Corral Is the place for you. If not, go elsewhere for your own safety.


This buffet has gone downhill. We used to like the food here but not anymore. We tried small bits of different food and really didn't find any that had much flavor. Their chocolate wonderfall is pathetic. It's just a bowl of watered down chocolate. I dipped a strawberry but didn't taste it, it looked awful.

Marcie N.

My daughter and I went here for dinner. The steak we had was very tasty and quite tender. All the items were well stocked. Our waitress Marcy(sp) was wonderful and made our experience very enjoyable. We will definitely come again!

Sarah C.

I have never left a bad review for a place, but I must warn people not to ever eat here. As a child, I used to love going to the gc in New Mexico, I remembered it being a lot nicer. My husband and I decided to go out this evening and we chose Golden Corral. Unfortunately, after paying over 30 dollars for the buffet, we quickly noticed we made a mistake by choosing this place. It smelled like dirty diapers through out the entire restaurant and all the food was disgusting. Only had a few bites of what looked edible before we left. This place needs to make some changes. We could have gone to McDonalds dollar menu for the same quality food, we feel incredibly ripped off.

Dee H.

Quite a good value for around ten dollars. Had a nice salad. Salad bar fixings are fresh and varied. Had a tasty piece of grilled steak, a tender, flavorful piece of pot roast with carrots. Some grilled brussel sprouts and a piece of chocolate cake. There was lots of other stuff that looked ok, like peach cobbler... and there was a decent looking taco bar The staff was friendly, efficient and hardworking. The place was very crowded for dinner. It was a congenial, but loud family crowd. It's sort of fun to come here with a big group of friends as I did, when you're in the mood for an amusing and loud time. Thank You Guys at Golden Corral

Albert T

They have a large assortment of items to choose from. The only trouble is that they don't keep it very hot or warm at times. They need to turn up the flame or increase the voltage on lamps to warm food up. Best choice on eggs is to have them make you a fresh Omelette or eggs over easy. The rest dig from the bottom. Check your silverware and your plate's for cleanliness since at times I have found left over food on them.

Stephen B.

Please don't go here. The food is so terrible. He workers are great. But good lord, the food is old, poor quality, greasy, no thanks !!!

Bear C.

Keeps costing more and more but the food get worse and worse. Service is ok but to many tables. For 2 bucks more you can get to Cinzeties

Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

9751 Grant St, Thornton, CO 80229
(303) 920-2288