Domino's Pizza

266 E Main St, Clinton
(860) 552-4829

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Just had a half sausage pizza ! Very good haven't hard a dominos since college. Still the same excellent quality !

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 4

Lahari Siruvuri

Atmosphere and food was excellent. Everyone must try

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Chicken Wings, Pepperoni Pizza, Lava Cake

Mohammad Zahedy

Since the new management came in the food and service quality improved a lot.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


In just the past month, this Dominos has improved soo much. The pizzas look better, taste better, and there are alot of other price-conscious options. This is a franchise, but their customer service is top notch. I don't know what they changed, but keep it up!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 4

Service: 4

it’s lovely

I love this dominos. my favorite food is pizza and luckily this dominos isn’t too far so I go to pickup, which is always pleasant. the staff are very kind and always make the food excellent every time. I come here almost every week to enjoy their food?

Vegetarian options: they have a lot of veggie toppings, I was surprised to see feta cheese too! They also have feta and spinach stuffed bread which I always love.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Lava Cake

Taron Anderson

Workers didn’t greet me as I walked in. Sat at the register for 10 mins before anyone helped me.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 4

Service: 1

William Alford

Had liked this location but even though they were open till midnight at 10:20 they said they stopped doing deliveries and it was pickup only. Normally not an issue but tonight they just felt like they didn't want to.

Michael ORourke

Absolute worst dominos I’ve ever visited, staff was rude and not helpful, they don’t start on orders until customers come in ASKING if it’s ready, while the larger manager seems to pay absolutley no mind. Here’s a tip, hire more employees if you can’t do it all yourself. This location doesn’t even update the tracker time. Go to Grande if you want pizza that isn’t made by complete jokes

Jerry Hurd

Ordered a pizza for pick up with only veggies and it had chicken on it!

Monique Coleman

Disgusting ? don't order from here they gave me uncooked chicken ? and they drizzled the barbecue sauce on it. I told the manager Valerie and she acted like she didn't care.

Laxmi Prasanna

The very worst pizza I have ever had in dominos. It is not even worth of 1 star rating. It is not baked properly and staff response and their treatment is very poor.

Keith Karlac

I'll tell u what ,as like us. We're like dominoes. Na. But we were shopping and we decided to try them since we both haven't eaten there since HS and we got pizza wings tater tots pizza toppings and it's way way better the pizza was very good the wings we got 2 kinds very very good and we were very surprised we ate everything we orders yea of course ide rather have the local favorites like grand and modern but they definitely stepped thier game up I have almost 350 reviews and close to 80,000 views and I speak the truth if we don't like it .I just say what I feel I know reviews can hurt but thier important .so I'm never mean ide rather to b honest it it's a terrible place or I had a bad experience , I just won't write anything .bc I am not an evil hearted man and my mother always taught me ,and she said if u don't have anything nice to say ,then don't say anything at all ,and that's what I do. But if ur. Lose go try them again I'm sure you will b mildly surprised good fresh flavored pizza and food

John Wagner

They don’t take cash. I went there and they wouldn’t take cash.

Isaiah Hernandez

Fast. Picked up in and out and food was yummy

Jennifer Krauss

Burnt, cold pizza. Tater tots were cold and soggy.

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