Jersey Mike's Subs

1245 E Putnam Ave, Greenwich
(203) 409-0990

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Great Food, Great Service, Employees are very nice and communicate well. When I’ve ordered food from there the line was very efficient. The employees always ask if you want to customize your order which you usually don’t get at fast food places when you order at the counter. The service there is usually fast (you could usually get the food you ordered their within 5 minutes of ordering it) When I’ve ordered from there online the food is usually ready to go when I get there and I was out of there within of minute of getting there. Overall this is a great fast food place.

Adri F

I don’t know exactly what was going with the employees today. But wether you were having a good or bad day, it’s not an excuse to have an attitude and act “sus” with your customers. I had a friend get me a sandwich because I’ve been feeling a little sick and overall a bad day, and he had one of his AirPods in while I was on the phone with him to tell him what I wanted while I waited in the car. They must of thought my friend was a fool or something because they casually forgot a majority of the ingredients to the sandwich he had ordered for me and when he went back in (he had gone back out to get his card), they started acting all suspicious as soon as he came back in and when he noticed a majority of the ingredients missing, they were like “oh really?”. Like how do you just casually forget to put a majority of the ingredients and then catch an attitude? One more thing, as soon as he was walking back, one of the girls pointed towards my friend than pointed back towards someone who I think was the manager. ??‍♀️

massimo dotcom

High quality. But high prices too. Biggest complaint is they super stingy on meat! All lettuce. It was all bread. Barely any meat! Give me more meat bro! Starving and my wallet is empty.

Darren Naars

I placed an online order. They placed extra peppers in an external container for me. This was awesome since they went over and beyond for my extra peppers. The sub was delicious and the food was ready upon arrival.


Love this spot, especially my friendddddddddd LOL. I never get her name but she’s definitely have great energy & you can tell she love her job

Tommy Kimberlin

Friendly service and a delicious, fresh sandwich

George Oscar Bluth Jr.

The tall girl with huge fake eyelashes has a seriously poor attitude. She makes getting a simple sub sandwich an agonizing experience; all the other employees are great though.

Marc Shaw

Fast, friendly service with a smile. Missy makes the experience that much better.

bruno benguria

Great service! Everything was on time and the employees were very helpful with helping decide what to get.

Michael Pigassou

The worse organization... I Placed the order at 5:30pm with 45min estimation. Order came after 7:30pm. They never pick up the phone. Please get organized with your delivery, Jersey Mike, instead of blaming door dash.I will never order again.

kelvin later

Good for on the fly fix but I would deliberately make a point of it. Much better options like Sals and Milano in the city. Id say it's a better quality product than Subway but again I wouldn't make a point of walking more than 4 blocks

Royland Gordon

Great service and food.

Melanie Hofer

Not organized. Bathroom dirty.

L. S. Young

LG came threw with taking care of my order like a real G......

Martin Munoz

Awesome Sandwiches.......

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