The J House Greenwich

1114 E Putnam Ave, Riverside
(203) 698-6980

Recent Reviews

Alex DiPietro

Don’t put signs on the street advertising gift card sales if you can’t accommodate someone when they want to buy one.After sitting in traffic to bug a gift card I was told I’d have to return just to buy one because the only spa worker was in a session. I didn’t have time to come back.I ended up buying a gift card at competing spa delamar

Amadio Telesco

Love the location and the rooms are Ultra chic great restaurant on site

yuliya klymyk

Had great experience showing my artwork there, sold two pieces. Great people and delicious food. Highly recommend!

Samuel Johnny

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Susan Davenport Panny

Not only a beautiful place to eat but the staff is exceptional!!! Tony went to all the tables to see if you were happy. I thought that was fabulous of him !! Definitely recommend to my family & friends!!!

ToniAnn Panny

Amazing food, service and atmosphere at Tony’s restaurant!

Bell Susannah

Very dog

Tiwana J

Great place..the food was awesome especially thw seabass!!

Kristy Kairos

Went here for a night stay and a art show. All I can say is it was amazing. The atmosphere was great. Artist was incredibly. Will be going back again!

Claire M.

Extremely overrated. I write this off of the 4 hours of sleep I got last night thanks to the thermostat which does not go below 68 as per hotel policy. The staff was also rude and not helpful - it's as though they have not been sufficiently trained in hospitality etiquette. I've received better hospitality from hotels that are half the price and "stature" of J House.

Kayla F.

Would not recommend this hotel. The hotel staff are not properly trained in proper hospitality etiquette. Per front desk, the thermostat in all rooms will not go below 68 even in the summer (the room was stuffy and hot). Further, the incompetence of the restaurant/room service staff made placing an room service order a Herculean task. Do not waste your money.

Katie Baglini

Pricey but worth every penny. Nice outdoor pool and dog friendly.

Arben Pali

Rooms are high tech, from the light switches to the toilets you’ll need an engineering degree to figure your way around the room. But once you learn going back to normal life will be difficult. This place is a nice getaway from the big apple. Pool is nice and relaxing other than some kids jumping and splashing around. Food at the pool is also good and the service is great from the bartender. I would highly recommend this place.

Darlene Wilson

Lovely atmosphere... I enjoyed the 50th Birthday Party. Great Vibe Great People!

Jenis Serraino

Perfect place for a quick "staycation" as they like to say. Great rooms! Great autmosphere!Great Restaurant and Bar with beautiful decor and people.

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