Bomb Wings & Rice Bar

2373 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 745-5510

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Joe Flamini

Horrible behavior by a business owner. I’d give zero stars if I could. I placed a takeout order directly from their website, paid and tipped 20%. When I arrived to pick up my order, the lights were out and only an answering machine was available to leave a message on. After two unanswered phone call messages over the course of 3 days, I had to contact my credit card company to dispute my posted charge. The restaurant took my money, never returned my calls and required a dispute to work to get money back for food that was never made. I’ve been by the restaurant twice since then and it looks like they may be out of business. If they’re not out of business, they should be. There’s no excuse for taking a customer’s money without providing a service and ignoring their calls. None. Other negative reviews show the same behavior from ownership which goes to show that their behavior is deliberate.

DEz Fresh

This is the third time i paid $13 for rice and plantains! They forget to put the avocado in my bowl. Do they even care anymore or nah???

Sergio López

Best wings I've tried in Connecticut. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for really good and unique flavors. Highly recommend the Coke, Sweet & Tangy, and Chinatown wings! It's located in a very accessible street in Hamden, and you can easily park to pick up your order. I suggest to order ahead so they have your order ready once you get there.

Tanya O.

I go here all the time the Peru rice is so good and I can't explain the garlic wings. Must go

Lesley W.

Found on Yelp and so happy with our choice. The wings were perfectly cooked and sauce FABULOUS. Our only regret was not knowing which sauce was which. Wish they had marked the boxes. The sautéed veggies were delicious but was distressed when I found mushrooms in it. It wasn't listed that I saw and I'm allergic. All is well and very happy with our choices. Had the pork belly rice bowl. OH MY. Yum!

Ismail Hasaan

Honestly, I had tried to get the food multiple times just to show my support for the business. The first time I tried to walk in around 830 ish and they said the kitchen was closed which the restaurant says 9pm online. I gave them the benefit of the doubt. About 2 days later I tried to call in my order early and no one answered so I don’t know why they have a number. I finally got a chance to actually order the food the third time. I ordered the sweet and tangy wings with the house rice special. Like I said I’m only being honest, the wings were terrible. Soggy, no flavor, and the chicken itself was just bad quality like the deformed type of chicken. I was highly upset. The rice had more peas than rice and the rice was just not it. This is not to bash the restaurant this is honest feed back especially after trying and finally actually getting the food I thought I’d be a happy customer but I ended up extremely disappointed. I literally ate 3 wings and threw it out and the rice I ate about a spoonful. Ima 1 and done kind of person 1st impressions mean everything! Sorry but the food ain’t it.

Shawn A.

Was in Hamden for a lac dose game and needed to grab a bite on my way out of town. I saw good reviews for this place and it was on my way so I decided to stop in. I should have read the reviews because it is take out only. I saw that because my only real option was to eat in my car. I normally would be okay with that, but...wings. The staff was super friendly and she gave my the QR code to see the menu. Now I prefer to be able to look at the whole menu, but I guess post-COVID this has really become a thing. I knew the combo of wings and sitting in my car was a bad idea so I went with boneless wings (which I didn't see in the menu). Fortunately they had them so I ordered the Sweet and Tangy 6-piece order. The sauce was good, more sweet than tangy. The breading on the chicken was okay and the size of pieces varied. I also got the 7-piece shrimp combo. I went with the firecracker sauce. It was good, but didn't blow me away. It was a very runny sauce and I might have been better a little thicker so it stuck to the grilled shrimp better. Flavor of the shrimp and sauce were good. The real champ of the meal was the fried Brussels. This came as the side with the shrimp. I am kicking myself for not ordering a full order of these. They were perfectly cooked and had a great sauce on them. These are worth a return trip!

Mik A.

Two dollars a wing? Hard pass restaurants robbing people out here. The wing used to be for the poorer class now it's trendy they jack up the prices

Alina Russo

Got delivery. First time ordering from here and the wings were amazing! So juicy! Can't wait to try more of their flavors. We got bomb, italian, and sweet and tangy. Bomb to my suprise doesn't have sauce but did not disappoint. Italian was good but sweet and tangy was my favorite out of the three. Thank you!

Pollyanna S.

AMAZING! Ordered delivery and everything was phenomenal. This will deff be my new go to spot. Ordered the 5pc combo with lemon pepper wings and Brussels sprouts. Also got a side of the sweet potato cornbread. Delicious! Can't wait to order again and try everything else they got. Thanks!!


I’m leaving 3 stars because normally bomb wings doesn’t disappoint and we order from the ALL of the time! But today!! Today was NOT a good day.As you can see by the photo of my daughters rice bowl…the avocado isn’t doing well…at all. Why would they even include that!?The large order of fat boy fries was simply a regular size order placed into a large fry box…either that or they’ve decreased their portions drastically.The cornbread that’s usually warm, moist and delicious was almost inedible. I’m talking super hard! This again leaves me to the question….why include it?I love you Bomb Wings but for the amount of money we spend dining at your establishment, we should at least expect fresh food….actually regardless of how much is spent, fresh food should be a given! Hoping they were just having a bad day, as we love to support our black owned businesses!

Stephen Rotatori

This place did not disappoint. I went there for the first time not knowing what to expect. Me and my friend got rice bowls and they were absolutely unbelievable. the service is excellent. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. I will be adding this to my arsenal of hamden food!!!

Steffon Greatness

*** Black Owned Business ***I’m Black, for the culture small of that. Service was cool, food was just okay, but I will try again.The lemon pepper wings were decent nothing special nothing exciting. The Peruvian rice looked interesting, I didn’t try it. However I was told it was nothing special. The shirmp… I thought they were friend, so that was my fault for not asking. With them being grilled… the flavor didn’t stick to them the way I wanted BUT… the were good. Not amazing but everything can’t be a home run. I loved the grilled flavor on the shrimp. The tots were good but that didn’t constitute as side.Cool ambience, good music, no dine in option, deserts were depleted. Limited drink menu. Standard food wait. Try it and let me know what you think.

Jeff McHugh

Just saw this place on Uber eats and had to order! Absolutely delicious and tons of options!

Mani J.

Amazing food! Love the shrimp and broccoli or even just the broccoli in garlic sauce. Wings also come highly recommended!!

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