2490 Whitney Ave, Hamden
(203) 230-5884

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Met a friend for a coffee and it was difficult to chat because of the constant scraping of chairs by some one sweeping the floors for an hour.Food: 3/5

Steve Antoni

The staff is always hit or miss. You'll either get what you ordered and that's it or you'll get upset. I'd skip this one. I drive out of my way to go to a different Dunkin just up the road. Maybe it's because they work late hours at this one?


It’s always a pleasure to be served by Gary. He’s always upbeat and pleasant, giving me a great start to my day. Give that man a raise!

Robert Freeman

Always Great Service @ the drive- threw, they always keep the line moving!

vishal patel

I really hope the owner of this location sometimes takes surprise visit of this place as a random customer just to see how worst their customer service is. So we came to the drive through and I just said hello as a greetings. So the woman who was taking order thought I was rushing her by saying hello and got so mad at me. I was trying to say I was just greeting you but she wasn’t ready to listen. They should learn something from Starbucks how to treat customer with dignity and respect. Never again!

Joseph Rosa

Workers need to change gloves. They can't deal with money, or change trash bags and then touch customers food. Another D&D I will never visit again.

michael carey

I drive all the way across town just to come here because they always get my order Right. The other Dunkin's tell me 'our frozen coffee machine is down" I don't even worry about that when I come here cause they never say anything like this. They actually do their job. The night staff is definitely the best. They always make me feel welcome. Go out of there way to put a smile on your face. I go to order and they stop me and say hold up let me guess if I got it right "you want a..." I'm like exactly I don't even have to tell them they already know the order. Only complaint I have is that they used to be 24/7 but not anymore. They should change that.

Sean Liggins

Best fastest most friendly place to get coffee fix in my area

Clover Dale

Today is Friday June 3, 2022. I stopped at Dunkin' Donuts, several blocks from Hamden Town Hall, mid-afternoon. I ordered a small lemonade, NO ice, and a glazed donut. There was one car in front of me. I pulled up behind that car and waited until they completed their transaction. I pulled up. NO ONE was at the window. I waited and waited and waited. Workers inside saw my car because they were glancing in my direction as they walked back and forth.Finally someone came to the window. In the meantime, a long row of cars were now behind me.The "someone" asked me if I had ordered a glazed or a chocolate donut. "Glazed." I gave her my money. She gave me my lemonade and my bagged donut.Got home to find ICE in my lemonade. Did have a glazed donut. Order was not 100% correct.Moral: Check your order before you pull away from the window at this Dunkin'.

Andres Mercado

This place is ALWAYS BUSY in the morning! Staff does a great job in prepping everything and moving as fast as possible with the few amount of people they have... They may not be smiling all the time but they are always hustling!


Doors closed, only drive through. We were given the wrong order. Terrible service.

Katie Devaney

This location is usually a quick stop, however they may have been understaffed when I visited...They got my order correct so no complaints here other than how long it took and what seemed like some confusion inside while I waited. ☺️ Still a good experience!

Bonnie Holt

Pretty much 1 out of 3 times I order at drive thru they get the order wrong. I'm not the only who has had this happen to them. It named the worst Dunkin in Hamden

Jen Bousquet

This Dunkin donuts is typically horrible every time I go..I ordered a bagel sandwich toasted, the bagel was not toasted and barely warm..the employees are very rude..I needed to add on a coffee at the window for the first time ever and was told they " would do it this time, but I can't add on at the window again" ..what happened to customer service expectations? I will not be using this Dunkin Donuts again..the owners should do something about this..

Tara Kunz

Not only was the lady beyond rude. But asked for a english muffin with sausage egg and cheese asked for it toasted and . she snickered and it was not toasted.

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