1260 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 230-8065

Recent Reviews

nandi Cummings

You know, it's McDonald's. The chicken nuggets are good. My fave is the root beer no ice

Kelly Della Camera

Big Mac was sitting under the heating lamp for too long. It turned the dressing sour. Just not the same as it used to be back in the day. I guess it's good enough when you get off if work at 1-2 when the bar closes and nothing else is open.

Lou Highkin

It’s McDonald’s so I’m not dating the food…. The service is good, the restaurant is clean I will come back!!

Russell lasane

fast service and fresh food

Zuleikas Dream

Ordered coffee through their app. Never brought it out. Had to call them to remind them that I was still waiting

bella love

I found a piece of curly hair in my breakfast

Dondi Burroughs

Nice clean place, employees very professional, I just can't believe how high the prices are now compared to 20 years ago haha

April Matthews

Fresh fast food?

Joseph Conner

Hope you got the double fish deal when I get home to Connecticut

Christian Lam

Typical McDonald's, typical quality. Only picked up curbside, so I cannot comment about the interior, though it is the newer modern style. Excellent and fast customer service, though it can get quite busy and the parking lot is tiny. Not to mention the property is situated in a very tight spot. Good luck turning left when you're leaving.

Hailey Hollis

When is the play ground open for the kids ?if people can eat inside. an we have vaxices an mask then y park's been open for awhile so y not open it up?

Everyday Life with Aisha

Great spot to eat before and after work. Im loving it


Good fresh but slow

Maria McKnight

The cashier was polite and nice and the food was good like always. I will definitely go back there.

Rachel Jackson

Their lines are usually long. Some employees can be a little rude.

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