1260 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 230-8065

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Liliana (Lil)

This McDonald's has been very generous with ingredients and fresh prep was great. Wish all McDonald's were like that all the time but that's not the case.

Salvador Q.

If you want a Hot Burger go to 1260 Dixwell Ave, Hamden CT. Definitely the best service.


Staff is nice, food looks oddly good lol BUT why are we all the sudden spending ? WAY TOO MUCH 20.00+ for way less than we used too , I understand inflation etc but at least throw the dollar menu back on take another chicken nugget out or something! I think the best thing that they could do is go back to when you used to be able to get the prizes off the side of the cups buffers and free stuff the app is silly because you gain loyalty points however you can't mix the points that you've EARNED by spending ? so to not be able to combine it with another coupon on the app makes no sense not one other restaurant does it that way. But as I do not McDonald's is clean and efficient it's actually one of the better McDonald's.

ZeRo RaIn

I just ordered double quarter pounder no mayo with cheese and a large fry ordered, got 2 mcchickens, both had mayo and no fries.Listen I work in food too, GM if your night shift hate working there or got some other issues, cool, but then fire them or tell them to find a job at the other numerous stores around, instead of keep making it our problems as the customer when they tired or just don't care about doing their job right.I don't even write reviews cause I don't really think most places care, even if they see the reviews but this one was SO ridiculous I had to at least say SOMETHING, i don't know if the GM even reads these things but ey, this was just too much, I'm gonna reorder online right after this and if it isn't right I'm going to post again so other people know to avoid the dixwell McDonald's on both review pages at night (maybe y'all need the rest), but this just isn't cool, idk if it was this one or the next dixwell but whichever you've gotta check your night crew team cause obviously some really don't want the job or they are rushing way too much and not focused on task at hand, either way, I was grossly underserved for the money I spent, I got half the food (could have at least put a few more Sandwiches and a fry to match the price of the order, come on guys).

James Hayes

Very clean, and quite Mickey D's. Employees are kind and accommodating.

Ronald McNerney Jr

Food was ok.Not my favorite. But it works in a time of need

Natasha McEachin

Attempted to purchase a new $25 gift card on 5/8. Something felt off so I checked the balance using the 1800 number. I learned it had a $0 balance so I returned to the restaurant. The manager accused me of being "suspicious", spending the money elsewhere and attempting gift card fraud. Interesting part: When I returned the card to the restaurant, that same manager disappeared with it for 10 minutes. When he returned it was all scratched up, loaded with $0.50 and had transactions dating months back. There's some serious internal theft going on in this restaurant.


The packaging is great communication even better and the food fabulous.


If I could give my rating a zero, I would. This place is very dirty and unsanitary and rude staff. They don’t severe trays if you dine in and I was missing half of my order. Please don’t come back here!

Løser_ Grâce

If I could give my rating a zero, I would. This place is very dirty and unsanitary and rude staff. They don’t severe trays if you dine in and I was missing half of my order. Please don’t come back here!

Jeffrey Hamilton

Used to be okay food on the cheap. Foods no better and the prices are much worse

Joseph L.

This store is incredibly clean. The food was ALL fresh. The employees were all very nice. I came here with boys for lunch. They had happy meals and I had a Big Mac. The boys had a blast. We spent about one hour here and it went by really fast. It looks like there isn't a lot of seating from the outside but there is plenty once you're inside. I would absolutely come here again I would rate this store 10/10. No play yard for kids.

Japika Abser

The lady was so rude, I asked her lot of questions but she didn’t reply,

Tyjuan Jackson

Missing 60% of my order, and when I called the restaurant, (after the 7th time) the person who answered the phone. Hung up in my face. Tried to call back 3 more times, but to no avail. I guess this is how you treat your customers when you're a multi-billion dollar corporation. Smh you people need to do better. I'm am truly sadden by the lack of customer service and common decency.

John Faugno

Exactly like any other McDonald's. Predictable and utterly mediocre.

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