1206 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 281-9922

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Heike Severine

What a neighborhood delight. Excellent food at a great value. The service was top notch. We even met the owners. We could understand why its a local favorite. We will be back?

Jomilas Karosas

Great place. Food is always fresh here. That's important for sushi place. They have rear access which is nice for someone with disabilities.

Maddie B

Very lovely and beautiful place with a peaceful setting. The food was delicious and it was also a good price.The best part was the kind and sweet staff. The owner (a man) was very kind, and he even closed the restaurant later for us since my friend and I got there later and stayed 30 minutes after closing. The waitress was a kind lady and everyone was very nice.I wish I could have given more of a tip since the lovely staff deserved it! I recommend trying and going because this place is really a hidden gem! This was my first time and I never write reviews, but I was happy with the kind service and quality sushi.

William Bermender

I would give this place 6 stars if I could. Best Japanese spot in Hamden/New Haven area

Wenli H.

My family have been customer of this restaurant for over 20 years, the food were good, services were wonderful. Especially the Japanese waitresses, friendly, quiet, provided wonderful service. Thing seems changed after the restaurant has the new owner. One of the waitresses talks loud, sometime rude, I am not sure if this lady has any knowledge of how to be a waitress. My family don't go that restaurant that often, last time I went after 2 years Covid pandemic, I thought this lady is gone, unfortunately she is still there... not sure I will visit this restaurant again.

Nikita S.

I've been coming to Sono Bana for 10+ years, and will be supporting for years to come. In all that time, they've been consistent in both service and food! I now almost exclusively come for their lunch bento specials and have probably tried every combination of options from their extensive menu by now! Their calamari salad, shumai, and fried oysters are my favorite! It is such a good deal, and there is plenty of seating and parking in the back lot. I've tried other things off their menu including yakisoba and udon- nothing too impressive. I'd stick with their bento and sushi.

Qiu Wu

Went for dinner and got there sets. Reasonably priced for the portion size and pretty darn yummy. Restaurant was small but clean. Staff were attentive and sweet. Good date night option.

Rebecca Lee

Great food and sushi! I enjoy their lunch and dinner box, california rolls, green tea ice cream and fried ice cream.

Hyunchul Lee

Very reasonable pricing, very generous portions of very good sushi. I really liked the volcano roll, the different tunas. Quiet, friendly atmosphere. I think it's a good sign when you see Japanese people eating at a Japanese restaurant.

Crystal Kim

The best Japanese restaurant ever.I know authetic Japanese food. There are other So called Japanse restaurants around here having great reviews but always disappointed or so so. Howerver, this one is authetic great Japanese one run by Japanese owners. Must go

Marie R.

Sonobana on Dixwell Avenue in Hamden has a wonderful diversified menu. The serving sizes are small and expensive but the quality is amazing. Like many other restaurants, their hours are also very limited. However, it is worth visiting for a really good sashimi and sushi experience. The seaweed salad is light and flavorful. A favorite of mine is the soba soup with vegetables. It is full of flavor and important nutrients. For sashimi, the salmon and tuna are served at just the right temperature and are very fresh. A real treat is the dragon roll. It is beautifully crafted and melts in your mouth. Overall, you won't be disappointed with the quality of this Japanese restaurant

Rachel B.

Worst service ever. This woman is so lazy and rude. She interrupted us while ordering by walking away. All food that was supposed to be hot was cold. We needed to ask for the check multiple times before leaving. Very inattentive. Sushi was good and creative. Don't expect speedy service.


Lower average food.

Katherine Han

My family's favorite sushi spot for nearly 20 years. It's always quality sushi at a really affordable price. All the special rolls are delicious but the eel tempura and spider tempura rolls are my fave!

Woojong Lee

The delivery from this restaurant took >1 hour (well, the delivery was taken care by the restaurant so it wasn't like ubereats.. or that kind of issue), and I had a severe GI issue after having their food. My friend told me to give another try, but not sure if I ever will after that hassle.

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