Wayback Burgers

2380 Dixwell Ave, Hamden
(203) 891-7143

Recent Reviews

Bill Bixby

Quality has taken a hit. Burger was very greasy. Also, the container they put fries in for to go orders is a bit of a joke. Nearly every time I've been in here, politics is on the TV. Why? Can we not even get away from politics while at a burger joint?!

Robert Bowman

We just had lunch there and even though we received the wrong order.... they more than made up for it with personal service, the correct order and a few bonuses made it a good experience and a great lunch

Kram C

Excellent place to eat during tropical storm.

julia padua

Food tastes good but service seems so slow. One complaint...they dont have sauerkraut...seriously what hotdog place doesnt offer sauerkraut with a hotdog??

Angel Corona

Always fast, always friendly, and always tasty. This is why we keep coming back. Hands down a great place to get a quick tasty bite to eat!

Venus DeMilo

Heard so much about Wayback's so we decided to try them out... We were NOT impressed. The burgers were OK and extremely overpriced. Such a small amount of French fries for a ridiculous price. It just wasn't all that good.. it was *meh*!I'll definitely stick with Five Guys when I'm craving a GREAT burger. It's pretty much the same price as Wayback's but at least I get my money's worth.P.S. I won't be returning unless I had no other option.

James Erard

More times than not, for a family of 5, they get the order wrong. It takes too long. Even ordered with the app and the shop did not receive it. •••Note: That day they did try to make it right and gave us a credit.

Dawn Tomaso-Schroeder

Excellent fast friendly service. Very clean inside, food is always fresh and good.

Brenda Chapman

Didn't like the chili/cheese hotdogs- not enough chili and just a piece of cheese added to it. But just the chili hotdogs is very good.

Algia Moore

That's my favorite. Love their grilled chicken ceaser salad...

Stephanie Telford

The food and shakes are great. Clean and great social distancing.

Arlene DeGregorio

My experience that I am writing about is not typical of Wayback Burger but I am writing this due to a horrible experience. I walked into the store and the worker behind the counter did not acknowledge me for almost 5 minutes. I saw she was busy with online orders but I expected at least a greeting or I will be with you. When the counter person finally asked me what I wanted, she was rude, very aggressive when grabbing my credit card. Someone she had just served asked for her sauce while I was ordering. She nevet acknowledged him. The gentleman behind me was then called up and he refused until the previous man was helped. She still refused to acknowledge the other man insisting the one behind me get assistance. When he said he was picking up an order, she said finally! Then almosy threw the sauce at the other man who complained. She refused to help him more and they ended up in a verbal altercation. It took almost 20 minutes for mh order to finally be made. She didnt even start my burgers till 15 mins in and everything else was cooked. By the time my order was done, the fries and chicken strips were cold.I will go back as their food is great, but I hesitate due to this one counter person. My partner has had no problems with them.My advice? Try it. Food us great but do not expect too great customer service. Order online and pick it up.

Amanda Smith

Ordered through Uber eats. Sandwich tasted decent, but very sloppily made and soggy. Got the wrong sauce for my fries... fine not a big deal, but don’t put an open container of fries on top, in a only half closed stapled bag that a hand or something else could easily get into.


I ordered my food and while waiting for my order a roach crawled out and on to the shake syrup dispenser. I informed the manager who attempted to kill the roach. I immediately canceled my order and walked out.

Bryan K.

All my food was cold. My burgers were sloppy w Mayo and ketchup. My bacon cheese fries were cold and soggy.

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