Caribe Restaurant

686 Park St, Hartford
(860) 548-0776

Recent Reviews

Jorge Cruz

Great food and service

Rocio Fernandez Gutierrez

The food had nice taste but it wasn't spectular. I really enjoy the Tamarindo beverage.

Great Elephant PRODUCTIONS

Friendly service, great food call.

Juan Plaza Sanchez

Great food, friendly service, affordable prices. They were out of some of the menu items, but it was overall a great experience

Cristy Rosado

Overpriced for absolutely no reason. Charged me $69 for 2 mofongos & 2 sodas. The chicken was good, the mofongos were dry & a bit hard. Only gave 4 shrimps for the sea food mofongos. Didn’t give any sauce or dressing for the salad & food & when I asked for some they charged for that too. Still wondering where they got $69 from when one of the plates was $14 & the other was $25. Doesn’t add up

Luis Barriento

They good food and the prices...

Melissa Davis

Excellent service and great food.

Cedric Gill

I really Appreciated the kind service of Sandra, a beautiful spirit is in that place ❤

Waldemar Santiago berdecia

Good but expensive for 2 mofongos 48 dollars ,

Velvet Brown

Always good food an service the women are such sweet hearts!

Joel Rivera

Great food and nice people

Barbara Jean-Baptiste

I had two terrible experiences there and both are highly disappointing.First bad experience, I ordered chicken empanadas that turn out to taste like rotten chicken and it seems like they were fried in old nasty oil. I gave them another try since they are not far from my workplace. Wrong move!Today, the girl at the register told me my order for a white rice and chicken and a sweet tea was $10 but ended up charging me $21.I strongly believe both experiences were not accidental. These employees knew exactly the slick game they were playing.If they keep up long enough with that kind of customer service, they will just be another failed business.Customers are not dumb. We can tell when a business is doing fishy business. I'm done ordering from them!

K Espinal

Delicious food quick service fairly priced

Shea He

My favorite place, the food is ALWAYS on point.

Karen Espinal

Delicious food quick service fairly priced

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