CappuGino's Coffee and Shakes

20 Commerce Park, Milford
(203) 626-2662

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Senna Apicelli-Abel

I wanted to like this place but the location is very strange, the coffee was just okay, the bagels were gross, and the refresher i got was so bad i took 2 sips and poured it out. the workers took forever to get the order out, spending more time talking with each other than making the order. it’s convenient to go there if you happen to be getting vascular surgery, but otherwise steer clear. it’s totally not worth your money.

Sophie P.

Staff was so personable and made my day! On top of that, the refresher was delicious! My sister got a smoothie which was also incredible. The service and the drinks make me excited to come back.

Steven Thompson

I'm currently working in milford on contract and love this coffee place so much. 32 Oz cold brew with heavy cream. $5.05 and is amazing in every way. You can taste the awesome coffee. The girls are super friendly and they use a pasta straw that is eco friendly. Will try like hell to come here after my contract work is up.

Diane Medeiros

Very clean, friendly and yum yum yum lol if you get a chance give them a try!

Rey Albert

Dang, you guys what a ruff crowd. Some of these reviews aren't very nice and I don't understand why? OK they don't have tables and chairs. What do you want they are in a medical waiting room. It isn't Starbucks. People are very nice, my drink was excellent and they give you a pasta straw. How unique. Keep up the good work you guys and gals.

Tiffany Diorio Whitaker

I had CappuGinos for the first time at Friday After Five concerts recently. I am in love with the Hibiscus refresher ? wraps are awesome as well. ? ? fast, friendly and tasty! My new must have anytime I see them!

chardean 8

Delicious beverages, good portion and price. Much tastier than DD or Starbucks. My new go to for a better beverage. Support local.

Harry VH

About the same price you'd pay @ Starbucks, but made with more love and better quality than Starbucks. 10/10 recommend.

Hasher Mirza

Açaí bowl tasted good and was very affordable. Definitely a great addition in Milford and they’re on UberEats.

Gaby Arbelo

Great place for coffee and snacks, service is amazing

Nancy Jameson

Great coffee & really nice folks.

Andrea M.

I so wish I had a CappuGino's in my hometown. BOTH my latte and the "loaded toast" were memorable!!! I'm going back again before I hop on my plane to head back to Austin!!! Great job CappuGino's!!!

naphavieng phantharangsy

I love the refresher drinks, lychee/dragon fruit drink, and strawberry/cucumber/mint drink was me and my daughter favorites. The only downside is that we can't get them on weekends ?.

David R.

If you have time to spair fine. It takes at least 12 minutes to get 1 coffe. No food. Appatently this is the only place left that still is unable to obtain cpins. No change. If you pay cash the coffe isnt $2.43. It's actually $3.00 with a " change". That change is normally their tip! Go to Donut Inn on Main St. Better coffee and youre in and out in about 2 minutes.

Melissa C.

I went to their food truck today at the Milford Farmers Market today. The service was quick and very friendly. The Strawberry Açaí that I ordered was absolutely delicious! I love the idea of using pasta straws. So clever! I imagine some don't care for it because they asked if I wanted one, which I thought was very considerate. I also observed another customer mentioning to them that her order had bread that she hadn't ordered. The customer offered to pay extra for it and just take it off, but the lady at the truck insisted on remaking it properly for her. What wonderful courtesy. I was a bit bummed by my bacon egg and cheese unfortunately. Subpar at best and lacking flavor. The cheese wasn't even completely melted.

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CappuGino's Coffee and Shakes

20 Commerce Park, Milford, CT 06460
(203) 626-2662