275 Boston Post Rd, Milford
(203) 876-8600

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Steven Visconti

Nathan is the best employee here, everyone else is trash garbage, they don't know the difference between a cruller and a glazed! A buttered roll has more common sense than these people. This kid is the only one who ever gets my order right. These people must be from a work release.Food: 1/5

James Nobitz

My favorite Dunkin! Employees are always friendly. My suggestion would be to add a drive up garbage can for the drive thru...some Dunkin Donuts has this and it is a great idea.Food: 5/5


Always amazing customer service! Brandon has always treated me and my family with the upmost respect when we come by! I wouldn’t go to another Dunkin’ because of how much I love this one.

Kristin Lemachko

I normally go to this location in the morning hours when at work. The staff is great and FAST! I went after work a couple of times (after 4pm) and had horrible experiences each time. I had to wait in the drive through for over 10 mins. They made my drink wrong. I asked them to check it and gave it back. The girl told me that's how she makes it and gave it back. I will never go back in the afternoon, or if I do, get a coffee....black.

david Scot

Horrible location. Three times now they didn't put sugar in the coffee and they NEVER answer the phone. Save your money, go across the street to Cumberland Farms, at least if it's wrong there it's your own fault.Food: 1/5

Markus (FAST-MK5)

Im from the south and is the 1st time i see the donuts display behind a glass.Is a very convenient location right off 95.So clean and organized,super fast service,is very busy in the morning so open your app and get it done mobile order,will be ready by the time you get there( use that smartphone)Clean restaurant and restrooms too.Thanks for all your hard work,most ppl take it for granted.

Wendy Pavon

August 2022. **CHARGING MORE THAN MENU PRICES**Location is on a busy road. Has a drive through, but the drive thru is narrow and may be difficult for larger vehicles. The staff is usually pretty friendly.The reason for the one star is to hopefully get the owner’s attention to correct the following issue. Items are being charged at a higher price than posted on the menu.Here’s what happened: I regularly get the plain avocado toast and on one occasion the total came up a bit more than it usually is. I didn’t know the exact price, but it’s never more than $4 like it was this time so I didn’t say anything because i didn’t check the price. On another day when I went through the drive thru, I checked the price of the avocado toast and it’s $3.09 (see picture) when I get to the pay window, my total again comes up to over $4. CT is known for high taxes, but not $1 of tax on a $3 item. I show the person at the window and they are not sure what to do. She calls a man over and he says it’s tax, I tell him there’s no way tax is over $1 on a $3 item. I ask him what the price is before tax and he says it’s $3.69 so I show him it should be $3.09 according to the menu. He’s giving me a hard time and says they can’t change the price and I told him they need to update the menu with the new prices. They end up charging the correct price, but I’m not going back any time soon, that entire interaction was awkward and unnecessary. They should be charging the price on the menu.

Basil Zep

The better of the multiple Dunkin's in Milford. Maybe because it's close to my home base. In any case close to I-95 Exit 36 on/off ramps, Route 1, and centrally located. I got a Lg Iced Coffee. Enjoy.

katey batres

I waited in drive thru for 10 minutes and someone finally answered and said rudely that they were closed i m and it was 7:55 pm. really upset because your hrs state your open until 9. My children wanted to buy donuts and I wanted a coffee. I’m truly disappointed in your staff.

Charise Cuevas

To get the coffee here every day for so many years is just fair to review them. 4 stars total. 5 for the great mornings, and 3 for the slow ones.

Audel rubio

Clean DD, I went in the morning so it was busy, service was quick, and coffee was fresh.

AngelsOfMine s

The line was out the driveway so we went in. I thought it was going to take forever but it was only 5 minutes!


Tall dark guy didn’t say hi or anything looks like he hates is job I said thank you he didn’t budge until I forcefully said thank you and he murmured what’s goin on this place usually other people are super nice but it’s him and another black girl who does not like her job too it’s cringing they never get my order right

P J (The Music Man)

It's a Dunkin.Nothing to see here.Move along.

Leo Sweeney

Spent 10 dollars on 2 iced coffee. Too bad the staff could care less about their product. give me 2 watered down coffee

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