Firebelly Wings

521 New Haven Ave, Milford

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Mujinya Ntumende Dieudonné

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Reid Arrington

Ordered 3 orders of 8 piece traditional w/ sauce and celery, 1 order of tenders, and one order of fries. Received 2 orders of traditional barely edible, 1 order of boneless which were deep fried breading crumbles covered in sauce, every sauce was overturned and didn't even receive the celery which was an up charge. $85 delivered. SHAMEFUL. Honestly, it ruined my evening.

Peety Pablo

Ordered boneless got bone in full of feathers and they were the smallest wings I’ve ever seen. My small fingers are bigger. And expensive!!

TJ Beach

been 2 hours and my order isn't even cooked yet

Travisha Bailey

The fries look like brown

Dani Marie

Absolutely disgusting! Nothing was made correctly, the Mac and cheese bites were just hard cheese curds, never got our fries and the wings were nothing but fat and breading, spent over $100 on the food and got nothing back from them

Elyse Piseczny

I ordered 2 orders of 8 wings and I got 6 in one and 7 in the other. I also ordered medium wings and they came completely plain. No sauce or anything on them. They were also really purple and kinda nasty looking on the inside. Just gross.

Avery Corbett

I paid for two orders of 8 wings. The sent me two orders of 6.... Never will eat here again

Austin Mourton

First off it's not a real restaurant, they just use other restaurants' kitchens to make their food. Went to pick up an order for a cmr, walked in and 4 employees were chit chatting but nobody would help me for minutes on end. Had to walk back near the kitchen and flag someone down to get any help, then a manager (I assume) walked out and said "yeah... we canceled this". When asking why it was canceled, no explanation was given they just kept saying they told grubhub to cancel

TJ Dickson Jr.

Absolutely terrible. None of the food matched the descriptions or photos online. The wings were not tossed in sauce and were baked, not fried. Additionally, the mac and cheese was not gourmet. It was Kraft Mac and Cheese. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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