Goodies Milford Restaurant

170 Cherry St, Milford
(203) 874-0113

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Ryan Stutzman

Not sure what I expected. It was a hot dog, fries and a drink for $9. My daughter enjoyed the kids meal though and the folks running the place were nice.Food: 3/5

Ashley Figueroa

Food was bland and soggy, I've tried coming back a few times to give the benefit of the doubt and this is the 3rd time I got charged a tip even when I don't add it. And it's over 8$ on a tip!!! Not okay

Deshika B.

I'm so glad that I actually stopped by Goodies on the day that I did, there was a classic car meet up (which they do every Thursday), and I thought it was super cool that the restaurant allowed folks to come together like this. Now, from my pictures you're probably thinking this is a run of the mill hotdog place. You couldn't be further from the truth. The menu is EXTENSIVE, and I only chose what I did because I saw it on someone else's tray. There is just so much to choose from that you can become overwhelmed. And speaking of overwhelming... the hot dog was insanely good. I'm talking I moaned with every single bite. I was upset that I filled up on the fries (which are tasty, too), that I didn't finish my last bite of hot dog. But listen, when I say you won't find a better chili dog, you won't. The people at the table behind me laughed when they heard me say "oh damn" after my first bite, and said "it's your first time?" Lol. It's that damn good. I still dream about it more than a week later.

Pavel M

Sorry, never complained, but.. Ordered double cheeseburger and 2 turkey burgers. All 3 taste flat and 0 flavor. Really wierd. Double cheeseburger at shake shack now seems like heaven on earth.

Esmerelda M.

Not good at all. I should of went elsewhere. Miss slammy with that face, like what's wrong with her? Cold food Cold service.

Erin Baronski

I’m a regular and love goodies but tonight I ordered a Belgium waffle and for $7 I got 2 little waffles. So disappointed


5/31/22: Nastiest fish ever, fried fish full of water or some awful clear liquid!!! The Goodies in Orange has way better tasting & prepared food. No way this place deserves 4.2 stars--people must have lost their sense of taste.

Angela DeLucia

Oh My...All I can say is Delicious ?! The gentleman, I think owner is gr8! I do Uber eats, there very efficient and going in several times a day made me want to eat I did and I will go back as often as I can!! Hot dogs to die for!! Onion rings yumm! Next ill have fried shrimp! Can't wait! Go, try, you'll simply L?ve it!! I need to add that my Dad owned a Deli for 40yrs and Goodies reminds me of The old Richies Deli! I really appreciate that as well! Dad passed 22yrs ago! I miss him so...So to sum up...Go To GOODIES!!!!

Harold Richardson

Each tasting course was well thought out like an artist's balance of taste, texture and coordination with other flavors. Loved the experience!

Troy L.

I'm posting this cause of the fried seafood platter I had here at Goodies a couple days ago. I got the platter which was $25 and I subbed whole belly clams instead of the strips. I was charged $34 and I wasn't happy. The whole clam bellys were the size of young peas. I'd never seen them so small. Totally not worth the money. All the other food I've gotten from this place has always been decent....but this time the whole belly clams were a BUST. I will never order them from here again. If you like whole belly clams....DO NOT ORDER THEM FROM HERE!!!!!!!

Keith S

Decent drive-in type place. I had a seafood platter plus scallops, which was about what's I expected...maybe a little better. The fish was on the bland side, but th rest was good. The tartar sauce rescued the dish. I knew would not be fish market quality, but it was respectable.The place was packed and many people getting hot dogs and burgers.I will go back and try these.

Denise A.

First time stopping into to this casual eat in/take out place for a quick breakfast. Extensive menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner), reasonable prices, and some great special prices. Place was clean and orderly. Lots of choices! Breakfast sandwich with gyro meat and OM egg on toasted hard roll(you choose the meat or not, the way egg is cooked, type of bread/roll) was good. Scrambled eggs with toast and corned beef hash was good. We tried O Rings on a review suggestion and they were o.k.-the standard frozen and then deep fried O Rings you get most places. Servings generous, prices reasonable, and so many choices! Maybe not all of the healthiest choices, but thinking great for a quick bite of breakfast, lunch, late afternoon craving. Ample parking in lot. Order at counter.


Seeing how you're here take a second to check out all of the reviews on Goodies(not so Good).. 90% of them are in regards to the woman behind the counter with the brown hair and the nasty attitude (one of the owners).. terrible customer service, plus they never open their restaurant on time!!Several times I have been there and watched people leave because they were not open at 7:00 a.m. like it is stated on their hours of business. The food is hit or miss. I ordered the fish and chips it was grossly overpriced and the fish was a Frozen cod fillet it was awful.If you really want fish and chips go to the 7 seas restaurant in downtown Milford, one order is $17 but can feed two people and it's absolutely delicious, they never fail.. as far as Goodies no thanks.. I also just want to add that I took my daughter to the Orange Goodies and we watched the people in the kitchen not using any gloves.. picking up raw hamburger meat and hot dogs, cross-contamination in that kitchen.

Mariel Acosta

We ordered that Goodies seafood combo along with the hot dogs on the work and a muffin with walnuts on top. The food was EXCELLENT-- It was obviously all freshly homemade and cooked perfectly with the right amount of seasonings. I fully recommend it??

Robert Henderson

Everything was hot spot on and was very fast my order excellent food and great service. Highly recommend eating here anytime

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