Lobster Hut

826 Bridgeport Ave, Milford
(203) 631-2162

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Mohamed Badaoui Najjar

Amazing lobster rolls, period!! Walk up to the hut (literally) and order a double lobster meal, take it to silver sands Park find a great seating and enjoy.The lobster rolls are generously stuffed with tasty well seasoned lobster meat. If you are a lobster lover you have to try this Connecticut take. Yum!!


Do yourself a favor go to the grocery store or the fish market and get yourself your own lobster, you will thank me. I spent $24 on their lobster roll and it says you get a quarter pound of lobster YOU DO NOT THAT IS A LIE!! The lobster meat looked like it had already been chewed with absolutely no chunks of lobster. It was swimming in butter and the roll was completely soggy and not edible. The worst lobster roll I have ever had.

Camille Madkins

We were visiting the area all the way from Atlanta GA. Ordered XL lobster rolls! Absolutely delicious! With fries and onion rings. A bit pricey but worth every penny!!!

Megan B.

Delicious. A perfect hot lobster roll! The wait wasn't too bad, the service was good - the lobster. I mean, that's what you come here for.

Jess L.

Seemingly the most random spot on the road, TLH could be easily missed. However, it's worth a stop! I'm not sure how the cook so much in a tiny trailer, but the menu includes the good stuff: lobster roll, shrimp, fries... our of clams (hard this season). Good, pure lobster roll, though the bun was notably soggy, which was a disappointment. However, don't let that stop you!

Brandee marie

expensive yessssss worth it YESSSS buttery tender delicious lobster !!! it’s a place we go every summer as a treat it’s EPIC !!! fries are really good too the beach is close take it with you enjoy the scenery …. omg and crinkle cut fries bangin

Kelly Y.

Awesome! Who knew shopping in Milford would lead us to this road-side food truck gem! Husband has been majorly craving a lobster roll since his favorite place was less than stellar the last time we went. Knowing this- Yelp helped me find this place so we stopped for a late lunch and so happy we did! Super friendly and helpful service and the most important part- amazingly delicious hot lobster roll.....Worth every penny! The roll was toasted and buttered and the lobster was tender buttery heaven in the middle of it. The lobster was plentiful and a variety of tail and claw meat. It also came with a side of clarified butter for extra dipping if you choose (I did of course- why not?). This really helped satisfy our craving for a lobster roll- it was a home run! The lobster rolls were our main reason for stopping here but there are also other menu options too. Definitely worth another visit when we are in the area for sure and I highly recommend!

Ari T

Hundred percent flavor with zero frills location. Wanted to close out my long trip north eastern road trip with some good seafood and was not disappointed. The lobster roll & clam strip roll were terrific - loved the homemade pickled tarter sauce. Must stop!

Jason P.

When Will Ferrell enters a hypnotic trance in a debate scene concerning the role of government in supporting biotechnology in the movie "Old School", his response was so good, that real life political consultant James Carville had to respond "We have no response. That was perfect." I'm kind of in that position after eating at the Lobster Hut in Milford. The Lobster Hut is what is it. A food trailer that makes seafood like lobster rolls and fried treats, gives you a beeper so you can kill some time, and hand-delivers your food when it's ready. You can dine at one of a few picnic tables or in your car, or you can take it to go. They advertise no frills and deliver no frills. I'm cool with that. My wife and I ordered a twin hot lobster roll platter that came with cole slaw, crinkle cut fries and melted butter for dipping, and a side of clam strips with tartar sauce. I've ordered some variation of this at many, many seafood places. And I almost always find something that doesn't quite measure up. I can't say that about The Lobster Hut. There was a lot of lobster. It was good quality and well cooked. The grilled roll was well managed. The roll already had some butter flavor, and the side of melted butter allowed for customization. The fries were well executed for the crinkle style. The cole slaw, where many good places drop the ball, had good classic cole slaw flavor and texture. The fried clam strips had good color and texture. And the last thing that trips up some seafood places, The Lobster Hut served its own house made tartar sauce rather than packaged Ken's or whatever. The tartar sauce had its own vibe (heavy on relish) and I liked that. I noticed some reviews commented about the cost of the lobster rolls. I get that. They're not cheap, but that's the case everywhere if you're going to a top spot. The Lobster Hut was certainly on par with the other top spots I've tried, which is most of the big CT places. So yeah. "We have no response. That was perfect." Five Stars

Akisha C

Although I almost passed out when I was told the lobster roll cost $30.00 plus tax, I was way too curious as to how it would taste. So I treated myself to one. It's worth every penny. And there aren't many things these days that are worth the prices that they are charged for, but this was one of the best lobster rolls that I've ever tasted. I HIGHLY recommend this place!

Lisa M

Delicious lobster roll, fries and onion rings! Not inexpensive but super tasty. We took ours to the beach down the street and ate them there

Yvonne Morales-Farrell

Fully loaded, hot and truly delicious. We ordered 5 lobster roll platter’s and one extra. The extra got eaten today and it was as delicious. The fries are good too. I will try the shrimp and clam next.Best is to order in advance and pick up.

Shy Nicole

Very decent no frills Northeastern seafood. Should be labeled as butterfly shrimp as my group was a little disappointed. Friendly folks working there though :)

Julie White

Totally delish. Wonderful lobster roll & great service! Absolutely will return the next time we are in town

Kat L.

Expensive but fantastic! Fresh, flavorful, good quantity... So happy. We had clam strips & lobster rolls. Best lobster roll I've had in years and I consider myself quite the connoisseur. Perfectly butter-poached lobster and not the tiniest bit overcooked. DEFINITELY worth the quite expensive price.

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