Olive Tree

2009 Bridgeport Ave, Milford
(203) 878-4517

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Mohamed Bouazra

Best Mediterranean food in the area.I've tried chicken shawarma in many other places, but their's is the best ever.Food: 5/5

Rachel M.

Delicious and super fresh! Best hummus I've ever had, and the portion is very generous. I don't think I'll be able to eat store bought hummus anymore! Very happy to support this local gem.

Aimee D.

Amazing, authentic Mediterranean food. I re-up on a big tub of their hummus once every week or two, it's that good. The falafel platter is awesome!

T J.

The woman working the cash register was such a miserable person so rude,disrespectful and aloof. Portions size and quality vary with the same entrees from person to person. They skimped on my lamb while my other friend had a lot but it was burned. Overall the food was good considering everything else was bad but mostly the service was awful. The falafel was very greasy and not golden brown. We thanked and were very friendly with that woman but got nothing back in the way of friendliness. Nobody has time for that kind of thing and we wouldn't go back or recommend the Olive Tree.

Sarah Y.

Ordered shawarma platter but gave us shawarma wrap platter. She did not apologized or try to return it.She totally just walked away..I asked for hot sauce but she forgot. Place was hot, food was very salty and dry. The price of the food was way not worth it. The cashier need to be more friendly and own up to her mistake instead of ignoring the situation. NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THIS PLACE. Never going there again.don't waste your money I still taste so much SALT!!!

Cortney Worrall

This is the best Mediterranean I have had. It rivals the best you can find even in NYC. The baklava is sweet but not too sweet, the humus not saturated in tahini, the falafel perfectly moist and crisp. Love it!!

Genesis Monge

Amazing food! Amazing attention! The place is a little nice spot with really good prices too

Sandra Applebee

The flavors are fabulous!!! My best friends father made the worlds greatest hummus- this rivals that! ❤️ Sooooo good we will be back for sure


Love their falafel wrap -- the pickles are the BEST! Staff is always friendly and service is quick. Easy parking too.

Stan Shargors

It is a fantastic place as far as the food us concerned. The food is truly Mediterranean with a subtle Syrian twist. It is super tasty and I could have it any day of the week. They did not have lamb the day we were there but their chicken was awesome. Their hummus was freshly made. The place is a cafe style: you buy your food over the counter, pick it up and then sit a table of your choosing. They have a few tables available. I would say that this place us great for a quick bite or a take out but not a formal occasion.

Alana Smith

The babbaganouch was excellent. Also ordered hummus and tabbulleh. But the eggplant dish actually flavored the other items that I stuffed into the pita. A few minutes before closing I could only order cold items but it was worth it still.

Kevin M.

Been coming here regularly for several years now and I don't plan on stopping. Olive Tree just always provides great quality food. Everything I've gotten here is awesome. I've also discovered that the spicy kabseh platter with chicken shawarma is an unbelievable hangover cure! Little bit of yogurt sauce and hummus on the side and you're golden. I've also never once had an order screwed up or late. It's always ready when you show up but you can tell it's never sitting long. I always like showing this place off to friends that are in town visiting. These guys are the real deal and make authentic middle eastern food. If you're at all into middle eastern food and like generous portions, give it a go!

Stuart Vanderhei

Shwarma was outstandingHummus was flavorful, rice was great, portions for $17 really good. Nothing fancy at all, but great food!!

Mehak B

Finally I found my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in Connecticut. Authentic taste, good price, quick serving, good portions. The owner is friendly and accommodating as well. Hands down, best chicken shawarma in town.

Quinn Yeargain

Prior to discovering Olive Tree, I was disappointed by the lack of quality Greek and Mediterranean options in greater New Haven. But Olive Tree is truly excellent. The food is really good. My repeat order is the falafel pita, hummus, baba ghanoush, and mujaddara, all of which are really good. I usually stop by Olive Tree every time I come out this way -- and it's always a great experience.

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