Sprout Raw Juice

37 River St, Milford
(203) 283-4139

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My favorite juice store! Hard to find a place that uses pure ingredients and still have a pleasant taste. Staff and owner are very kind to me every time I come. Thank you

Lisa Rollins Team

Every time I’m in Milford I try to stop by this great place. In fact this time, I brought a multitude of juice “shots” back to the office for a taste test. Detox was our favorite!

Jason B.

I hate to write this review. The workers and ower are very nice people. But there wasn't a single thing in this shop that didn't make me want to put my head through a wall. They handed me at least 10 samples. Every sip got worse and worse. I ordered 2 things and spent over 30$. Not a single flavor to be found. It felt like my acai bowl was a cup of water. I spent 30$ on water. I feel like I was robbed. She was so nice. But I cant help but feel completely insulted. I'm sure you are reading this whatever your name is. Please close shop. You're a fancy scam artist with good intentions. Wrap it up. There's no way you have returning customers. If you eat or drink this stuff, you're living a lie

Tatiana Cleaning services

The best juice and Acai bowl ever!! Healthy and delicious!! Love it ?

Daniel Seiden

I love Sprout. I've been going since the day they opened. Each and every juice I've had there has been amazing. The juices are refreshing, delicious, and (best) healthy. I will regularly get one of their smoothies for lunch. Again, every one I've had is awesome. From the benefits of the juices and smoothies to the friendliness of the staff, to the high quality of their products, you cannot go wrong. I highly recommend Sprout.

Alexa Gherlone

Sprout is my absolute favorite place! I have tried açaí bowls in many, many places and sprout is the best, they are extremely creative and the ingredients are top notch. Their juices are so innovative and the combination of ingredients makes them taste absolutely amazing, but completely natural with no added sugar. Sprout is a gem, definitely worth your time!

Karen Deig

A few weeks ago I had an upsetting experience at Sprout Juice and I’m still thinking about it. After purchasing my smoothie, I overheard the owner of the shop on the phone yelling in the back of the store at someone which made me REALLY uncomfortable. She spent the rest of my time there pacing nervously back and forth around the store and I’m pretty sure she was even silently reprimanding her young cashier. I enjoyed the smoothie, but I don’t think I’ll be supporting Sprout if this is how the owner acts.

Alexa G.

Sprout is the absolute best! I have tried açaí bowls in many, many places and sprout is definitely the best! Their ingredients are exceptional and their creativity is unmatched. Their juices are completely natural with no added sugar, but they taste amazing! Sprout is a gem, I have not found another juice place like it!

Mariann B.

Tbh the best juice cleanse I have ever done! I just weight myself after two days and dropped 4 pounds. I have one more day to go and have excited to see where I end. The juices come in a glass bottle and are so cute. I had originally bought a 5 day and froze two days to keep it fresh and they busted in the freezer! It's fine it's was my fault, they are filled to the brim and I should have know glass pop. Just wanted to share to NOT FREEZE. Also a 3 day cleanse is perfect, I think a 5 day I would've died . I will definitely be back!

Kristin D.

Cute jars the juice comes in. Friendly staff!. The juice was good. I'd definitely recommend.... Tricky parking but worth finding a spot and walking around a bit.

Charles C.

The best place to get the freshest clean juice, I recommend the beet with ginger drink. The best, great staff. You want a truly healthy alternative Sprout Juice is the place to visit.

Joseph Z.

Their fresh squeezed juices are amazing! Super friendly staff, they take the time to let you sample the varieties of juices. I love the glass bottles. The açaí bowls are awesome too.

Alyson Kern

Very friendly staff, extremely clean inside!!! Not to mention, These juices are AMAZING and so so fresh. I will definitely be back!!!

Matthew Abbott (PopaQUA)

Gotta say, the owner was so nice. I waltzed in a little too early to opening and she just asked "what can i make for ya!" Felt like my mom making me a smoothie. The Sea Monster smoothie was amazing!

Dawn Dalrymple

Absolutely delicious, fresh & healthy. The team is so knowledgeable and helpful in helping you pick the right juice for you. I can’t wait to try one of the smoothies.

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