Italia Importing Co

779 Grand Ave, New Haven
(203) 865-0841

Recent Reviews

Robin Carlson

You can't beat their meat.

Joseph Miata

Sandwich steaks, chicken cutlets, veal cutlets and sausage are amazing !!! And great friendly service !

Nadine Delucia

Chicken cutlets and there parmigiana cheese is the best!


Always fresh great great stuff

Edward Maturo

Exceptional meats, great selections, great service. Like a 1950s butcher shop

Sharon Garguilo

The best around would never go anywhere else

Maureen M.

Best kept secret in New Haven. This market is right next to Adriana's on Grand Ave (near Ferraro's). Great meat selection, veal (which I don't eat) is said to be the best. Always on special, ground beef $15 for 5 lbs., they will grind it together with pork for you as well. They hand cut (while you wait) chicken cutlets $20 for 5 lbs., steaks, roasts, pork/veal chops, chicken pieces, chicken wings, big variety of store made sausages, store made meatballs, cold cuts, etc. You won't be disappointed.

Bob Steingisser

Cash or check only. Great thin sliced, restaurant quality chicken cutlets, cut to order.


I have been not only buying there for years I also work behind the seens when reg people dont see .

KB DiStasio

Great butcher shop!! It's THE ONLY PLACE I go for my chicken whether it's breasts or cutlets! Their chicken sausage & ground beef is very good too! Great prices as well!!


The freshest, most delicious meat you will ever eat.

Remy Amadeo

The very best and freshest meat in New Haven County

Walter Kowalczyk

Great food, great prices, awesome sausage, offering both retail and wholesale.

Kristie L.

I've been coming to Vinnies for a few years now and just never bothered to write a review. It's a great place for meat. It's far from fancy inside but don't let that bother you. The chicken cutlets are hand sliced to order (5lbs $17.00). They are nice and thin like a cutlet should be. You can cut them with a fork easily once cooked, same goes for veal cutlets. Porketta can be preordered and they will season and vacuum pack it for you. The sandwich steaks are like nothing you've ever seen in any grocery store. At $4.50 a pound you can go home and make yourself the best steak and cheese sandwich you've ever had. They are paper thin slices of beef that you will only find here and a Rosa's deli in Wallingford (Vinnie sells them to Rosa) I ordered a whole filet mignon 8lbs @12.99 a lb for Christmas and though I could have gotten it cheaper at a grocery store I knew the quality would be better at Vinnies. It was like butter, my 11 guests all said it was the best filet they ever had! (and they eat it often) Don't let the "no frills" look scare you, the meat is the best and they sell to half the restaurants you eat at in New Haven, they do a big wholesale business. It is so much better than the meat market just across the street,trust me!