Pokelicious inc

37 Church St, New Haven
(203) 553-3737

Recent Reviews

Stanley Wiley

This restaurant is the one I always prefer. I go to a lot of restaurants but to this place I go the most. The stuff is very helpful and the food they serve is so fresh and tasty. I am always happy to have a nice meal in this place. I highly recommend this place.

Lynda N

I’ve always been a fan of poke bowls ever since Hawaii. So I was so happy to have found this place while here for work. The bowls are plentiful and the variety of toppings and sauces are great. I made my own bowl and got a large - the fish is fresh and tasty. You can mix proteins and bases too which is nice for the indecisive like myself!

Jamoire Gregory

Great,clean tasting food! Will definitely be going back soon!

Oluwatosin Onibokun Adeyemo

My favorite Poke place in New Haven! The staff are very cordial and warm and the poke is delicious!

Timothy Manning

Really good food. Nice portion size. Reasonable prices. A good selection of toppings

Hiawatha Reid

Terrible place. I had parmesan and garlic chicken. I wasn't looking for this. I was looking for sauce. That was a shocker.

Amber F

Came when the restaurant first opened, 11:30 and ordered a large bowl for about $13, but the rice was hard. It didn't even taste like sushi rice. Very disappointing. Pokemoto a couple blocks away is cheaper for just as much food and also does not charge for crab salad topping. Also pokemoto has more toppings, would suggest that instead of this

Alexander Zapatka

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I can't get enough! If you like sushi you will like poke. The restaurant is small but the combinations of bowls you cane make are near countless. The fish was very fresh and the options available were great. For the experience:. You go in and choose what you want as a base (various rices or lettuce) and protine. Then you choose toppings and sauces. Tons of American toppings and more exotic ones (various seaweeds and Japanese toppings). Then a sauce is added and you are set. You can put in everything that you love! My daughter is eight and loves the salmon and avocado! And she especially loves that she can make it herself. On top of that you can get some whip here! You don't need to travel to Disneyland to get it any more!

Dawn Gibson-Brehon

Good fresh food. Never disappointed.

H K.

This really hurts me to say this because I have been a customer since their initial opening but their service and quality have absolutely plummeted. I went in to week with my husband to grab a bowl for lunch and the first thing I visibly noticed why how dirty the tables and counter/bar where people eat was looking. I continued in regardless because I gave them the benefit of the doubt thinking that perhaps I had just missed a group that left and she hadn't gotten a chance to tidy up before we entered. Walking up to the counter we were not greeted by the woman whom I have seen working here since it's open, which was odd to me because in previous times she had been very nice. Maybe a bad day? Anyway it set a bad tone and and instantly made me feel uncomfortable, as I ordered and looked down I noticed how off/discolored all the tuna and salmon was looking and ordered shrimp instead. We went along the bar asking for our toppings and she was quite stingy with it (especially considering I had ordered a large) and it was much less than what I had previously gotten at this restaurant. Against tried to stay positive, my husband got one canned drink and I just got a water bottle. The total was over 20 dollars for this disappointing bowl and two drinks, this would not usually bother me but the serving did not seem worth the cost in comparison to what I was accustomed here and with another joint called Pokemoto (also located in New Haven) whose large though a dollar more expensive is a HEAPING serving that trumps this by far. To add to the uncleanliness to handed all of it on a quite visibly dirty tray, and we sat to eat at one of the two not so clean tables. I went to grab a fork, chopstick and napkins for their little area that is near the front, which hadn't been restocked, so there was only one fork and a few napkins left. Which by itself wouldn't be such a big deal but in combination with everything that had occurred just shows the lack of care this place has gotten to. And there was no excuse the place was empty besides my husband and I. Maybe I just caught them on a bad day? But one bad day means a lost customer when your competitor has much more to offer. In summary: *quality has plummeted *customer service is ehh *cleanliness is subpar *pokemoto is much more bag for your buck in comparison

Brandon Paine

I really enjoyed the poke that I had Andi like that this place offers three different size options. I will definitely visit this place again.

Liz H.

Location near Herald Square. If you want a quick bowl of poke, get it here. I've been three times in 2 wks. I like the salmon one but you can customize it however you like. Delicious and the fish was fresh.

Beau B.

Awful customer service, disgraceful even. Also, I basically only beef and they only have fish and vegetables.

Miyuki Behling

Love it! I'm into Tokyo Poke and have repeated since my fist visiting 💗 You can get your food a minute and they are very very nice as well🌸✨

Yukiko K.

The price isn't too bad and the worker who was there was very friendly, so that warrants 3 stars. I got two large Poke bowls and combined they probably had the amount of fish I would have expected for one - there was so much rice that we had half a bowl of it left over. The fish was also warm (which I understand is inevitable due to the transfer of heat from the rice), but the combination of raw warm fish was very unpleasant. Also, it seems that if you ask for one type of sauce they give you half as much as if you ask for two, rather than the same amount of a single sauce, which would have been nice to know before ordering.

Alan R.

Really disappointed with this place. Had a Poke Bowl on Long Island and it was absolutely awesome, huge, and a dollar cheaper than here. Bought 3 " Make Your Own" large bowls for $11.95 each and none of them were too good. Despite getting sauce and toppings, the flavor just lacked. It tastes like plain tuna, and plain tofu. The portions lacked compared to a previous place I went to. I think there was barely any Tuna in the bowl. Sorry, It was worth a try - but I'll pass on this place next time.

Gangjin Yi

Fresh, fresh taste... the best.

Jess M.

Love this place! Came in for lunch with my friend, owners greeted us and were very nice and cutie. This was my first time trying poke and they helped us through to find out what one to try. It was delicious everything smelled and tasted fresh. A cute little spot downtown we will definitely be back!

Kesi Vialva

Very nice staff and the food was delicious!!!

Coco Ma

Okay, listen. I’m not one to give mediocre reviews. It’s either five stars or no review at all. And the thing is that I really want to love this place. Maybe I have to give it a second chance. But like, I had bits of rotten mango in my bowl. Apparently that’s not common based off the other reviews, which is why I’m giving this feedback so hopefully this place can improve from it. Some of the fish was not fresh, either. Avocado was on point, pineapple is most likely from a can. Idk, man. I love poke, but this was a disappointment.

Matt Taylor

Fast and fresh food. Great flavors. I would come back in for sure!! I got the Seoul bowl and my wife got the Tokyo bowl. Heres was a bit fresher tasting with the radishes and arugula while mine had better over all flavor. Both were quite good!!

Nate Perry-Thistle

My favorite poke in New Haven!

Julia Lu

Portion sizes are pretty small. I think Pokemoto is better and have more fresh toppings.

Julia Lu

Portion sizes are pretty small. I think Pokemoto is better and have more fresh toppings.

Julia Lu

Portion sizes are pretty small. I think Pokemoto is better and have more fresh toppings.

Stuart B.

This place was really good. The fish was fresh, the specialty bowls were awesome and full of great flavors. You can choose from one of the specialty bowls or make your own combination. The server was very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions about the ingredients. It's a small place with only a few tables and a bar to eat at. It also does not have any bathrooms. As we all cane from a construction site with no bathrooms, we didn't get to wash our hands. The server was really nice and let us wash up in his sink. Really good food and quick service. Definitely worth a stop if you like Poke.

Julu Katticaran

Best poke in new haven. Cheaper than other joints too.

Hyun A.

First time trying poke. It was amazing!!! Their fresh fish is tasty and sauces are outstanding. A bowl with rice, fresh fish, and fresh vegetables is a heaven. The service was quick and nice. If you are not a fish lover, they have other protein options like shrimp and chicken. Definitely I am coming back!

Noah Baskin

Best Poke restaurant I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. The prices are extremely reasonable considering the amount of food you get! I always get the large bowl and that’s always more than 2 servings for me. The fish is also so fresh and their ingredients are always on point. On top of that, the owners are super nice and it’s always a great atmosphere. On top of the food being delicious, it’s also super healthy. 10/10

Drew Rice

Delicious poke. Awesome staff.

Melissa B.

This place is never open. Every time we try to go there, or order take out, they're closed. We showed up at 7:50 pm on a Saturday night and the lights were off, doors locked. If you're looking for a place to go for lunch, these hours work. But don't bother for dinner.

Rebecca Marker

I was in the area for a concert last night, spotted this place while driving by and decided to stop and try it. It was DELICIOUS! I can't stop thinking about wanting another one. 2 of us shared a large Seoul and it was perfect by the way. I wish I didn't live over an hour away!

dmitri alvarado

This place was pretty well hyped so I was excited to try it. It was fine, nothing special. They did a decent job with the sauces and stuff but it is not something I have craved since going the first time.

Christina Kim

Normally a great poke place, although a little expensive. Recently I came here on a Saturday at 12:30 pm to get some lunch for my boyfriend and I; their doors were closed! Yelp, Grubhub, and Google said the restaurant should be open, I suppose they shut their doors for their own lunch?, but I thought it was misleading since I drove down from Hamden for some takeout. I’m bummed, will order from other poke places instead.

Chloe Kim

I am sure that the quality here is much better than Pokemoto. Also, there are the large rate of salmon and tuna. So I am totally satisfied with it. I super recommend here, if you wanna eat Poke.

Evie L

My partner and I arrived at Monica’s home dusty and travel weary. We were greeted with hugs, smiles and “”Bienvenidos!” She showed us our room, a space at the front of her home with two rooms and beds, generously sized and very clean. After we settled in, we walked into the long salon in her home, sat at an antique table, looked out at the garden, and met some fascinating people from other parts of South America and Europe, were invited to a coffee tasting next door, and were immediately folded into the community. Monica is generous with her time and resources, introduced us to an organic coffee finca owner who spent an entire day with us on his coffee farm, and on another day she arranged a Jeep ride into the mountains, to a waterfall, and a glorious view of the valley. Through Monica we made friends with whom we are remaining in touch. Also, Monica prepares a fresh and delicious Colombian breakfast, always with a rich fresh cup of coffee. And the tiny town of Pijao is like none other in the coffee country, unique and community oriented.

Dan S.

We needed some place for a late lunch that wasn't a sandwich and that one of the vegetarians in our group could eat too. We stopped in and were greeted warmly. It's a small place with one table and a few other places to eat. No matter. I got a New Haven poke bowl with plenty of great fresh ingredients. Price was reasonable and they were pretty quick. My dining companions all thanked me for picking the place out. And to state the obvious: Pokelicious is delicious.

Michelle Wickham

Don’t be fooled by the hefty price tag - the small bowl is *small*. Teensy, even. I think more food could fit in a coffee mug. Ingredients were fresh and all but there were maybe two modest slices of avocado ($1.50 as an add on) and so much sauce for such a small bowl - the food was swimming in it. I had decided to try this place out because they offer salad instead of rice, but I don't think I'd order again unless the bigger bowl is a better deal. Way too expensive for what you get.

Ahmed K.

I came here for a healthier bite to eat. I've tried poke from all over the US including its place of origin, Hawaii. This is more of the mainland style poke where the fish is not pre-marinated. That's cool though. You get to choose your own toppings this way or one of their specialties. I got their Tokyo bowl and it was delicious. Get it on some greens to make into a salad for a healthier option over rice. Unlike other reviewers I'm going to say that the $12 price is fair considering the amount of fish they give you. The restaurant space has very little room to sit, with a bar for single customers (4 chairs) for those stopping in from the office, a 4-top table, and a bench. I feel like they could arrange it a little differently to provide more seating options, but it wasn't busy enough to matter when I went. The reason for the 4 stars rather than being 5 was the service. The lady that prepared my food seemed a bit exhausted and uninterested in her job. A smile and nice greeting would've been nice. Overall, nice place for poke that could compete with the big city (NYC and LA) poke joints. No reason not to enjoy a healthier seafood meal here once in a while.

Amber H.

I did a lunch time order to go. Service was fast and the shop was clean. I chose a menu option instead of a build your own bowl and added kimchi (it is cucumber based and not very spicy or kimchi like) and ginger. I chose chicken as my protein because I don't like to order raw fish from unknown placed until I can gauge how fresh their food is. In the case of this poke shop the ingredient were very fresh, the brown rice was good. The flavors are not very powerful, but maybe poke is supposed to be mellow in flavor. I would give it a try again and choose my own options instead of a menu bowl. You can create a healthy lunch and get it fast, I just wish it had more flavor.