Scores Gentlemens Club & Steakhouse

85 St John St, New Haven
(203) 782-6900

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Alex Moore

We arrived at this restaurant for a meeting. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was very nice. we were warmly welcomed by the staff members and we felt good. The meal was fresh and delicious. We had a great time and we will definitely return to this restaurant. we highly recommend this place.

Shannon James

The menu and service were above our expectations. I truly liked the environment of this spot. Fantastic restaurant to take the family out for dinner.


Would certainly recommend visiting this place. Fantastic vibes, flavorful dishes, awesome service. Keep it up.

Hisandra Denis

There any day or specific hour to audition I’m new in town and looking for a club been working in those island for 6 years

Robert Carr

Wonderful ambience and very personal service. The menu was fresh and yummy. Will clearly recommend this place to others. Fair prices and big meals. Good job.

M Costa

I visit this place a lot since I work right next to it. I must say their customer service is always great and they keep the place well kept consistently. Pricing is fair and they serve big portions.

Katelynn Sherrell

Closed. Drove here and walked all around building looking for a way to get in only to leave with disappointment

Katelynn Collins

Closer. Drove here and walked all around building looking for a way to get in only to leave with disappointment

The Green Baron

I love this place!


where did you get that guy Chet. Total jackass

Beau B.

Had the nerve to charge me money for a drink but it's still my favorite place in New Haven by far. Other places I get free toothpicks and free mints and free ice cream samples and free fruit and free kabobs and free pizza and free Diet Coke, and free coffee, and free hot dogs, and free salad, but here I get to creepily leer at scantily clad women for free. Free water and restroom too and beers as cheap as $3! The most fun I've had since the brothels, open air black market bazaars, opium dens, and killing fields of Afghanistan Big ugly fat bouncer kicked out for no reason when I was having a great time so I had to adjust my review accordingly. Ugly dudes should stay the hell out of the main room of the strip climb unless they're looking to get beat up by a really angry US army ex-soldier

India Love

Love the atmosphere here! Staff is like one big family & dancers are all welcoming & friendly. Everyone’s always smiling. Will continue to keep coming here! I love it!!!

Trust Love

I truly enjoy Scores. I recommend this place to everyone who enjoys an atmosphere of beautiful women, respectful bartenders and professional staff (shout out to Mo).

Steele n' Cole n' Jules

Reprehensible, Deplorable, Disgraceful, Atrocious.....TRASH. This place is hands down one of the worst gentlemens clubs we've ever had the unfortunate pleasure of walking into.

Teddy Wright

I don't know how people don't like this place!! GREAT ATMOSPHERE!!! Love it!!!

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Scores Gentlemens Club & Steakhouse

85 St John St, New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 782-6900