Willoughby's Coffee & Tea

194 York St, New Haven
(203) 789-8400

Recent Reviews

Victoria C.

Went in after a long road trip. I was greeted as soon as I walked in by friendly staff. The food was good and so was the coffee. The store was also very clean. I would definitely go back!

Scyenna B.

Quiet on a Saturday morning. The first stop on my New Haven Croissant tour. To me they look the ones I can make at home from Trader Joes. But these are much softer and buttery. The only thing that I found odd was the hardness of the chocolate, but that is NOT a bad thing, the chocolate was still soft and what better way to start the morning than with a big bite of soft chocolate surrounded by fluffy carbs! I give it 3 croissants on a scale of 5.

Heidi Ciolino

They are awesome. Always have my coffee ready before I even walk in the door every morning!

tom green

Great coffee. Never had a bad cup

Emily Coppola

Just got back from a Italy where we enjoyed delicious cappuccinos. Stopped in at Madison store after returning, ordered cappuccino, and it was one of the nastiest things I’ve ever tasted!


They don’t take bookings; they are in the middle of a shopping mall but Willoughby’s serves the best sea food in Cape Town. Good prices always superb service and fun, fun.

j hwang

Nice coffee spot. It's even better they offer alternative types of milk besides dairy ( soy, oat, and almond) for those vegans or lactose intolerant. Nice spot with plenty of windows to sit and people watch.

Byron Edgar

Great coffee, thanks

Peter Lewko

Favorite coffee place

Natalie S

Super refreshing iced tea and iced coffee. Perfect in the summer. Can’t wait to go back to try some of their other beverages

Andy Zhang

Cozy, and quiet. I reccomend the Americano

Jay Kothari

The server was kind of standoffish and unhelpful, but otherwise the coffee was fine

Ernesto Méndez Chiari

Friendly service and good pastries. The coffee selection is very good too!

Marianne Bernatzky

Coffee was not good and bagel was toasted too much

João Paulo Hernandes Teodoro

Amazing single origin coffee!

Ernesto Méndez Chiari

Friendly service and good pastries. The coffee selection is very good too!

Ross and Rebecca Novak

Love their coffee!

Anvesh Bollam

With the cold weather out, they served me hot coffee!!! The coffee was made to the top notch!! Thanks, for serving great to travellers 😘😘

Jae Brochu

Been buying my coffee almost exclusively from Wiloughby's for years now (the one on Whitney). Excellent, locally roasted coffee, good tea and reasonable prices

Nadine Horton

A little tight space wise, but otherwise a nice meet up spot to grab a cup and a chat.

Sohum Pal

wiloughby's has the best coffee and baked goods in the downtown area.

Jason Kosko

Easily the best place for coffee in New Haven.

Joshua Narcisse

One of my absolute favorite coffee shops in New Haven, it's simple, and true to the art of coffee making and coffee shops. It feels cozy, at times homey. Offers a great chance to people watch from its windows and a nice atmosphere to meet, think, and write.

Martin S

Always looking for that great cup of coffee, I decided to try out three different coffee shops in the New Haven area. When asked for a description of the flavors in their coffees, the others just gave me a non-answer: 'its a dark roast' or 'its a medium roast' and offered no details in terms of the flavor. But Willoughby's, on the other hand, hand the answers. THEY KNEW THEIR CRAFT. It was clear that coffee was a 'calling' to them, not a job. I was very happy with their knowledge and with their product. Not only did I wind up with the flavors I love but was so happy, I bought a bag of the beans to take home. When in New Haven, I will visit Willoughby's again and strongly recommend it.

Anne Olcott

Thanks for making all the FNHAS crawlers feel so welcome with such delicious food and service!

Sabrina W.

Decent coffee. I haven't been back because the staff is just so lackluster. Still waiting to feel the least bit welcomed and appreciated. Not a lot of seating. Just awkward. Only tried twice to make sure I don't their Americano. I don't. Their other location is better. But again no seating. I wanted somewhere to go to right after a Museum visit and this location won't be it. I do like their bagels. That gets them the 3rd star.

Devin Matlock

Great local coffee shop! Miles ahead of Starbucks and Dunkin in quality, staff are always friendly, orders are quick, and the prices won't make you feel like kicking yourself for spending too much!

Michael Spitz

Particularly good coffee. Good selection of their own roasted beans too.


Friendly staff and quality products. A special classical storefront faces grove street with Egyptian columns.


In the first floor of Yale’s School of Architecture Willoughby’s Is a step up from a standard Seattle coffee chain. Very good Morning Glory muffin and a blueberry tart!

Crissy R.

This is a quaint little coffee shop located directly across Yale. The prices as compared to Starbucks or a Dunkin' Donuts are much more reasonable. You walk in and are greeted by a glass case of various baked goods and other snack options. The cashiers and barista are friendly and very prompt in taking your order. There is plenty of room to spread out and there is free WiFi available. Overall, this was a nice change from the standard. If ever in the area, I shall return for a chai latte with almond milk!

Frank G.

Always excellent service. Do well with doppio macchiatos. Excellent location. During school year, very busy. My favorite non-SB cafe.

Elizabeth M

This small coffee cafe is at the corner of the Yale campus, housed in the Architecture Building, accessed directly from York Street. The coffee is excellent; I haven't tried any of the eats. I went with a graduate student friend one afternoon; it was filled with students, some faculty, and a few white-haired folks like me. My decaf capuccino was just to my liking and even though it was busy we didn't feel hurried. You can people watch through the large windows facing the street.

Leanna J.

A very convenient coffee shop location in the heart of downtown New Haven. The coffee shop had a very simple ambiance with with a lot of plain vanilla and white hues. Not my first preference for a coffee shop because they didn't have cold brew coffee, and that is essential to keep my going during my day.

Paul W.

A small coffee shop near the Yale architecture school. Space is a bit cramped as there are many places to sit, but all in a small area. If you are planning to do work here, be cognizant that there are only outlets at the bar seating near the window. Had a medium chai latte, sweetness was a bit overpowering compared to other lattes.

Deanna T.

Popular study spot, but I think that there are much better cafes/coffee shops you can go to. I ordered the chai tea which was very over-priced and tasted meh - it reminds me of the milk leftover after you finish your cereal. The seats are fine, but the only charging stations are by the bar, so if you want to study with a friend at one of the tables, it becomes really inconvenient. This place isn't bad, but also not the best. Probably wouldn't come again.

Erin H.

Came here at 4pm on a Monday and it was surprisingly crowded. The staff was super efficient though and got through a pretty long line without much pain. The amelie croissant was great! I also got the chai latte which was pretty darn good. I find many places don't do right by their chai lattes (I'm looking at you Blue State), but the one here was pretty good. Snagged a seat looking out the window with some decent people watching. Overall, a good experience but also nothing that wowed me, no latte art, no employee-customer interactions beyond the bare necessary, and the croissant in an unceremonious white paper bag. Obviously these are all very minor, but enough to not be a 5 star.

Lucy L.

Nice view from the big windows especially on sunny days. Not that spacious, only eight tables. It could also be kind of noisy when they make the coffee, because it is only a small place. And the biggest inconvenience... not so many charging sockets for your computer.


Always a very good place to get a coffee and to have a chat with friends. Best butter croissants in town and coffee with real Italian coffee taste.

Mika S

Never very many people here. Nice place to sit and people watch through the large glass windows.