Zeneli Pizzeria e cucina Napoletana

138 Wooster St, New Haven
(203) 745-4194

Recent Reviews

Pauly V.

Can't say enough great things about this place. Friendly and generous staff and always quality yummy food. We've been here several times, including take out during covid. It's our 1st time doing the outdoor seating during the phases of reopening. Glad this is our first restaurant to usher us back in to semi-normalcy! We had the burrata, ricotta e miel, tre carne and salsiciota. They did a great job with social distancing and health precautions, along with their consistent friendly service. Of course we'll be back again!

Robert Crowdis

The absolute best New Haven Pizza. If you've tried BAR, Modern (my second favorite now), Pepe's, and Sally's, and are looking for something that is a breath of fresh air, treat yourself to this secret hole in the wall!

Janet J.

Small family owned Italian restaurant with authentic pizza and pasta! We opted for the traditional margherita pizza and was impressed by the simple but tastiness of the dough. Only a few tables with bar seating as well, best for parties of 2-4. Mostly recommending this restaurant for the awesome service from the kitchen to host!

Bob P.

Today was our 1st time getting pizza here. They are thin crust individual size pizza's = to a small pizza elsewhere. We got 4 Margherita pizzas and 1 sausage mushroom basil. At 1st bite you can tell that they use prime ingredients as the flavors are spot on. Staff was very personable and thankful for our 5 pizza order. Will definitely be back. They have some small tables set up on the sidewalk and the side of the building as well.

Charles O'Reilly

Excellent alternative to the long lines across Wooster Street. Neapolitan Pizza. I had the Margherita and got a chance to watch him make it in beautiful gold mosaic wood oven while he explained process. What stood out was the freshness and quality of the simple ingredients. Artisan Pizza at its best!!

T W.

Ordered take-out during the quarantine today as a Mothers day treat for my Mom and I. (We didnt feel like cooking today. Like many folks, we've been cooking non-stop for 2 months. Personally i've enjoyed it because it isnt so rushed as usual, but the dishes, yo!...) Tbh, i never heard of this place although almost 1 year old. My bad. I googled "Best take out for quarantine, NH, CT" and that's how I discovered them. Dynamite reviews. Menu is super simple yet super tasteful and sounded soooo good. Made me have high hopes. When I called to order, the person who took my order (one of the owners? Chefs?) Was very personable, helpful and friendly. When my family and I sat down to eat with our pasta, pizza and salad, we were in heaven. Everything was delicious. The pizza was amazing! The crust is perfectly chewy yet light. I was able to devour almost an entire personal pizza without feeling bloated and ill. I still had room for dessert (today is also my Mom's bday). I tried bites of the fresh pasta and tomato sauce and also was very satisfied. Ps. They have done a wonderful job renovating the space. Wishing best of luck to this business!

hatice Kaya

We tried Zeneli for the first time today and the food was amazing. One of my toppings were olives and omg it was so fresh unlike most places. Also everyone was so friendly in there.

Elise B.

Zeneli quickly became our favorite pizza in New Haven and yes I know that's a lofty statement. It is AMAZING. We go here all the time now over anywhere else. Not only do we love the pizza, but the family owners are incredible. They care so much about their customers. We are huge fans of the genovese pizza, margarita verace, and calzone. Also, you must get the bufalo mozzarella anti pasto... it's incredible. HIGHLY recommend Zeneli!!

Tina D.

Wow, delicious. Best calzone ever. I can't wait till I can dine in so I can taste things without having to drive home 35 mins before eating it. Customer service needs a little work I felt attacked for not wearing a mask because I guess New Haven mandated masks. Sorry not from New Haven bud!!! No need to freak out I had Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer in my hands . But it's a strange world now so I get it.

Cheuk Ching T.

Best authentic Italian pizza in New Haven. Just like the ones I had in Italy. Chewy thin dough with really good cheese (we had the truffle pizza). The owners were so warm and welcoming and told us about how they grew up in Naples. It is a hard time for every small business during these quarantine times, but they even gave us the two coffees that we ordered (while waiting for our pizza) on the house. Very delicious pizza made by passionate and kind owners!

William P.

A very tasty pie!! Well appointed and cooked perfectly. Will see you soon! William. Perrelliphoto.com

Jessica Church

The best pizza in New Haven, seriously! We tried Zeneli for the first time soon after it opened and have been eating it regularly ever since. I haven't had Sally's or Pepe's or Da Legna (all good pizza) in months.

Stephen Cappuccia

Excellent Napoletane Pizza. Don't expect new Haven style pizza here. This is traditional Napoletane style pizza. One of my kids ordered the pasta and it was also very good. Words can't explain how good the food was and the staff was super attentive and friendly. They do have limited seating as the place is not huge inside so on busy nights I am sure there is a wait.


This could be the best pizza around but the uncleanliness of the oven made it an unpleasant experience and burnt taste. After eating the pizza the plate is brownish dirty charred from the oven.

Arsalan H.

This place offers an authentic Napolitano pizza and stands out among many spots in New Haven.

Hank R.

I can't even wait until I get home to write this. Yes greasy pizza hangs and all. Tonight is 3.7.20 tried this place for the second time. First time was great. This time it's stellar. This time I got a simple marinara pie. It had only tomato sauce oregano garlic basil & evoo. Let me tell you it was AMAZING. Such fresh tomato flavors. Tastes like they just picked the tomatoes from the garden and made sauce. Un freakin believable. Outstanding. This pizza place is a MUST try if anyone is in the area. Especially here on Wooster Street. I have to go on to tell everyone how clean this place is and how clean they keep it. I'm sitting here across the street, scarfing down this pizza and the restaurant has since closed for the night. This crew inside hasn't skipped a beat starting to clean. I'm watching this all unfold as I type up this review and finish eating their phenomenal pizza giving me foodgasm in my mouth. Each member has their part to clean. I'm watching one guy as he is mopping the floor. He not only mops around there tables as almost everyone only does But He is also moving all of the tables after he finishes a section of floor and continues to mop the ENTIRE floor as I watch from across the street and admire his work ethic. Kudos to him and his team. They more than delivered with everything from beginning to after the end. Job executed flawlessly. Pizza cooked to perfection with that fresh HOME MADE dough. Absolute perfection.

Kara Bowers

I am a NJ native and my traveling companion hails from Staten Island which simply means we are both self proclaimed pizza elitists. A good part of our relationship is spent discussing and sampling pizza from various establishments so we decided to drive 6 hours in order to sample Wooster St. CT pizza. After skimming many reviews, Zeneli’s was the obvious place to go and so we went! Our experience began with walking up to a small, beautifully decorated place packed from wall to wall with diners. We both felt discouraged that we would never get a seat but that quickly changed when we were greeted by the most calm and genuinely kind gentleman who took our names and assured us it wouldn’t be too long. The wait was actually enjoyable and only 20 minutes. Long story short the pizza was delicious/gorgeous, the atmosphere was warm and the service was so inviting and sincere. This will go down as one of our best dining experiences. Many thanks to the incredible staff.

Frannk Sannicola

I've had many many many pizzas in my life. This place has taken the throne as my #1 place to eat pizza! It is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! I had a specialty pie today. Potatoes olives sausage and some other ingredients. Best pie I've ever had. OUTSTANDING!!!!!

qxicta m

Small place and busy on a Saturday night. The order came out promptly and the limited menu is all stellar. Wines at moderate prices. Table turnover was good and small wait staff very friendly. They have a small parking lot right next door too.

Marc Tullo

Great atmosphere and all fresh ingredients. Will definitely go back again.

Phil Liscio

Different, great atmosphere, extremely friendly staff

Giorgio Bruno

Great hospitality and great food, when I think of home I think about this place. Biggest hearted people.

Amanda C.

We stumbled into this restaurant when the line at Frank Pepes was too long, and it did not disappoint! What a great restaurant. Excellent service, and excellent food. The friendly server even gave us a complementary espresso. Highly recommended!

John B.

I like the food and the family. Plus there is room for a motorized wheelchair.I think you will enjoy the place.

Angel C.

Best pizza in New Haven. Reminded me of when I was in Florence. I've gone several times and the pizza in consistently great. Great service and food!


Marshalltownusa Thank you so much for the review and thank you for coming in our Pizzeria look forward for the next visit thank you again

William W.

Fantastic Atmosphere. Great Ownership Very Personable. A Must to come back. Came with a party of 8, Everybody was happy

John M.

Just stopped by this place with our basketball players from Mass. I'm glad that we did. That pizza people gave us with warmth, friendly and welcoming. Homemade insalata were so good and pizzas were also delicious. We will stop by again in future when we go south due to basketball games. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Andrew Miclette

This place is the real deal. Very friendly staff that make you feel at home. The establishment was very clean including the restrooms. There is easy off street parking available which made it easy to get in and out effortlessly. The Margarita pizza was great. You can taste the fresh ingredients used. The pizza is cooked to perfection and comes out quickly. Also recommend a cappuccino made right in front of you.


L’unica vera pizza italiana! The only real Italian pizza, always good and with fresh ingredients. Thank you guys for doing a great job! Ciao

Elizabeth P.

My family ended up at Zeneli because we weren't up for waiting in the long line outside at Frank Pepe's. We loved everything about it from the food, to the drinks, to the ambiance and service. Fresh arugula in February! Chewy dough with just the right amount of cheese! Imported Italian sparkling water! The best part though, was the bunny shaped pie they brought out for my three year old while we were waiting for our table. They clearly wanted to avoid a pre-dinner meltdown as much as we did! We'll definitely be back!

Jacqueline V.

This place has the best pizza you can get without having to wait in line for hours. Very family oriented. Our son loves coming here. The staff is very attentive and will make it comfortable for you ! Can't wait to come back next week.

Matthew L.

My wife and I visited Zeneli one January night with two of our friends. We have wanted to try the place out since they opened over the summer, and we had heard nothing but great things. The place was small but intimate. I loved their impressive Neapolitan-style oven. From what I had heard, the Zeneli brothers are actually Albanian but had spent several years learning the craft of pizza-making in Italy. They also worked at Eataly in New York City. My wife and I split the Margherita Verace and the Verduretta. Our friends split the Tre Carne and the 'Daily Special' (sausage, potatoes, kalamata olives). The pizza was amazing!! My wife and I spent time in Naples on our honeymoon in Italy. We ate pizza at some of the best Neapolitan pizzerias, and the pizza at Zeneli definitely brought back some memories of our Neapolitan culinary experiences. Afterwards, they asked us if we had room for a Nutella Pizza for dessert. We thought, "Why not?" It surpassed our expectations! I don't think I've ever had a dessert pizza before, but this one was delicious!! Do not expect to have the same experience at Zeneli that you would at the other New Haven-style pizzerias on Wooster Street. Zeneli has a different kind of atmosphere and they serve a different kind of pizza, but they were still fantastic none-the-less. It's nice that Wooster Street now has both the unique New Haven-style pizzerias as well as a traditional Neapolitan-style pizzeria. We'll definitely be back!

Mike C

How does this place not have people out the door? Pepe's is EASILY 3rd place to Abate and Zeneli on Wooster street.

Anthony Dini

Give a lot of credit to these brothers for opening a non-new haven style pizza spot right in the heart of Wooster. The Napoletana style is a nice change of pace and their small plates are excellent. The bufalino was a good as any around.

Mark Prokop

Legit Neapolitan pizza is hard to come by in CT and this place is absolutely legit. If you've ever been to Luzzo's in NYC it's very similar pizza, just wood oven not coal. Excellent all around.

Cody Albert

The most authentic, fresh and flavorful pizza in all of New Haven by far. The owner and staff are kind and make you feel like youre right at home. You will be blown away by the food and the Italian experience

E. S.

We came here tonight with a couple friends- the place was FULL of people. Was expecting a wait. We walk in and the gentleman was so nice and said "no worries just 5 minutes". The staff was so nice and accommodating. Now for the food - OMG. absolutely delicious. Tastes like pizza straight from Italy. We will most definitely be back very soon for the amazing service, food, & atmosphere.

John B

Thank you so much for coming in our Pizzeria we appreciate that so much and thank you for the review and we will be happy to see you’re again thank you so much.!

Maureen M.

Went down to Wooster Street thinking we'd go to Pepe's, but the line turned us off and encouraged us to look elsewhere. We found this gem right across the street! You have to hand it to anyone willing to be a pizza newcomer on Wooster Street, and even more so when you find out that the Zeneli brothers aren't trying to replicate New Haven Apizza and doing something even better. We had ricotta e miele (delicious), an arugula salad (perfectly dressed), cacio e pepe (cooked perfectly), and a margherita pizza (tasty tomatoes, fantastic char on the crust). The environment is inviting, the brothers are friendly, and I'm happy to say they have two new loyal customers.

Zeneli Pizzeria e cucina Napoletana

138 Wooster St, New Haven, CT 06511
(203) 745-4194