Focaccia's Cafe & Catery

702 Bridgeport Ave, Shelton
(203) 513-8038

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lydia webster

Been coming here for a while now. I usually order my food and pick it up. Now on today, I found a hair in my food. I called them and the manager said he’s sorry and will make sure all staffs wear caps.

Alec Voccola

I don't mind paying a little more for quality but it's Gaetano's-level pricing for nowhere near the sandwich. Also, the last few times I've been for breakfast my sandwich has been ice cold and for that, we stopped making this an every weekend stop for my family. Been a customer since the beginning and loved the place but probably saying goodbye.

Cindy Y.

I was very excited to try this place out and I've wanted to go there multiple times but things just got in the way of going there. I should of just listened to my gut and not gone there. At first the customer service was great. I called before hand and I asked if it was okay to have a puppy on the premises. I was told he can, we just had to eat out on the patio. Once we got there it looked nice and pretty. We saw that everyone was working pretty hard except one person who was just on her phone. I thought it was fine since we were still looking at what to order. I was wrong though!!
This child should not be working in customer service based jobs. We were greeted nicely the lady told us to take our time and let us know when we were ready. When we were ready the original lady was busy so a different girl took our order. My husband ordered a simple bacon, egg, cheese. His best friend ordered the same. I ordered the "Two to Tango", the Caprese salad and the smoked salmon sandwich. I wouldn't have ordered it if it was this difficult to put in the system. I said my order and the girl said only the salad. I corrected her saying I'd like the "Two to tango" and said both of what I'd like again, which was no big deal at first. She then goes back to saying "what was the other item you wanted?" I then repeated my order for the THIRD time. The girl then repeated our order back to us and only repeated my order and my husbands order which she put in incorrectly. My husband then said "That should be a bacon, egg, cheese and there should be two." She then repeats the order to my husband with everything correct. We then specified that we would like to add drinks our order also. After we ordered our drinks she asked me for the FORTH TIME about my order after already repeating it 3 times. I understand she wanted to make sure my order was correct and I appreciate it but I do not have to repeat myself 4 TIMES. That's just obnoxious. I decided to sit outside since my pup was with me. My husband received our order and noticed that the salad has shrimp and mango in the salad and question the girl asking her "this doesn't look like the caprese salad, there is shrimp and mango in it?" and the description didn't specify shrimp or mango but the girl said "that's your correct order, that's the caprese." My husband and the original lady we spoke to then brought out our order. I noticed the shrimp and was very confused and my husband told me that he did question the order but the girl said it was correct he also didn't want to cause a scene. I believe if you are working in a restaurant business you should make sure it is the correct food. Especially if it was repeated multiple times and for someone who took our order to lie about the food that they put in. What if someone had an allergy? This time I'm furious because I just ordered and repeated my order 4 times to this girl and for her to say to my husband it's correct is absolutely ridiculous. I brought the salad in and spoke to the original lady that was up front, she was busy but stopped what she was doing to help me, while the girl that I ordered from was on her phone texting and calling someone. I told the lady that this was not what I ordered and SHE even knew what I ordered!! How is that possible!! The girl then gave me the nastiest look and looked at the menu board. She then proceeded to tell me that what I had was my order. Are you kidding?
During the middle of our lunch we saw that she left. We were 3 people out of a total of 7 in the entire cafe. I hope she realizes that with customer service there is a saying where "the customer is always right" ESPECIALLY if they are and had worked in the restaurant business for 10years. If you don't know how to do your job and handle customers you need a desk job. I'm sorry but this was such poor service from one person. Obviously this isn't going to be my last time there because the others that were working there made the day a lot better, but someone that nasty of an attitude should not be working a such a nice calming place.

Ashleigh McDonald

Ordered online. Got there 5 minutes after the food was to be ready, was told "its coming right up" had to ask again 10 minutes later "its coming right up". Another 10 minutes go by and I finally tell them just give me whatever is ready and I'll leave without the rest of the food. A few minutes later they finally gave me my order which was cold and wrong. The restaurant, particularly the bathroom was also pretty dirty.

Judy Brown

Cute place where you order at counter. I had a mediterranean breakfast sandwich which was as stated, egg, cheese, roasted pepper and spinach on a bagel. Very good but probably only one egg, I could have easily eaten twice the filling. Excellent coffee. A little pricey for what you get.

Caroline Steadham

I have ordered delivery from them about 5 times this summer. They are always early and the food is always really good!

Robert Brogle

Great, fresh food, French onion soup was great!

Cheryl M.

I am so grateful for this cafe. They offer family meals for delivery or pickup, which has been a lifesaver for me on some nights. However, nothing beats the in-person experience when you go in and your treated like family. I am in love with their Vanilla chai latte and I have them add a shot of espresso.  Thank you for offering great service and clean food.  if you Luke buffalo chicken, I strongly suggest the buffalo chicken salad.

Chris C.

I do not give out 5 stars easily. I save them for places that go over and above. This place deserves that fifth star! The food is delicious, but the customer service takes this place to the next level.
When something went wrong, that wasn't their fault or responsibility, they went above and beyond to make things right.

I had the blackened steak sandwich on herb-crusted bread. The bread was excellent it was full of meat with the pleasant support of blue cheese and some lettuce tomato and peppers.

Alisa Jankowitz

The food is always fresh and a healthy alternative to many of the other restaurants in Shelton. We have been doing curbside pickup of family dinners, delicious and a great value. Today we opted to order from the counter - staff all wearing masks, the place is being kept clean and regularly sanitized. We felt comfortable being inside.

David Schadlich

Good food, good service, good price

Michael F.

Do yourself a favor and get the Cubano sandwich on onion bread! Very good sandwich for a good price. I'm excited to try more from this cafe.

Jimmy Wong

I am fond of their coffee and the decor. The smells here are so quixotic. I can't wait until we are back to full normal; I look forward to a complete experience here.

Terrone Lancaster

staff is so nice and food is good

Samyha K.

Ordered the Onion soup for $6.00 + was unstable! There was a huge layer of oil on top with a STRONG garlic odor. I am so disappointed, I had to through it away. . So gross!!

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