89 W Stafford Rd, Stafford
(860) 684-9697

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John Fogarty

Went for take out lunch two meals with tea. Right at 11am so I guess lunch just started maybe the oil wasn’t ready but we definitely got yesterday’s fries reheated or something. Sandwiches were great the tea was good but who doesn’t like hot oily, salty fries from McDonald’s?

Christopher Miller

McDonald's got rid of every healthy option they had. No Salads, no grilled chicken sandwich or snack wrap , even the yogurt is gone!Food: 1/5

Jake Jacobsen

I tried curbside? It was down sorry go into store it said. I did stood at register. 4 people doing drive thru. Taking 4 orders at lobby register for drivethru. Asked are u only doing drive thru? Got wait finger. I said Curbside is down. Got tge wait? manager started attitude not our problem very rudely its a third party app! I said so you are only doing drivethru? Guess gotta complain to owner. Waited manager made a call and discussing on phone? 4 staff not busy. I then asked as another drivethru order was filled # 5 in front of me? Am I not getting served? Got the 1 finger wait be quite! As I walked out I said unbelievable refuse to serve! Got A loud called my manager Do jot ever cone back. I worked at the very mcd’s 1986,1987,1989 grill Maintenance and assistant manager at 18. We did 4 times the business due to only fast food and breakfast in town all 3 years. Not like that now.10 Customers in 15 minutes should be no problem with 5 staff. But she won I will never use the Stafford McDonald's ever. Thanks tor ruining my nieces birthday promise. You should do better. Corporate needs to do a surprise audit! Man we hated those!


I constantly get nuggets like this that are not safe to eat. Get ur stuff together losers

Mike M.

Never had any trouble here! Always a great staff in my experience! Ive had to wait before but fast food can only be so fast!


This place is a joke. Stay away. Worst McDonald’s I’ve been to. Staff is clueless and rude. Would not go back

Bruce G.

Still sitting out side waiting for two pies and a qp. At least 20 minutes so far. Order still not ready, they gave my money back. Too bad I can't take the star back.


You should disregard the low ratings earlier, here, and start from scratch. They were made during really bad ownership and management.The restaurant has been renovated inside and out. The parking lot is spacious.The store is under new ownership, and they have done a great job in selecting great managers, Madison and Jason, and other employees. The staff is always as attentive as they can be, courteous, and friendly. This is one of the few McDs I can recommend completely.

C Russell Carr

I'm not a fan of McDonald's anyway, but this location consistently has bad service. They often make errors on orders. Management is dismissive of complaints. Way overpriced for such unhealthy food.

Darrell Patterson

Even when there is no line they rush everyone to go park or pull ahead past the window and wait for their food. I would imagine this is simply overloading their kitchen and killing efficiency by having to walk orders out to the vehicle.

Jeannette George

The employees do great for constantly being short staffed. Management should do better by making sure they have full staff to handle extra demand when the only other drive thru is closed for remodel.

Jason Spangenberg

Stopped by on our way home for a quick bite on the road. Food was hot and fresh. Service in drive through was pretty good. The lady at the 1st window was very nice ?

Rachel W

If I could give less than one star, I would. Waited 15+ minutes for a small fry. That’s literally all that was ordered. One single order of small fries. Ended up getting a refund and leaving without the fries. Staff here are absolutely incompetent.

Rollyn Toliver

I ordered large iced caramel latte and they gave me medium size. It happened twice already

Sherie Knoff

I went early evening and had a little bit of a wait for my order due to staffing issues but the food was hot and complete. Friendly staff

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