Gold Star

69 N Turnpike Rd, Wallingford
(203) 284-9734

Recent Reviews

David Robertson

I ordered shrimp lol main and never did anything to the manager owner but he was a miserable person I would not ever go back he said take your money and leave. He should go back where he came from.

Sasha Aberlein



worst customer services , they don't understand you and they guy hang up the phone .. RUDE!!!


Really good food but lacking in common decency

Scott M.

Very unfriendly staff. Food is not that good. I would just go to panda garden if in Wallingford

Hayley Reuben

Really good food but lacking in common decency

Jeffrey W.

I am sickened by the way the person taking the phone calls chewed out my daughter! Has he got a problem with timid girls on the phone? She was almost in tears the way she was treated and it takes alot to get her that way! He has been rude to me in the past but this was over the top rediculous! This j*** should be fired or put somewhere away from the customer service. Sold star has just lost 5 customers for life after this insult. I wouldn't recommend them if you want good customer service, because it is non-existant. We've had enough of this belligerence and I would never complain if it wasn't over the top rudeness! Goodbye goldstar, you don't deserve our patronage and you sure don't deserve our money.

Caitlyn Connolly

Quick and pleasant service , always friendly when I go pick up my food. Have been going to this location for years as a go to Chinese food spot for me and my family. Prices are fair/average so you always feel like you get your money’s worth with the food portions and quality.

Scott D.

Today we ordered two combination meals-beef and broccoli and mixed vegetables along with pork fried rice and egg rolls. The egg rolls were perfectly cooked over cooked like some other places. The mixed vegetables were cooked so as to be a little crunchy which is the way we like them. There was a huge quantity of food that resulted in tonight's dinner as well. The broccoli was crunchy as well. The beef was tender and juicy. For our $20.00 we got 4 meals. We will be back again next week! The lady at the counter was pretty nice too. Oh, and the boxes the food is packed in are sealed, easy to open and close, not the flimsy styrofoam. Thanks for the read.

M C.

Ordered take out food was decent but service was horrible. Man at counter was rude, no "thank you" and slammed good on counter. Plenty of other choices in town

Emilio Alier

the man at window have bad attitude . i ask for pu pu platter on phone .he told me they dont have that never heard of that with a attitude. so i get there i show him the menu he got madd start talking out his libs . lucky i change because i want take rest teeth out

Jenni F.

I live 2/10 of a mile from this restaurant and have been ordering takeout for decades. I can't believe I never thought to write a review until today. My favorite items from Gold Star are: their egg drop and wanton soups are outstanding, their steamed dumplings are delish, and the pork fried rice is always good. And get the General Tso's chicken with all white will not be disappointed.


Visited this place once and the guy behind the counter made me feel as if he was a annoyed I even came in. Food was ok, so I called in an order a few weeks later and same guy was nasty, rude and seemed confrontational. He basically told me what I wanted to order was not possible - meanwhile we ordered it the last time we went there!! “Not here pal” is what he actually said!! So guess what—- “I’m not eating ever again pal! Not the only game in town! Unless you like abuse, skip this place.

John B.

Love this place been having food delivered for years! Years! Never let down What can I say .... It's American Chinese food


Terribly rude. I phoned in a lunch order. It comes with soup but was never asked what kind I wanted when I placed my order. When I went to pick it up, I asked what kind of soup were you going to give me? The employee asked what kind of soup do you want? Then I asked why didn't you ask me when I placed the order? At which the employee chased me out to of the restaurant. 'Will not be going back.

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