Lobster Tales Food Truck

995 N Colony Rd, Wallingford
(203) 449-2632

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Mark S

I had the jumbo CT lobster roll a few weeks ago. I have a new favorite place to get lobster. Everyone else at the event was raving about their orders.They also have non lobster options for you land-lubbers.6/5 would definitely order again!

Maddie Ovitt

Delicious! They have such great lobster rolls!

Kara S.

If you like lobster and you hear this truck is heading near you, you should check it out because it's delicious. Lobster Tales was at my local Gastropark in West Hartford on a recent Saturday afternoon. My wife (also a lobster lover) suggested we pop over for a beer and a bite. Being the avid yelper that I am, I looked over their menu a few times, along with the various reviews to guide me. We decided to split a hot lobster roll and indulge in the "drunken lobster" special. The lobster roll was absolutely perfect. Decent price, tender lobster spilling out of the absolutely necessary New England-style hot dog roll. Sadly they didn't have a plastic knife I could use to cut the roll in half so I manhandled it instead. That's where I can also note that the roll wasn't spongy with butter, it was as perfect as a lobster roll could be. The drunken lobster, now you've GOT TO try this one. It's large, tender chunks of lobster, beer battered and lovingly fried (I did say tender!) and served with a tasty dipping sauce, over a nice pile of fries. OMG. I shall never forget such a dish. We actually rolled up quite a bit of that in the provided foil and snacked on it later at home. This place is solid. Read the reviews! Go, enjoy yourself.

Loretta Waldman

My first lobster roll of the summer. Heaven! Big chunks of unadorned lobster meat on a buttery toasted roll. Pricey - lobster just is these days - but so worth it.

Charlene T.

I was skeptical. Have been disappointed by lobster rolls a lot lately. The Connecticut roll here was delicious. Lobster was tender and flavorful, and there was plenty of it, and not drowning in butter. The bun was nicely toasted, service was quick, and the menu had a good variety of lobster-centric dishes. I've had lobster rolls from that other truck: this was so much better!

David Rapp

In the last 4 days, we have had lobster rolls from 4 places:1. A top-rated restaurant in Bar Harbor, Maine,2. A top-rated restaurant near Mystic, CT,3. Our favorite waterside lunch spot near home, and4. The Lobster Tales Food Truck.Lobster Tales was the best of all 4. It had the most claw meat, the most lobster meat overall, perfect toasted roll, just the right amount of butter (as in, lots), it was fast, and the service was great. Next time we go out for lunch, we're going to find where the Lobster Tales truck is and go!

Steffanie Moccia

I decided to stop at the brewery when I saw the truck, I was really in the mood for some lobster. The grilled cheese was great (just cheese) but I was not a fan of the Maine lobster roll, the price or wait for it. It cost me some $60 for 2 Maine rolls and a grilled cheese and I waited 45 minutes for it. I think they were too busy completing online orders than orders for people standing right there! But after all that wait and money they weren't worth it. The rolls needed a little more mayo to cover up whatever seasoning they put on them, as it completely ruined the roll! You couldn't even taste the lobster to be honest because of that seasoning. To me it wasn't a classic cold maine roller, there was no celery or taste of lemon. On top of that there were still lots of peieces of cartilage left in the lobster. I had to be careful when eating!

Sho R.

This truck was in my appartment one evening. I had a lobster grilled cheese and a hot and spicy shrimp roll. One common theme of both was that it had a lot of butter. The bread is nicely grilled in butter. Lobster grilled cheese was my favorite. Shrimp roll was ok.

Charles Jones

Today I had my first lobster tail and it didn’t disappoint! Very pleased and will be coming back for seconds. I also enjoyed speaking with the owner's extremely nice people I recommend them for your lobster fix!

Kate Emery

I had kinda given up on lobster rolls, not having had a great one in awhile… that changed when I had one from Lobster Tales! Wow was it awesome! Then we went to Maine and so I ordered one from a local spot and it was back to blah. So now I’m going to be following them wherever they go!

Stephen Sudusky

Happened upon their food truck at Armada Brewery's brand new location in New Haven. Three of the happiest people I ever saw were working the truck (I assume they were family). My wife had their Connection style lobster roll while I opted for a long dog. OMG! The lobster roll must have had at least a half a pound of meat in it! The home made pepper relish (reminicint of Blackie's with a little more kick) on my dog was superb. Seek them out wherever you are.

Kate E.

Best lobster tail roll I've had, hands down, in a dogs age. Wow was it great!!! They were at the Lost Acres Vineyard and I'd been off lobster rolls for awhile since the last few I'd gotten were ho hum. Boy was this different and now I'm craving another. We went to Maine and figured I'd get one there, but it wasn't half as good as the one I had at Lobster Tails. Couldn't recommend more, and the service was great too.

Donna Powell

I happened to come across the truck on my way home when they were at Space Cats Brewery in Norwalk. I'm so happy I stopped. Friendly, courteous, professional service with a delicious, well stuffed hot Lobster roll on a warm buttered bun, this lady was very happy! I'm recommending them to everyone I know. I've been in food service for over 36 years and can be very particular, they did not disappoint.

Skip Marsh

Best Lobster truck ever! Big portions, delicious food.

Herb Palmer Jr

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