Ayla's Bagels & Coffee

787 Main St S, Woodbury
(203) 586-1333

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Robyn G.

Are you allowed to leave a second review? This is the first time I've wanted to do so! I have to give continued love to this little gem tucked away in Woodbury! We first discovered Ayla's last fall when we were in the area for a wedding. I have a gluten allergy and was thrilled to find a place with GF options! Their gf cheese bread makes an egg sandwich sing!The whole family fell in love with the great quality food, and straight up amazing coffee! Both iced and hot! They have their own brand and I regretted not buying some for the road! My only complaint was that they don't seem to ship their stuff because I live in California! :)We were back in Connecticut for the holidays and I convinced my husband and son to go 40 mins out of our way for an Ayla stop (no arm twisting needed). This time I remembered to buy several bags of coffee and some gf cheese bread to go! The people who work here are so nice and go the extra mile to make it a great experience! Thank you!

Matt H.

We love Ayla's! They have the best coffee around and the bagels are great. My personal favorite is the Everything bagel. The recent changes make it super cozy to hang out.

Brittany P.

Visited for the first time today and was very pleased! Tried the sugar cookie latte off of their seasonal menu and loved it - great flavor! Chicken wrap was crisp and delicious. Not pictured but also brought home a salted caramel latte, delicious as well & garnished with glitter - doesn't get better than that. Friendly and helpful baristas made this trip even better! Already looking forward to my next trip

Judi Dague

Ayla’s is a destination stop when we are in town visiting family. The new renovations have made it such an inviting, cozy place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I love the variety of plant based food made on site. Their quiche selections and soups never disappoint! I love their coffee and baked goods as well. You can’t go wrong with Ayla’s!Kid-friendliness: Great for kids. Clean and spacious.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Quiche, Salmon Bagel, The Vegan Trifecta, Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese, Muffin

Andie M.

This is a trendy, hipster coffee/breakfast/lunch place. Nice modern decor, but cannot accommodate a large amount of people who want to dine in. There's no lack of people on their laptops doing work.Staff is friendly, no issues there.Food was good, nothing extraordinary, nothing that was a stand out. We ordered a egg and cheese bagel with some soup. The soup was delicious!A solid place to come and get a good bite for breakfast or lunch.I would definitely recommend and return!

Matt Herchuck

I always stop in Ayla’s when I’m in the area. The roast beef deluxe is my go to. Great atmosphere and the service is top notch!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5


Slow service since coming under new management. Took about an hour to successfully get my order (after it came out wrong the first time).

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

G. B.

Was amazing before all the remodeling and change in people. Waited over twenty minutes for just a breakfast sandwich. Not a quaint cozy place anymore. Very busy very upscale. Last time coming back for me but still might be good for you if don't mind long waits and big crowds. The food is good don't get me wrong but not that good by any means.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 2

Sandra Hudson

Not worth it. The Bagels are not good use to be good before they sold to new owners bagels taste like bread or the packaged Bagels you find in the grocery stores in the bread aisle. Half of the time my order is wrong. Very dissappionted use to love Ayala"s Bagels years ago no longer worth it.

Joshua Fielding

Excellent coffee by the pound, also get great coffee and espressos. In my opinion best in area for sure.

Ally W.

This place is Mecca for vegans. All I want is to be able to walk in and order a bagel with vegan cream cheese - like a NY deli - and they deliver with not just regular but also vegan scallion cream cheese. It's not that hard, but very few places do. Lots of other great vegan items on the menu, baked goods, sandwiches, and fancy coffees. It's busy on the weekends so you need a little patience. People expect Dunkin' Donuts - this is not that, and please take those vibes elsewhere. The staff are all lovely and when they get slammed they are also still so nice with jerk customers. I saw a guy come in to pick up an online order that consisted of a half dozen eggs that he wanted all packaged individually and made the girl go back to redo everything. This is the kind of thing that backs up orders. I will be a loyal customer for as long as they continue their solid vegan offerings.

Shelly Hargrove

Haven’t been in there since before the remodeling…went in a couple days ago and let me say…the place looks amazing, the staff is always very welcoming and friendly and the food is very tasty. They have a great vegan selection which I absolutely love.

Stephanie K

I have been a loyal customer of this bagel shop since my high school days and have always cherished my experiences there. However, the dynamics of the establishment have notably shifted since the change in ownership. I've visited the shop eight times since the transition, and unfortunately, each visit has been marred by consistently receiving the wrong order.No matter how clearly I state my desired bagel and cream cheese type, the register staff consistently input incorrect information, leading to a frustrating outcome. Even when I attempt to correct the order, it often remains inaccurate, either in terms of the bagel or the cream cheese variety. One instance stands out when I tried to order a lunch sandwich from their listed options, only to be told they had no lunch meat at all, despite the person behind me successfully ordering a sandwich with lunch meat.The issue appears to be a recurring theme among the staff, struggling to accurately capture and fulfill orders. I've witnessed them making similar mistakes with other customers, further highlighting the need for better training and procedures. For instance, I observed a mix-up in an order for a gentleman who ordered breakfast for his working crew. He requested several orders of a breakfast plate, but the order was combined into one, without the necessary to-go containers. When he requested plates and cutlery to manage the situation, the staff member was unable to assist.Despite these issues, I believe this bagel shop has tremendous potential and holds a special place in our town's culinary landscape. I sincerely hope the new owners prioritize staff training and streamline their processes to preserve this beloved institution. It would be truly disappointing to see this establishment lose its charm and reputation due to persistent service issues.

Mark Sanchez

They can’t get an order right to save their lives. I’ve gone about 5 times in total and have yet to actually get what I ordered. Make sure whatever you order is spelled out clearly for them and check everything before you walk out the door. A messed up order every now and again is fine, but it’s literally been 100% of the times I have been here. The food quality seems good, it’s just never what I actually asked and paid for.

Colleen Reed

It's safe to say my family and i are obsessed with Ayla's! I am gluten free and eat *mostly* plant based so their vegan trifecta on gluten free bread is my go to and it's amazing! My mom also loves the gluten free chocolate chip muffins! We spoke to Chris, who is the general manager and he was the sweetest! We loveeeeee coming here!

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