Chipotle Mexican Grill

4301 Wisconsin Ave NW Unit B, Washington
(202) 237-0602

Recent Reviews

Roberto Colque

Terrible.... I ordered a bowl of carne asada... the most expensive item they had. Even though it was around dinner time the meat was very dry... looked like it had been sitting for a while... some of the rice was hard and to top it off I paid extra for guacamole... $2,50 for a spoon... I ended up paying $26 for 2 bowls and a soda... terrible value for the money...

Manny Rivera

Steak is always on point. They never run out of anything either. Love it. And parking is a plus.

Gary M

Everything is ok except for the music volume. Would be great to tone it down a bit. ?

Jonathan Morales

They serve portions well and keep the line moving quickly.

Jonathan Topping

Several Chipotle's around town are meh. This one is consistently very good, must have great management.

Jumbo flames Productions

When I was almost done ordering my meal I was at the guac lettuce and cheese section. When I asked the woman for Marc walk and lettuce she didn’t give me any sign of acknowledgment. I asked her once more and then she said it in a very rude and nasty tone, “ I heard you already”

Keith Walker

The food is good but the service kinda lacks do to few workers and I know that they are doing the best they can plus the meat portion are a little light

Kareem Campbell

Good food as always but most importantly effective service

Christopher Gregorski

I am standing here waiting for my order that I placed for pickup 20 minutes ago. The line is completely empty. It would have been faster for me to go through the line and order the damn burrito without pre-emptively placing the togo order. Waste of 40 minutes of my time on my work day

Angela Robinson

Lines are always long and slow. Need a better system.

Ismael Alvarado

Wow omg this Chipotle it’s the best one in the area because they have friendly staff and the food it’s good and also the cashier she it’s so nice her name it’s Jessica I really recomen this location to any one

A. Salem

Chipotle always has good food but this branch need a good manager, staff don’t pay attention to hygiene! More cleaning please!

C K.

Last week I placed an order through the app an hour ahead of time. I picked it up and it was 100% cold, and I completely believe it was made as soon as I placed the order. This week, I placed the order 20 min ahead of time at the earliest available time for pick up. I got there 2 min before the promised time. It was not made. I waited almost 15 minutes for it to be made in the back room. I ordered ahead of time to avoid the line because I don't want to be late to class. I took my order, got into my car, drove to class. I opened my order in class and it was not my order. It had a completely different name on top of the bowl lid, but my name on the paper bag. I couldn't go back to the store because I will be in class for the next three hours. I can't eat the food that was given to me, so I paid almost $10 for absolutely nothing.

Jeff Travers

Reliable Chipotle food. Service ok, but not great.


It's very delicious and cheap.


In my neighborhood, so I frequent often. I always have to ask for more rice, beans, lettuce, but teenagers behind counter usually comply. Gets really busy when school lets out, but otherwise easy to get in and out quickly. Food quality is good and the workers are knowledgeable.

Mary Dolbashian

This particular Chipotle's is my favorite! Really nice staff and food is always fresh.👍

John Schultz

The Chipotle app apparently won't let me rate my experience so here goes.

Luke Gibala

I've been there three times and I hope to never have to go back. Two of the three times. There was only 3 employees there. Two on the line and one cook. The first employee asked me three times what I wanted. After making me a bowl when I asked for a burrito. The cashier every time was rude and disrespectful with their choice of words. I feel bad for the other customers who choose to go there.

Donnell K.

I reluctantly tried this place again. I stayed away after they had all there issues with the tainted food. And because of the service will likely stay away and just go with Cava instead. Customer service was FAR from great. As the you g man made my bowl, I asked him whether those were " black beans" .... i asked three times and every time I asked he kept scooping beans into the bowl. He wasn't listening at all. I got the bowl and started to eat it and realize it had too much beans so I went back up to the register .... cashier was somewhere not to be found. The young man who originally made my bowl was in the midst of helping someone else. I waited patiently then the young man looked up and stopped helping his current customer and stood where he was and just stared at me, he then asked "you need some help?" I didn't want to scream over to him, so I just nodded yes.... he stopped helping his customer and came over to the register. I told him politely it was way too many beans. I did appreciate his immediately remaking but the whole visit was uncomfortable and a waste. Should have just walked down to Cava ..... that's what I'll be doing from now on.

Zhora Gotsman

Such ignorant attitude! Why? Please , respect your customers. They are still the most important people in this company. The food is great though.

Nancy Cosner

My dogs absolute fave. He gets a kids meal with chicken rice and cheese. I happen to like it to. Nice to find a place that serves a tasty meatless option.

Nancy Kucharczyk

My dogs absolute fave. He gets a kids meal with chicken rice and cheese. I happen to like it to. Nice to find a place that serves a tasty meatless option.

Celeste S

This location has horrible Online Order service. I’ve never visited once in which the order was completed within 6 minutes of the pickup time. Then, you have to wait forever and a day just to be acknowledged so that you can inquire about the order. Heck, there was one time where they didn’t have rice prepared and it was before noon. That was the reason I was given for the delay on my online order. I’m sure this one location shouldn’t ruin it for all. I won’t be back here.

Whitney Glover

Usually a decent experience here. Quick service.

Erica S.

My friend and I have good to this restaurant twice in the past week and both times we have gotten the very small portions and given negative looks because of a simple request we been going to the location for years and just recently have had this issue I don't care you have new employees but your employees have background restaurant Business and we're disappointed in the customer employee interactions . Please let's fix this thanks

Shaun Quartier

Great food, clean restaurant and fast service

Jamie MacRitchie

Low dedication to quality relative to other Chipotles

Alex Sz

Good and cheap food. Very filling. U can order vegan option with tofu :)

Loring Redding

Great food and the staff was super fast.

Divina Rabasto

All the food selections are fine except the meat. The chicken no flavor and too dry, the beef is hard.and am scared to try the pork.

Ben Hundley

Burritos ...and chops.

Ben Hundley

Burritos ...and chops.

Randall R.

I am so done with chipotle. I've been giving up on them for a while. They expanded way too quickly and have zero oversight. This particular location is disgusting. Every time I go, there's a problem that makes me say, ok I'm done. A couple of months pass and I decide to give them another chance. Not anymore. Last time they were out of steak. This time they were out of sour cream and lettuce. The line was filthy disgusting. One guy asked for new tinfoil bc it was covered in sour cream. The woman in front of me asked the man to wipe her tinfoil lid clean bc it was disgusting. His station was absolutely trashed. How hard would it have been to wipe everything down? The napkin and soda station was trashed. Napkins and straw wrappers everywhere, soda spills everywhere. The trash can was overflowing. The floor was dirty. And finally, the food was so salty I can't even describe it.

E. F. Nickens

For lunch, in and out relatively quickly. The orders were filled briskly and completely. I wish the location had more parking spaces. The lot fills fast and curb parking is good for a trip around the block.

Linda B.

This chipotle always gives such great helpings of all the toppings and always has food ready quickly (especially if you order online). I've ordered more than once online and by the time i get to the store (i live a mile away) they have it all ready to go. They also have free convenient lot parking as well!

Key Martin

Good place. Clean. Friendly service. Decent prices. Fast food with a Mexican focus. Food may require a little salt, but that's what the Tabasco is for. I recommend the green Tabasco as it adds a little salt with a less than usual Tabasco kick.

Vanessa G

Bueno fuimos por la noche a tomar una cerveza y caimos a quí­, muy lindo lugar, el precio muy en cuenta .....además rico y bastante picante !!!!

Ashley B.

Got the 1/2 steak and 1/2 chicken bowl. Steak was grilled medium which I liked. Ordered online and was ready to go when I got there. They were plentiful with their servings of all the sides. Bowl tasted good like every chipotle should be. Plenty of seating if you are planning on eating there. Also has its own parking lot! A good chipotle overall, and super convenient location!

Kevkfv L.

It's teacher appreciation day and all teachers are suppose to get half price. Well while I was ordering this one employee was being extremely rude. Just throwing things in the bag not being mindful of what could spill. The worst part was when I went to pay I said I'm a teacher and would like a discount and the women replied o it's too late. The only reason I went was for the discount and she didn't even let me get what i earned.